SDC Lifestyle Review


SDC Lifestyle is a dating site tailored to singles and couples looking to add spice to their lives. Connecting people with various sexual fantasies as well as providing parties and events, the site offers funky events. Even its mobile version works just like its desktop counterpart!

The dating site caters to sexual fantasies while being vigilant in its moderation efforts, which ensures it is scam-free.

Free Membership

SDC offers couples and singles an exciting platform to indulge their sexual fantasies safely in a private environment. SDC hosts events and private parties to allow users to meet new people while experiencing this lifestyle first-hand. In addition, its strict moderation helps prevent scammers from exploiting it.

While other sites require premium membership for messaging other members or posting in forums and groups, SDC is free for everyone to use. However, you may have to wait several days until chatting with other members as SDC must manually verify each profile before it can connect users – during this process, they may ask you for proof of identity and answer questions about your sexual history as part of protecting user privacy and taking the responsibility seriously.

SDC community members include couples and singles interested in swinging to erotic experiences, all looking for mutually satisfying connections regardless of sexual preference. Membership must be above legal age, and all members who engage in sexually charged activities do so voluntarily; its strict moderation offers a safe space for such discussions.

SDC stands out from other dating websites by providing detailed information about each member’s age, weight, and height – this can save time searching for that special someone! Furthermore, each SDC profile features experience-level communication that helps narrow your search options.

SDC provides its members free educational content – such as podcasts and videos created by experts in alternative relationships – through podcasts and videos produced by SDC itself. Furthermore, their website has an active blog and discussion forum where members can share experiences and learn from one another.

Premium Membership

SDC is an exciting website that connects swingers of all sexual orientations for casual fun and excitement. Unlike more familiar dating sites, SDC specializes in public events and private parties for couples and singles from diverse sexual interests. While registration is free, premium membership options give access to additional functionalities. With an intuitive design that’s simple to use and 7-day trial periods for those unsure if joining up permanently are also offered on SDC.

SDC’s premium membership offers more than just its chat room feature; premium members also gain access to messenger apps and attend SDC-organized events worldwide. SDC is popular among straight and lesbian men looking for casual dating; However, serious relationships should not be found on SDC; it can still add spice and excitement to life!

SDC may be more costly than other dating websites for swingers, but its premium membership offers attractive special features and exciting events. Furthermore, your membership automatically renews without needing to do anything, providing seamless experiences. For anyone new to the community of swingers, SDC is an ideal starting point!

Though SDC may not be as widely-known as some dating websites, its broad audience base and numerous unique features make it worth its weight in gold. SDC serves an international community interested in exploring their sexual fantasies with one another – all safely within an environment governed by an effective moderation system that prioritizes quality over quantity.

SDC premium membership provides access to SDC-organized events and a breakdown of each member’s preferences and openness. SDC’s user base primarily comprises male and female swingers; it has some gay members as well. Scams/phishing attempts on SDC are relatively minimal and use a secure payment gateway when processing payments.


SDC (Swingers Date Club) is an engaging community for couples and singles looking to share their erotic fantasies, find parties open to swingers, and find events suitable for swingers. It is easy, secure, and free to join, yet like most dating websites, it contains its fair share of scammers and fake profiles.

SDC takes measures to protect its members against these scams, such as conducting background checks to confirm authenticity and using monitoring systems to detect fraudulent accounts and decoys. If you notice suspicious profiles on SDC, report it immediately by emailing its administrator.

SDC ensures its members’ safety by making almost all services, such as browsing, paid privileges. They have a system where members can validate other members to foster trust within the community while not permitting any personal information that might embarrass or threaten others.

SDC also offers excellent customer support to assist with any questions that might arise; their friendly representatives can be reached by phone or email and will reply quickly to any concerns.

SDC user profiles are comprehensive and informative. You can see a person’s age, height, weight, and experience level – helping you narrow your search quickly while making better choices. Furthermore, SDC also shows which experiences they’ve had, which may be helpful if searching for people with specific interests or preferences.

SDC is one of the world’s premier online swinging lifestyle platforms, boasting over three million members globally. While based in the Netherlands, its reach includes people in the US, UK, and Canada – primarily men though women may also join. Furthermore, SDC provides new members a seven-day free trial period to try out its features before deciding to subscribe; plus, feedback is given regarding behavior and communication from other members – two critical considerations when joining any platform like this one.


SDC provides a safe platform for individuals searching for swing sex. While encouraging freedom, some restrictions must be in place to maintain safety and prevent fraudulent activities. Members are advised not to share sensitive or personal information online and avoid posting pictures that could implicate themselves; additionally, they are advised to avoid unencrypted chat rooms as much as possible.

SDC membership fees may be more costly than typical dating websites, which makes sense given its niche-oriented focus. However, once you pay a membership fee, you can search for members looking for your kind of arrangement and connect with them directly.