Tamiya RC Carrying Cases


Be sure that your valuable racing chassis remains safe with this custom car carrying case, designed by AGS Car Transport Solutions for Traxxas Slash 2WD/4×4 1:10 scale RC short course trucks and their accessories. It features an internal crush-proof Pelican storm case with a water jet cut foam cushioning system for additional protection for its contents – providing next-level protection! What do you consider about خودروبر.


The XT-60 Car Carrying Case is an excellent solution for hobbyists seeking a way to store their equipment. With enough room to hold several servos and accessories easily, its use is straightforward. Plus, its dividers help organize small items, making finding precisely what you’re searching for easier. Plus, its car-cigarette outlet provides easy battery charging on long trips.

There are three sizes of XT connectors commonly used in Radio Control Hobbies. The smallest, the XT-30, can be found on some budget-level RTR cars as a battery connector or auxiliary equipment like winches or servos; medium-sized XT-60s serve as main battery connectors in many RC cars, while scale 1/8 scale bashers and vehicles often rely on large current-carrying capacities that prevent burning out or shorts causing shorts or damage from the current over the longer distances they have traveled over longer distances without shorting or burning out or shorting out, which would cause burnouts or shorts in conventional battery connectors XT 90’s cannot.

It is reminiscent of an original XT-60 connector but with more extended plastic tabs on its interior to prevent reverse polarity connections from occurring, thus eliminating fire hazards. Constructed from high-temperature nylon and designed to allow easier soldering processes.


For professional mechanics, the XT90 car carrying case is an advanced automotive diagnostic tool designed for complete system diagnostics, live data, and 42 standard special functions like throttle adaptation, ABS bleeding, EPB test calibration, SAS calibration, battery coding service, light reset, and more. It features a 9.7-inch screen and dual WIFI modules to provide stable data transfer between tablet and VCI, plus 42 standard special functions, including throttle adaptation ABS bleeding EPB test, SAS calibration, battery coding service, light reset, etc.

RC-Connectors are an integral component of the radio control hobby, available in three sizes. The smallest size (XT-30) is ideal for ancillary equipment like servos; medium-sized (XT-60) connectors are more widely used; many hobbyists choose these over their default T-plug connectors before driving their cars or bashers. Finally, 1/8 scale and larger cars utilize larger XT-90 connectors due to their ability to withstand very high current for short bursts, expandability with Y cables, and having 3.5mm bullet connectors that make soldering easy.


Tamiya is a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in producing scale plastic model cars, airplanes, military vehicles, figurines, and radio-controlled models. Additionally, the company has paints, tools, and accessories necessary for modeling. Established by Yoshio Tamiya (born 1905 – died 1988) in Oshika City in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, in 1946 as an architectural lumber business but eventually transitioned into producing plastic model kits; Tamiya began selling architectural lumber before transitioning towards making plastic model kits primary focus.

Tamiya made waves when it switched from wooden models to plastic production in the 1960s, adapting metal molds for its wooden models and producing plastic models using Shigeru Komatsuzaki’s illustration on box art to make further their products attractive and gain good reviews from customers. By 1974, they had also begun manufacturing control car models such as the Porsche 934 Turbo RSR that are still sold today, and in 2006, Tamiya rereleased it to commemorate 30 years of RC cars from Tamiya.

The case is designed to protect models during transportation. It features an internal divider and touch fastener tape straps to keep parts organized. Made of black plastic card material that’s resistant to oil or water spillage, a removable shoulder strap, and a waterproof construction.

Tamiya had strong ties with Formula One teams, which enabled them to access accurate CAD data of Formula 1 cars that they modeled accurately and efficiently assembled – leading them to become one of the premier F1 model makers. Unfortunately, in recent years, other companies have managed to take over market share from Tamiya while also having to pay royalties to F1 teams for using their CAD data.

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