The Best Sandwiches Near Me in NYC


Looking for something different? At this Brooklyn-based gem, they serve classic and creative egg sandwiches and rice milk shakes for a refreshing treat!

This small deli in Spanish Harlem is the source of chopped cheese – one of New York City’s culinary hallmarks. Also, their delicious fried chicken cutlet parm hero sandwich should not be missed!

Brennan & Carr

Brennan & Carr is an old-school deli in Sheepshead Bay offering delicious roast beef since 1938. This cozy brown hut seems to belong in early 20th-century American towns, yet it has barely changed. As a family-owned eatery, this establishment serves as an oasis for local cops, firefighters, and blue-collar workers looking for comfort food like the classic sandwiches.

This deli is famed for its tender yet succulent roast beef sandwiches, served sliced thin and drizzled in au jus. Food expert Anthony Bourdain recognized them as one of the top 10 sandwiches in New York City. However, unlike Roll N’ Roaster, this old-school eatery provides more conservative surroundings with dark wooden walls, a fireplace, and hanging chandeliers, creating an Old West atmosphere to give a taste of history while dining!

While other sandwich selections can be delicious, their prices can be somewhat steep. You will find more cost-effective solutions at this deli, such as their signature roast beef sandwich with onions, mayonnaise, and a fluffy bread bun. Add cheese whiz or Russian dressing for even more deliciousness, or try one of their other delectable hot or cold sandwiches and finish your meal with their homemade orange juice!

Katz’s Deli

New York is best known for its legendary sandwiches. From Italian cold cuts to unique New York creations such as the chopped cheese sandwich, New York offers something delicious for every palate – vegetarian and vegan options can even be found throughout its borders! No wonder New York City is often considered a foodie town.

Emilia by Nai in the East Village offers up some delectable gourmet sandwiches. Their mushroom katsu sandwich is exceptional, featuring breaded and fried shiitake mushrooms topped with mouthwatering curried onions and garlic aioli for an unparalleled dining experience. One of NYC’s premier sandwiches!

Cheekys Deli in the Lower East Side offers some of the finest sandwiches in NYC. Here, visitors can indulge in delectable chicken and gravy sandwiches made with crispy chicken cutlets, refreshing coleslaw, and velvety gravy on a buttermilk biscuit – not to be missed!

Katz’s Deli is a beloved New York institution known for its world-renowned pastrami on rye. This bustling diner attracts tourists, hipsters, and an odd assortment of weird characters – an experience not to be missed when visiting this landmark! Attracting tourists as well as blue-haired hipsters alike. For its 131st anniversary year, it remains a timeless New York landmark where visitors can watch people making their way through to order lunch from its famous pastrami sandwiches on rye!

Tasty Deli

Washington Heights residents looking for a quick bite can stop by Tasty Deli for delicious sandwiches at affordable prices since 1957. Their extensive menu boasts specialty sandwiches like the Zombie (lemon-seasoned chicken with parmesan cheese and pesto sauce), or you can opt for their breakfast burrito as a filling meal.

At this deli, the service is fast and efficient, with friendly staff always happy to assist in finding a sandwich to satisfy any of your cravings. Each dish is fresh and flavorful enough for two people to share simultaneously; they also offer salads and side dishes as accompaniments.

At this restaurant, customers can order online. With four out of five ratings on Google and rave customer reviews, this eatery boasts excellent cuisine at competitive prices with attentive, friendly service – the only downside being slow service when the place gets busy.

This location offers free delivery on Grubhub+ orders of $20 or more and accepts cash-on-delivery payment methods – an excellent way to avoid long restaurant wait times! For even better savings, please look at their menu and prices before making reservations on Grubhub.com/Foodservice before making a decision!


New York City’s sandwich scene offers much to enjoy, whether classic Jewish delis in Greenpoint or trendy cafes specializing in muffulettas like New Orleans cafes. Of all these old and new spots alike, those that provide their sandwiches at low prices stand out.

Floridita in Washington Heights is an intimate restaurant beloved by locals. Offering Cuban and Dominican cuisine and its iconic Floridita Sandwich (crispy bread, crunchy pickles, and succulent pork roast) for just $6 gives customers a satisfying meal at great value.

Regina’s Grocery in Brooklyn offers another superb sandwich choice; this cozy Park Slope delicatessen quickly earned itself a name as one of Park Slope’s premier delicatessens for their fantastic sandwiches within months of opening. At Regina’s, everything about their menu screams family, from ingredients used and sandwiches named after family members of Regina’s extended family, like Uncle Jimmy (Prosciutto, Ham Cappy, Soppressata Mozzarella EVOO Balsamic Roasted Reds on Stirato Bread).

Brennan & Carr in Brooklyn, Katz’s Deli on the Lower East Side, and Mekelburg’s in Clinton Hill or Williamsburg are also worth checking out, as is Little Kirin on St. Marks offering modernized Vietnamese sandwiches such as their Pho Short Rib Sandwich!

Crif Dogs

Crif Dogs in East Village is an oasis for New York foodies looking for delicious hot dogs. Offering creative toppings like beef, pork, chicken, and bacon along with classic chili dogs that will satisfy even your cravings, Crif Dogs offers delicious hot dog meals sure to please all palates.

Crif Dogs is an East Village gem known for its creative take on classic New York hotdogs. Offering some of the best fries and tater tots around and its signature IPA beer selection (you can even get a shot of Jaeger for $5!), Crif Dogs provides an unparalleled dining experience. Located at St. Marks Place in its center, it is known for offering unique twists to this timeless dish. Indulge your creative side while tasting some delicious fries or tater tots from Crif Dogs when visiting for their innovative take on classic New York hot dog dishes! Known for serving some creative toppings while offering delicious fries/tater tots/tater tots/tater tots/etc… Indulgence serves some incredible fries/tater tots/ tater tots/a variety of beers, including their signature IPA; get yourself an exclusive shot of Jaeger for $5!

They offer a selection of shaved meat sandwiches, such as the Philly Tubesteak and Morning Jersey – each featuring cheese and sauteed onions. Meanwhile, Taylor Ham, Egg, and American cheese combine on one sandwich! Plus, all can be delivered right to your door within minutes!

Katz’s Delicatessen may be known for its famous pastrami sandwiches, but its frankfurters are equally delicious. Made with all-beef kosher franks with natural skin with an irresistibly snappy texture. Plus, they cost a fraction of what a pastrami sandwich would. An excellent option for people on tight budgets!


Mekelburg’s is an all-in-one grocery store, restaurant, and bar located in Clinton Hill that specializes in gourmet foods and offers both traditional and unique sandwiches – perfect for sharing! Additionally, their delicious desserts and drinks make this Clinton Hill spot worth trying – with Pastrami Reuben Sandwiches and Chicken Cutlet Sandwiches available – their prices are affordable while the service consistently exceeds expectations!

This charming little sandwich shop serves classic breakfast and lunch sandwiches that are as satisfying as delectable. Their menu boasts sweet and savory offerings, such as fresh ingredients on warm ciabatta bread. Their Kwa’son sandwich is trendy, featuring creamy goat cheese with avocado on a toasted croissant. They also provide delicious bread puddings and French toast!

If you’re craving something different for breakfast or lunch, look no further than Parisi Bakery in Manhattan’s Little Italy. This family-run deli boasts some of the city’s best meats, cheeses, and vegetables – not to mention delicious sandwiches with traditional ingredients and exciting toppings such as the Casa Della Mozzarella sandwich!

Ba Xuyen offers delicious banh mi sandwiches – an exotic treat sure to please New York City residents. Their popular combo #1 features ham, head cheese, pork roll, pickled carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, and green pepper on a crisp buttery baguette.