The Best Beauty Blogs in India


This beauty blog provides comprehensive reviews and recommendations for makeup enthusiasts. Content includes makeup tutorials, skincare advice, fashion trends, and fashionista interviews.

Deepica Mutyala, commonly known by her moniker Corallista, is an Indian beauty blogger with an inclusive digital community celebrating diverse beauty from every shade. Her content promotes body positivity and self-love.

Mrinalini Gupta

Mrinalini Gupta, also known as Mri, is an Indian beauty blogger specializing in makeup. She works closely with brides to help them look stunning on their wedding day and has also shared DIY videos featuring tips for glowing skin or long, luscious locks. As an avid skincare reviewer, she regularly reviews local and international products while giving dupe recommendations.

She shares outfit photos and reels regularly – certainly making her worth following!

Anjani Gupta

Anjani Gupta is an established beauty blogger. She works as a makeup artist for brides and vlogs about her experiences with different makeup brands, offering hacks for glowing skin and long, luxurious locks and providing makeup and skincare tutorials – her reels are hilarious – an absolute must-follow!

She’s an all-around influencer and can provide excellent beauty advice to anyone looking for advice about lipsticks, foundations, and outfits. Her Instagram feed showcases intricate eye looks paired with flawless outfits, making her one of India’s premier beauty bloggers with her blog detailing various beauty products and hacks.


Beauty bloggers provide women with an endless source of motivation. Offering everything from skincare routines and makeup tutorials lifestyle advice such as healthy eating habits and physical fitness regimens, and even offering products directly for purchase through their sites, beauty bloggers are an invaluable source of encouragement and direction for many women.

The Beauty Look Book might be for you if you’re searching for an eclectic mix of beauty blogs. Run by Sabrina, who admires high-end cosmetic brands and travel and fashion topics, The Beauty Look Book features everything from high fashion trends to luxurious skincare brands and cosmetics.

London beauty influencer Amelia Liana created this website at just 21 years old. Beginning her career as an assistant makeup artist with artists such as The Pet Shop Boys and Belinda Carlisle, Amelia has since published articles for Grazia and Cosmopolitan magazines.

Katey Denno is an NYC celebrity makeup artist and body positivity activist who founded this website to assist women with their beauty needs and skincare requirements. Her blog features makeup looks she’s created on celebrities for readers to recreate at home and is used as an advocacy platform showcasing natural beauty brands.

Simmy Gupta

TikTok influencer from Mumbai who successfully blends glamour, class, and humor is well-known to over 1 million followers for her stunning makeup looks and her videos and vlogs to help viewers try new styles and trends. Style Fiesta was founded under her guidance as a beauty blog/e-commerce platform.

Masoom Minawala is an influential Indian beauty blogger and entrepreneur specializing in skincare, fashion, and lifestyle topics. She boasts more than 2 million followers on Instagram, and her YouTube channel has cosmetic tutorials and advice videos. Masoom stands out among other beauty bloggers by making DIY face masks – something she excels at as one of India’s top beauty bloggers.

She runs Shirley’s Wardrobe, a fashion and beauty blog featuring tips on how to look your best on a budget. Her posts and YouTube videos cover topics such as budget high heel shoes or what mattifier can help diminish dark circles. Shirley’s wardrobe boasts eclectic fashion, often combining traditional Indian pieces with Western apparel.

Chetali Chadha is a viral beauty blogger on both YouTube and Instagram, boasting over 106,000 subscribers to each platform. She offers skincare and makeup advice and international product recommendations that are more cost-effective for Indian consumers. Her videos are informative and entertaining; her makeup never amazes!

Ankita Chaturvedi, better known by her stage name Callista, is a UK-based beauty blogger specializing in South Asian skin. Her content encourages body positivity and self-love while she boasts extensive product knowledge to mix colors for various makeup looks on YouTube. Any beauty fan should subscribe to Corallista’s channel. Furthermore, Ankita recently unveiled an online shopping portal dedicated to wedding gowns as part of her brand of products.

Tarini Peshawaria

Tarini Peshawaria is an Indian beauty blogger and vlogger who blogs about daily life, makeup tutorials, lifestyle content, fashion trends, and fashion tips. Her videos range from beauty tips to lifestyle topics; her upbeat personality draws in her viewers.

Her blog provides helpful information about the latest beauty products and makeup trends, while her tutorials are easy to follow and can help anyone become more beautiful. Her photographs are stunning; she always looks flawless, and her fans adore her makeup and outfit choices, making her one of the most beloved Indian beauty influencers on social media.

Janhavi Tiwari is an esteemed beauty and lifestyle blogger who offers her audience the latest products. With a unique sense of humor that makes her videos laugh-out-loud funny, Janhavi has amassed over 1 Million subscribers on YouTube and been followed on social media platforms such as Instagram. Her vlogs, haul reels, and makeup tutorials provide lots of entertainment as she is an invaluable source of motivation and authority of inspiration to many.

Born and raised in Delhi, India, she moved to London to pursue a passion for fashion design and styling studies at the London College of Fashion. Her work has been published in prominent magazines and walked the runways at fashion shows; furthermore, she manages her clothing brand, Arabella.

She is an Indian fashionista who advocates for Indian brands and strives to put Indian fashion on the global map. With stunning features and an endearing smile that make her even more striking, her style mixes traditional with Western influences; she was recently seen rocking multiple looks at Cannes 2022.