The best way to Effectively Advertise Your Business in Craigslist


In today’s Internet marketing neighborhood; everyone has a great desire to get the “next best thing” in terms of secrets and trends. It truly is without a doubt that Craigslist is now one of those trends for Website marketing and promoting your business online. In this article, I will cover the basic principles of “how to successfully advertise on Craigslist” and also go over advanced tips for increasing your return rate from Craigslist.com ads.

Craigslist is extremely an easy task to advertise on and best of all IT TRULY IS FREE! (with the exemption of select few industries. )


To make a post on Craigslist, simply visit Craigslist.com. com and select the area (city/state) that you would be interested in advertising and marketing in. Once an area will be selected you will be brought into the particular classifieds section. IN THE LEADING RIGHT CORNER you will see a web link that says “post”, select that to create a post.

You can now have to select what class you would like your post to stay in. (keep in mind, some types may require you to create a merchant account and verify that profile via telephone – intelligent call with a verification code).

You are now ready to start off creating your post: That part is pretty self instructive, you enter in the title (catchphrase – This is what persons see when browsing through often the classifieds so make it appealing). You then enter your location (usually city/state) and write your personal advertisement/content in the main section down below that.

Craigslist does not work as a search engine so there is no strategy to “optimize” your way to the major, however, there are some things you can do to improve the results you see from employing Craigslist as a venue to get advertisements…


The main body section of often the Craigslist post DOES help support HTML code. (Don’t get terrified away, it’s not hard). This means that you can use the standard Vibrant, Underline, and Italic limitations as well as more advanced HTML limitations. You may search Google to get basic HTML codes to get: bold, underline, italic, and so forth.

You can use these methods to boost your post and make the item look appealing as well as make sure words stand out!


Headers are one of the most important parts of your personal Craigslist post for an explanation. (1) Headers are large/bold text that appears in first place on the post and captures people’s eye almost instantly whenever they view your post and also (2) Search Engines can surf your headers for SEARCH ENGINES (more on this below)

The way to add headers to your publish:

There are a few types of headers, there is, etc,… we will focus on only the header for now.

Headers must be at the top of the post and also used to catch your people’s eyes as soon as they go to your post. Creating headers is similar to making your text message bold, underlined, or italic; except you use the tags as an alternative.

FOR EXAMPLE, let’s say you happen to be advertising a fence business on Craigslist. Your header should look something like “FREE ESTIMATES and SPECIAL WINTERTIME PRICES… CALL NOW 800-888-8888”. Doing this will cause your header text to become bold and also fairly large not to mention google benefits that come along with that (more on that below)


Try to add a NEAT/CLEAN photograph in your post of the product or service you are offering. This gives the particular viewer a sense of ownership, they will see it and they want it. Tend not to overdue the photos.



When people search for objects on Craigslist is mission is to find keywords within people’s posts to verify if that write-up is viable or not while using viewer/searcher.

To increase the chances of your personal post being found within Your local craigslist, simply add a list of key terms at the bottom of your post. (keywords should be what you think persons would type in if they should search for your product). Down below I will use the fence corporation for example again.

If I should add a list of keywords to get my fence company write-up, I would probably type these kinds at the bottom of my write-up:

“KEYWORDS: fence company, barrier contractor, fence installation, company link fence, vinyl barrier, wood fence, privacy barrier, fencing, etc … ”

The true reason for this is that if anyone were to style one of those words into the Your local craigslist search bar, my write-up would show up! Try to bring as many keywords as possible simply because it will increase the chances of your write-up being found; HOWEVER, possibly be respectful and do not add key terms like “work truck” when you are selling coffee cups.


Make sure this article in your post is very beneficial and full of keywords that can be consistent with your product or perhaps services. This will give the engines like google something to get excited about each time a search comes through their machines. for example: not only can you acquire found from Craigslist users entering “coffee cups” but in addition from people using Yahoo and google and type in java cups.


Remember the header that individuals created from above? We want to be sure that the header contains a couple of our main keywords which can be in the content of our publication. The header is the initial thing that search engines are going to check out when it finds you publish relevant to certain keyword research so make sure it has your current 2 best keywords within it.

I hope these tips will allow you to enhance your sales by using Craigslist. This is the venue for companies to obtain free advertisement that is looked at by millions of people. Keep in mind that you need to “re-post” your posts every day or two because you will move lower that latter and want to deliver yourself back to the top. (make sure you save you publish in notepad or Microsoft company word so you don’t have to sort it all again. )

You happen to be now ready to start employing Craigslist as an efficient, successful, and FREE marketing tool for your business that will expose someone to a fortune of consumers that are neighborhood and searching for your expert services!

This article was written by Bob Burke.

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