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The Bellerose Clothing Reviews – The fashion competition has always been fierce since the beginning. When it comes to fashion, people are evolving, giving chances to new trends, experimenting, using the hit and try method, etc. It leads to the success of several brands that came up to the market and made a place for themselves. Some of them have come and left bankrupt. And today, we are discussing one of the companies with a beautiful collection of clothing and other accessories from young girls to gentlemen. Let’s get into The Bellerose Clothing Reviews without further ado.

The Bellerose Clothing Reviews – Variety Of Products

Most of the clothing websites are focused on one type of clientele. Either it is for women, or men, or children, or only accessories. However, The Bellerose Clothing has a collection for all women, men, girls, and boys for clothing and the extra accessories to go with their clothes. It might sound like a great opportunity, but you need to be experts and have a huge team that can do the quality check from time to time. It does have a variety of options to choose from for yourself.

However, due to countless products, it creates confusion among the customers and gets difficult for staff and managers to keep a tab of every section and manage it efficiently. When the distribution of focus is among so many things, the result will not be as effective as your expectations. And It has affected the business of The Bellerose in negative ways. Let’s see what the customers want to say about them.

The Bellerose Clothing Reviews – What Customers Are Saying?

Now that we know the backfall of The Bellerose, we should check whether the expected cons were handled by the company or not. It can only happen if you interact with people who have tried The Bellerose and are willing to express their views on it. After going through several reviews and testimonials, we found three points that most of them said in a different language.

The first one was the late deliveries. Consumers were receiving their order after one to three months of ordering the product. No one would want to wait for that long to receive their parcel. The Second was the poor customer service. They were not getting a response from the team for any queries.

It is a big red flag for any company. And third, was the not so fine quality of the products. Even after waiting for three months, if your product is not matching the quality, it can be unsettling. All these points combined made them say no to recommend this site to their friends and family. Hence, our The Bellerose Clothing Reviews says it is not a reliable source for purchasing your clothes.

The Bellerose Clothing Reviews – Testimonials


How to contact The Bellerose for any further queries?

If you want to talk to the reception of The Bellerose, you can dial them at +32 (0)2 481 53 60 or email them at info@bellerose.be. If you have questions regarding your online orders, you can dial them at +32 (0)2 481 53 87 or email them at shop@bellerose.be. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to keep a tab on their new arrivals and recent updates on offers or discounts.

Who is the owner of The Bellerose?

The Bellerose was founded in 1989 by Jean Pierre Delhaye, CharlyBouvy, and Patrick Van Heurck.

Can you share the location of the head office of The Bellerose?

The head office of The Bellerose is in Bellerose Belgium sa/nv, 3 Rijshout, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium.