The way to Stay Out of Debt – The Testimony


We have had fantastic success in frugal existence. We have never had a residence payment yet we have a very house, a nice garage, and also 3 acres. We have certainly not inherited any of this. Do not own your own business. It truly is all from working hard, cost-effective living, and most of all The lord’s help. My husband and I have been endowed with wisdom and happiness and enjoy small items in life. We worked alongside the same goals: stayed not in debt, kept financial stress away from our marriage and I am already able to stay home with our a few kids.

I want to encourage often the young to work hard and also their money goes farther than many people ever dreamed possible. It is not necessarily what you make that matters, what you do with what you make.

At this point is our testimony: We started at age 19 and got engaged to be married after being high school sweethearts for 4 years. We saved as much as possible in our courting years. In 1982 we secured $8, 000. We got a new mobile home and were given cash for it. Our payments were small. $115. 00 lot rent, $18. 00 water bill, and a $30. 00 electric bill. Most of us did have to get our 600-gallon propane gas tank filled up once a year. And of course groceries. After that our marriage, my husband evolved into unemployed. We had a bad start. I remember getting up to 10 cents. I mean the item, it was all the money we. This brought us to our knees at age 20. It turned out a good thing for us because it is in that case that we cried out to Jesus and committed our lives in addition to our families to Him. Most of us asked God to help us find a job.

We knew this $8. 00 an hour examine be enough to raise a family, and that’s the highest paying job available so far. We prayed this my husband would find good employment, enough to raise a family in addition to me to be able to stay home with children. This was on a Monday night. The next day a relative identified to tell us about a firm wanting to employ her kid, but he already possessed a job. One thing led to yet another, and by Monday afternoon, my better half had a decent job. Typically the wages were more than many of us prayed for, and to top rated it off he is nonetheless with the same boss at 47. If all moves well he can retire over 3 years. WHAT AN ANSWER TO A PLEA.

Those days of a frugal lifestyle and being so mindful of how we spent each of our money really paid off. Many of us learned to be content in any things and work together together with God being the first choice. I witnessed how true God Is at a young era and it has totally changed our lives and strengthened our marital life and our family.

To finish this kind part of my testimony, soon after 6 years of living in typically the trailer park, we ordered 3 acres. We ended up saving a down payment and only was required to borrow $10, 000. Many of us paid it off over 2 years. The only other mortgage we ever had was the $5, 000 we borrowed to obtain a truck. We continued to avoid wasting and be frugal with our dollars. Frugal by only acquiring things that we needed, and they only bought things we had the amount of money for. If we didn’t have the available funds, we didn’t buy. Many of us shopped at Aldi intended for groceries. All of our clothes, shoes or boots, purses, tools, etc . originated from garage sales; we loved treasure hunting. It is incredible how much we saved in garage sales. We usually had nice clothes not to mention with our God, all of our requirements were met. We were content material and settled for little things. “Now Godliness along with contentment is of excellent gain! ” Timothy six: 6 NKJV

There are many methods to be frugal and let your cash stretch. For those who want to be home more, in many cases, if you are willing, it is going to only take a lifestyle change. Who else needs the nicest vehicles and the fanciest clothes? Think of me, it will be worth it. Who else better to raise your kids? Whenever a mother stays home ready for children she is able to store at garage sales, and contact around for the cheapest costs on whatever you are requiring, like propane gas, or even auto parts. These past few many years, I have bought items in garage sales and re-sold them on Craigslist.

Right after 5 years of living in our own mobile home on three acres, we saved 10 dollars, 000. We decided ?t had been time to build a house. Definitely not an extravagant house, but some sort of 28×54 home built into some sort of hill. It is made of forest and stone. It is simple and cozy. It took us all 3 years, but we designed it ourselves. We designed it as the money came in along with continuing to live in the mobile phone home. It was a family venture with our oldest son’s support. He was 12 years old back then. He was homeschooled and also learned a lot about constructing construction, electricity, plumbing, gemstone masonry, concrete, etc. Each of our oldest daughters babysat each of our years old while many of us worked on our house.

Our efforts paid off; it was a lot of fun along with good family time. Many of us enjoyed working to worship tunes. We never borrowed anything to build our home. Considering that we were building it ourselves, we could shop around for all of our needs. And shop around many of us did. We utilized typically the convince of the phone along with saving a lot of travel as well as money by comparing high quality and prices. We did not cheap on quality. With The lord’s help and I truly imply it, we got great purchases on just about everything we bought. Great deals on trusses, ceramic tile flooring, cedar, stone, home windows, fans, fixtures, cabinets, wood-burning stoves, etc.

To really save all of us built our homes from Styrofoam blocks. Our house is really well insulated. Our house also has been heated with wood, but we do have main heat and air conditioning. Because concrete is my partner’s specialty, we did not spend any money on concrete work.

We did not waste money on credit from bank loans or even credit cards. It just took lots of time and patience. Not “buy now and pay later” or” borrow more than you are able to afford. ”

In 2006 all of us built a garage free of debt. We built it ourselves with the help of our now-developed older children. The younger 3 assisted also.

My desire on paper this article is to encourage a person and give you hope. Suggests am I bragging or attempting to be discouraging?

Remember, economic living is a lifestyle.

My spouse and I have been married for almost three decades, I’m a stay-at-home mom of five, and have been able to home-school. We live on 3 gorgeous three acres with a pond; almost all on my husband‘s construction worker’s salary. We have never possessed a house payment. We have been free of debt our entire married existence. It is due to hard work, doing work together as a married several, frugal living, and The lord’s hand in teaching us all how to be content along with helping us find super deals as we go.

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