Strong Spas Reviews


Buying a hot tub is a large investment, and you want to make sure that you’re getting the best product for your money. Strong Spas is a hot tub manufacturer that makes spas for both homeowners and dealers. Their spas are built in their own factory in Northumberland, PA. They offer a variety of spas, including the Embark Series, the Durasport Series, and the Costco Collection.

Durasport Series

Whether you are looking for a hot tub that is plug and play, portable, or permanent, Strong Spa’s Durasport Series has something for you. The brand has been a leader in the hot tub industry since 1994, and has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company’s innovative Dura-Shield hardcover system protects the spa from harsh environments, while also providing energy-saving heat retention.

There are three different series in the Strong Spas line: the Durasport series, the Embark series, and the Summit line. The Durasport series is the industry’s first to include a patented Dura-Shield cover, which is packed with high density foam insulation. It is also the first true hardcover system.

The Embark series is the cheapest of the three, but does not sacrifice quality. It boasts an LED 3″ underwater light, strong pumps, and a waterfall. The Embark series is a great choice for budget-conscious spa shoppers.

Embark Series

Embark Series hot tubs from Strong Spa are perfect for relaxation seekers who don’t want to compromise quality. With a soothing design and plenty of jets, these models offer excellent hydrotherapy and luxury.

Strong Spa is a leading hot tub manufacturer that has received glowing reviews. These tubs are built in Northumberland, Pennsylvania and undergo 100 quality control checks before they are shipped to locations across North America and Europe.

The Embark Series features a range of models, with each having its own unique features. The E40L 40-Jet, for example, seats up to five guests and features 40 hydro-therapeutic jets, UV/O3 sanitation, and a Bluetooth-ready stereo. It also has model-specific water features and acrylic shell color upgrades.

Strong Spa also offers the G-2 Portable Spa, which is a portable spa with a lounge seat and foot jets. It also has 28 massage jets and can run on either 110 or 220 volts.


Getting a good quality hot tub at Costco is not easy. For one thing, the hot tubs do not have advanced water treatment systems. Rather, you will have to hire an outside contractor to install it. And, the warranty does not always include labor.

There are many other options for getting a good hot tub at a reasonable price. You could pay a few hundred dollars for a good hot tub from a traditional hot tub retailer. Or, you could go online and find a budget direct seller that offers a good value.

In addition, there are a number of other companies offering good quality hot tubs at prices that are less than half the price you would pay at Costco. Some of these companies have been around for a long time, while others are newcomers to the scene.

One of the biggest hot tub distributors in the world is Essential Hot Tubs. They sell a number of hot tubs, including several models that feature adjustable therapy jets. They are affordable and offer a good warranty.

Lifetime warranty

Unlike other hot tub manufacturers, Strong Spas offers a lifetime warranty on their hot tubs. It is a testament to the quality and durability of their spas. The warranty covers the spa’s cabinet and the exterior shell.

The spa’s cabinet is equipped with Strong Spa’s DURA-LAST(r) cabinet system. This cabinet is built with dual-walled construction and is UV resistant. It is also energy-efficient. It will never rot or crack. You will never have to replace your hot tub’s cabinet, which is an industry first.

The exterior shell is also covered for a lifetime. The shell is made of non-porous acrylic material, which means it won’t hold on to bacteria, mold, or rot. The shell also features stainless steel two-tone jets and ozone purification.

Strong Spas’ Dura-Base is 10X stronger than other hot tub brands. The base doesn’t require a concrete pad, and is built without wood. It’s pest resistant, too. It’s also a stable surface, which means it can be set on a flat surface.