Tactical Advertising for Real Estate Agents


“99% of advertising doesn’t market a thing. “To find out more about it click here.

Sounds like something a local real estate agent might state after paying for yet another advertisement that didn’t produce, correct? The Best Guide to find Local Real Estate Near Me.

You might be surprised to learn that this quote belongs to John Ogilvy, the legendary founder of one of the world’s largest and many successful advertising agencies.

Goodness – if a man regarded as a huge in the ad industry is negative about advertising’s achievement rate, how should you feel?

The Bad News is the Wonderful…

There is an upside here. If much of the advertising in your community market is ineffective, you can gain a large edge on your competition by using a better local advertising method than other agents.

Advertising compared to Advertising Strategy.

Notice that My spouse and I said a better advertising METHOD, not simply better advertising. You will find a big difference.

A better ad may get you a few more potential buyers in the short term. A better advertising method can help you have a consistent, substantial message in your advertising and definitely will position you to get more organization from your local market when using an ongoing basis.

With that in mind, allow me to share three tips to help you specify your advertising strategy, along with it into action:

1) Have a Strategic Objective As the primary goal BEFORE you Advertise

Advertising in the interest of “building awareness” is probably the speediest way to flush your promotion dollars away.

Before you possibly think about buying an advert, you must have a strategic goal in mind – after all, why would you pay for any ad until it helps you reach your objective.

Here are just a few questions you could ask yourself before placing an ad to help define what you wish your advertising strategy to do to benefit you:

– If I could be noted for just one thing in my community market, what would it always be?

– Which part of the community real estate market is not currently effectively serviced by other realtors? Is there potential in this neighborhood/age group/demographic profile?

– Which often part of the local market appears and might be a driving force intended for sales in future years?

— What’s changing in my marketplace right now – immigration, aging population, young families relocating, etc. – and how should I capitalize on the change better than my competitors?

If you could answer even some of these queries, you would probably be on your way to identifying the basis for a marketing strategy.

For example, you may figure out that based on trends as well as current prices, your marketplace will become increasingly popular with very first-time homebuyers. As a result, your proper objective may be to use your advertising to become recognized as the neighborhood expert in serving very first-time homebuyers.

2) Have a Particular Objective for Each Ad you set within your Strategy

With a crystal clear objective as part of your advertising technique, you can now think about investing in advertisements that support your goal.

Here’s a tip: You can create advertising that creates an immediate response while also building your brand within a particular market.

Continuing using the above example, if you went a series of ads in the local classifieds offering a free “First-Time Potential buyers Report” available from your web page, you would be running a strong response ad (aimed at getting people to download often the report) that also supplied a brand-building message (the message being that you are often the agent for first-time potential buyers to call because you are classified as the expert in that field).

You could measure the ad’s success by looking at the range of downloads from your site while the ad was running instructions since generating downloads is the specific objective of the offer. If the ads don’t crank out enough downloads to rationalize the cost, pull them and change them. Ads are simply valuable if they get you closer to achieving your strategic target.

3) Be Consistent

Your advertising (online, print, listing, flyers, etc.) should be very similar in both style and ingredient within your advertising strategy.

Of course, a consistent look and style to your ads are important to help you get identified in a competitive market.

Yet even more important is being consistent in terms of the messages in your adverts. You can’t buy a Yellow Pages advertising that promotes you because the leader in client services, and then advertise your “low reduced price” in the local newspaper. After that, distribute flyers that make an effort to promote you like your loved ones’ real estate expert.

Your information can’t conflict! Again, here is where an advertising strategy also comes in. With a strategic objective at heart for your advertising, you will be able to concentrate your advertising dollars in communicating a single, clear communication to potential clients about exactly why they should call you.

A marketing Strategy is Critical to your Accomplishment.

If Mr. Ogilvy has been right, then most of the promoters out there in your real estate market are receiving it wrong. This provides an amazing huge opportunity for you to use a promotion strategy to drive business and outdo your competitors.

– Use a Strategic Objective for all of your Advertising – Know what you intend to say about your business, in addition to who you want to display the item to within your local sector.

– Have an Objective for every Ad – Measure each ad’s results against the definitive objective you are trying to gain – if you don’t, how will you learn if the ads were profitable or not?

– Be Reliable – Make sure all of your advertisements are focused on helping you arrive at your strategic objective using communicating a clear message into the market.

Advertising can be an uncertain game, but so can certainly real estate. And in both conditions, those with a well-thought-out strategy will probably almost always succeed over those who don’t have a plan.

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