The Best Mega Knight Deck


Mega Knight is a highly potent card that has seen some modifications over time yet remains effective when used correctly in a deck. It reinforces ground defense with Bats and Electro Wizard to facilitate trades for Elixirs.

This deck makes an effective Hog Rider counter, as it possesses muscular splash damage and knockback. Furthermore, its P.E.K.K.A tank can take multiple hits without taking damage from Hog Rider.

1. Skeleton Barrel + Bats + Goblins + Inferno Dragon

Skeleton Barrel is a practical, cheap defensive card for counterattacking and defending. Dealing death damage to enemy troops can be highly effective if used strategically. Pair it with Goblin Gang or Bat swarm cards or tank-killers such as P.E.K.K.A and Mega Knight to stall opponents’ pushes. Deploy goblin barrels as soon as you deploy P.E.K.K.A or Mega Knight is another form of countermeasure to break their momentum!

Royal Ghost is another essential card in this deck, distracting against Hog Rider and slowing down their lane while you build up your army. It is excellent for defense as it slows and stuns opponents while working well when combined with Bandits or Electro Wizards, which can absorb much of the incoming damage.

Ice Wizard and Magic Archer are key cards that deal considerable damage to enemy units and are effective against low-hitpoint troops’ swarms like Goblin Gang or Minion Horde swarms. Furthermore, Magic Archer may be helpful if your opponent uses Hog Riders against you, as it allows retargeting onto him if necessary.

The Mega Knight is the centerpiece of this deck and will serve as both an attack and defense force, making him invaluable for protecting towers. Due to his heavy unit status, it can be challenging for opponents to counter his presence – this deck effectively uses him against stricter opponents than other decks! This deck is strong enough to play anywhere. Make sure to wait for Mega Knight Nerf before trying it!

2. P.E.K.K.A. + Exutioner

Many Clash Royale players have successfully unlocked the mega knight, and to get the most out of it, you should use a deck that incorporates it with Executioner troops. Executioner troops are excellent for clearing multiple enemies at once with its boomerang effect; stun troops for short amounts of time, making it more difficult for your opponent to cast any spells. They are also relatively inexpensive yet capable of doing extensive damage and, therefore, essential in any mega knight deck – many YouTubers, such as OrangeJuice Gaming, have used such combo decks successfully with excellent results including OrangeJuice Gaming using this combo deck in this way.

One of the best decks to use with a mega knight is PEKKA+Executioner. This powerful deck contains hard-hitting troops like mini PEKKAs, Princes, Mighty Miners, and Barbarian Barrel, as well as Bats and Electro Wizard support cards to combat opposing support troops.

The deck is also great at dealing with swarms. Thanks to its high single-target damage and splash damage capabilities, it can quickly eliminate swarms of skeletons, goblins, and pigs, as well as defensive staples like Valkyrie Cannon Cart Ice Wizard Valkyrie Valkyrie Tornado Tornado also contains strong air-attack capabilities that help it combat Lava Hound and balloon pushes.

This deck contains cost-effective support troops such as Minions, Wall Breakers, and Electro Wizard, which will help distract or remove an opponent’s support troops while protecting your tower and minimizing damage. Furthermore, Zap and Barbarian Barrel spells can help counter a giant executioner should it appear in your opponent’s deck; these spells will prove particularly helpful against double executioner decks where defense may become increasingly challenging.

3. Balloon + Dart Goblin

Mega Knight is an impressive card for its price, and when over-leveled, its damage increases exponentially. This deck makes excellent use of this fact by playing a unique defensive strategy while still doing significant damage. Furthermore, pairing Mega Knight with Zap Bait lets this deck quickly eliminate any support your opponent plays.

The PEKKA deck provides an obvious counter to this one, with its significant damage and splash surpassing Mega Knight’s. However, this deck also possesses powerful anti-tank troops such as Ice Golem and Golden Knight, which will quickly remove any support such as E-Wiz or Wizard that your opponent might have on the bridge.

As for the rest of this deck, the main objective is to amass an enormous elixir advantage before unleashing your Mega Knight. To do that, place both a Skeleton Barrel and Miner into your base – one will deal significant chip damage while slowing any air units deployed by opponents, while another could do additional chip damage against towers of opponents.

Once you have amassed enough elixir to damage the opponent’s towers, play Mega Knight easily. Utilize miners to remove any air troops on the bridge, like Rage Balloons and Lava Hounds, that may threaten them.

This deck excels against Hog Cycles as its Mega Knight can quickly dispose of its X-bow and Tesla, while its Miner can disable their Lava Cannon. Furthermore, Hogs will cause significant tower damage; with enough chips left over from your mega knight attack, you could use Rocket to finish them for victory!

4. Mighty Miner + Inferno Dragon

Are you searching for a killer mega knight deck to overcome your opponents? Look no further! This deck stands out as one of the best available, featuring a combination of units capable of dealing heavy damage quickly. Additionally, there are air units such as Ram Rider and Inferno Dragon to prevent enemy troops from reaching your towers and doing damage.

Inferno Dragon is an invaluable card for protecting your towers, providing heavy damage and extraordinary CC abilities while stunning troops or doing grave damage to buildings. Furthermore, its spawn damage makes it an effective means of stopping pushes from your opponent.

This deck is an effective solution against swarm builds as its high damage-per-cost units can quickly eliminate your opponent’s towers. Furthermore, its cards, such as P.E.K.K.A and Miner can effectively combat any attempts by opponents to build their swarm.

Mini P.E.K.K.A is an ideal tank killer and can damage crown towers extensively. With its impressive health pool and rising DPS levels, Mini P.E.K.K.An increase in strength with every class. Miner is another fantastic card for supporting pushes, dealing vast amounts of damage while simultaneously taking out Elixir Collectors with well-timed Zaps.

For maximum success with this deck, spawn Pekka behind your King Tower and wait until he reaches the bridge before sending Golden Knight behind it to defend against any attempts to destroy or distract it. Furthermore, consider building a Furnace or Electro Wizard to stop any airborne attacks that might threaten it.

Starting with this deck can be challenging, but this Elixir Collector deck provides an ideal starting point. It contains many high-level cards to help you collect elixir and rank up quickly while having powerful support cards such as Rage and MP for dealing with Mortars quickly or denials – not to mention other decks that might target it! Finally, its versatility makes it ideal when competing against decks, threatening its efficiency as an Elixir Collector.