The Black Phone Merchandise


If you enjoy The Black Phone, purchasing merchandise may be a great way to show your appreciation without the need to grow out your hair or get involved with an unnecessary mosh pit.

The Black Phone is a horror film starring Mason Thames as Finney, an 11-year-old boy kidnapped by serial killer “The Grabber.” While inside their house, Finney discovers an old rotary phone that connects him with the spirits of those killed by “The Grabber.”

The Black Phone T-Shirt

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The Black Phone is an atmospheric horror flick featuring a vintage rotary telephone that connects its protagonist with the spirits of the dead. Based on Joe Hill’s short story and directed by Scott Derrickson, this suspenseful tale of survival and redemption will leave audiences horrified!

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The Black Phone Hoodie

The Black Phone is an Ethan Hawke horror film set around an antique rotary phone that connects its protagonist with the spirits of the dead. This suspenseful yet terrifying movie delves deep into human nature’s dark corners, so if you love The Black Phone, then show your support by getting some merchandise to show your appreciation – from T-shirts and hoodies to key chains.

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