Therapy and Happiness – Tips on how to Decide Your Destiny


Typically the psychology of the unconscious brain that produces your aspirations is the only one that can actually help you find authentic happiness in every area of your life. The unconscious treatment is crucial to all human beings. This is a free-of-charge treatment provided to every person through dream messages.

Still, you have to learn the meaning of the dream language in order to understand secret unconscious messages, which usually works like psychotherapy.

The actual meaning of the dream vocabulary was discovered by the professional Carl Jung, who was a real genius not properly identified by our hypocritical world. Our work proves that Jung really discovered the right way to change the meaning of dream photos.

However, Jung’s method is thus complicated, confusing, and time-consuming that only intellectuals have the endurance to precisely follow his steps. There are also many responses that he couldn’t give.

Carl Jung admitted his lack of education and stopped researching the particular unknown content of the individual psyche at a certain level. He knew that there has been craziness in the human brain, and this was inherited. However, he or she didn’t know where this all absurdity was. He failed to want to find craziness and also lose his mind.

Jung was right for stopping his or her research. The wise subconscious mind advised him in the dreams that he had to take ignorance.

I continued that research from the point Jung abandoned it because I became practically schizophrenic, and I desired more answers. I was prompted to continue Carl Jung’s exploration of the unconscious mind with my own dreams.

The spontaneous mind kept showing my family in my dreams that I would guide many people through dream therapies, even though I was only at the start of my adventures. My partner and I trusted the dream estimations, precisely obeying the spontaneous guidance.

I found all the insanity exists in the human brain. The item belongs to the wild side of your conscience that didn’t change like the human side of your conscience, which I named anti-conscience. The anti-conscience works next to our conscience, trying to demolish it.

I was guided by a wise unconscious mind in doing my entire research. I fully trusted the unconscious perception after verifying that the subconscious mind had a dope origin.

I was very obedient especially because I was extremely afraid of all the absurdity I had developed and inherited. I managed to begin to see the entire content of my very own anti-conscience. Discovering so much evilness in my psyche was an incredibly shocking experience.

The anti-conscience is a terrible monster. It truly is our animal personality. It could think, but it has no individual feelings and no sensitivity. The particular anti-conscience is a demon.

Following this vision, I possibly could completely understand the meaning of dreams, and simplify Carl Jung’s complicated method of desire interpretation, transforming it into a fast method of instant interpretation from images into words and phrases. I simplified his approach even more by curing many people through dream therapy for 19 years.

Today you will have the privilege to easily discover what previous generations got no chance to understand.

The particular unconscious mind produces your current dreams exactly in order to enable you to fight against your absurd anti-conscience and tame this creature. This is why most dreams mirror dangerous situations.

Your anti-conscience becomes more powerful as you move across many deceptions in life. You must eliminate this monster from your psyche before it copes to destroy your people’s conscience. Otherwise, you will move through many bitter experiences inside, and you’ll make many flaws.

Your idiotic and unpleasant anti-conscience doesn’t let you come across peace. It keeps troubling you because it wants to manage your behavior and get lessen your human sensibility.

You will need to protect your sanity, in addition to caring about guaranteeing your intellectual stability before becoming a casualty of your terrible anti-conscience. This can be the only way you can consider your destiny, and stop being a slave of your wild dynamics.

Carl Jung couldn’t ask how\ absurd the human brain’s multi-level marketing is. He trusted the human Connaissance, believing that a person doesn’t want to speculate the unknown information of their psyche unless they had such necessity.

Jung has convicted that one must behave based on the judgment of their own conscience. He considered the unconscious mind only as being a good counselor for the individual.

However, he was wrong regarding considering our human notions so strongly. Our individual conscience is totally absurd since it is one-sided. We are basically entirely absurd from birth. We require psychotherapy in order to evolve.

The particular terrible violent tendencies we certainly have inherited generate terror. We should completely eliminate these traits if we want to find serenity.

Jung was also completely wrong in believing that the other than the conscious mind was only a very good counselor for the human being. As a psychiatrist, Jung couldn’t have a very religious attitude other than conscious wisdom. He couldn’t understand the unconscious sanctity.

Alternatively, since he didn’t learn where the craziness existed inside the human mind, Jung was afraid that the spontaneous mind was evil. He/she thought that wisdom in addition to evilness could coexist, which actually is a totally absurd finish. Wisdom is sanctity in addition to perfection. Evilness is the reaction to ignorance and suffering.

Carl Jung couldn’t clearly look at anti-conscience like I did mainly because he was not crazy including me. I was almost seeing that schizophrenic as my father. My very own human conscience was nearly already destroyed when I acquired the opportunity to see the content connected with my brain through aspiration translation.

Later, I had to help fight against the absurdity connected with my anti-conscience by featuring resistance to its attacks.

Often the powerful anti-conscience provokes feeling giddy, fainting, absurd sensations, and diverse distortions in our psychological performance when it manages to demolish our conscience. We have to urgently eliminate this monster previous to it manages to demolish our human conscience.

Often the recuperation of my misplaced human conscience through aspiration therapy was in fact miraculous. I was very lucky mainly because I could understand the meaning connected with dreams and follow spontaneous psychology. Otherwise, I had not any hope of salvation. My very own case was already lost as I managed to understand why I could hardly control my thoughts in addition to why I was always mad.

I looked for hypnotherapy mainly because I was afraid connected with my anger. I was in addition afraid of my continual thoughts of revenge, which I always couldn’t control. I could hardly stop thinking about them regardless of whether I tried very hard to cease thinking again and again about the same stuff. I understood that I seemed to be crazy and I needed imperative psychotherapy.

I could continue Jung’s research and see the entire information of the human psyche mainly because I was very strong. The spontaneous mind had prepared my family for meeting the dreadful anti-conscience. Carl Jung didn’t bear meeting this huge. There is no human being who can tolerate fighting against the powerful anti-conscience when it manages to kill his or her conscience. I could carry this battle because I got prepared by the unconscious brain for many years, even though I failed to know that this was my fate.

I had to discover the existence of the anti-conscience in order to accept transferring through an arduous process of refinement, which worked like hypnosis for me. I stopped possessing repetitive thoughts, and I miraculously found sound mental health and fitness, even though I couldn’t assume that I would ever manage to remove my absurdity.

My performance is basically the result of other than conscious guidance. It is not the result of my own, personal ideas and personal decisions.

Me extremely obedient especially as the unconscious mind is our doctor. Carl Jung has been my first doctor, yet after learning how to translate what it means of dreams I started out following only other than conscious guidance.

This is why I could right Jung’s mistakes, and discover far more.

Jung was wrong regarding believing that one shouldn’t think about the content of his or her mind if he had no need to do so. He didn’t recognize how really absurd the human notion is, he didn’t entirely trust the unconscious brain, and he didn’t know the location where the craziness already existed inside the human brain. This is why Jung was afraid of the means of consciousness carried on through fantasy interpretation. He couldn’t reveal it to everyone.

But now that we know that all dreams safeguard us from our awful anti-conscience, we have to study these dreams and investigate the content of our psyche the actual fastest as possible. This is how I will be able to completely eliminate our own anti-conscience before it will find a way to generate mental illnesses in your conscience.

This information must open up your eyes. You have to worry about studying dream translation, specifically if you have children.

Most people shed their human conscience once they become adults. They are everlasting victims of various mental ailments, even though they ignore that they are psychologically ill.

Don’t be like all of them. You have the chance to eliminate almost all dangers and live quietly and happily. Why should you the actual tragic destiny of the earlier generations? Now you know how to secure your sanity and advance.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the man’s psyche, discovering the cure for all those mental illnesses, and streamlining the scientific method of wish interpretation that teaches you tips on how to exactly translate the meaning within your dreams so that you can find well-being, wisdom, and happiness.

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