Top 5 Spy Phone Apps


There are many ways to spy on someone’s phone. Various apps can spy on a target phone’s activities, but none is as effective as mSpy. The mSpy app includes keystroke monitoring, location tracking, social media monitoring, and deleted message monitoring. It runs in the background, providing activity updates every five minutes. It works in 180 countries and has great reviews online. Read on to learn more about these and other great apps.


If you are curious about whether your children are using a cell phone without your knowledge, mSpy may be the right app for you. With mSpy, you can see every incoming and outgoing call on the device. The app lets you see the duration of each call and the total number of calls. In addition, you can control when to delete the records of deleted calls and block specific numbers from receiving calls.

The app is very convenient to use. It allows you to track every call and SMS sent and received and view the target’s contact list and browser history. You can even track calendar events. Other features include social media trackers, keyloggers, and stealth mode. However, it lacks features such as remote photo viewing and remote control. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind your target’s privacy when using this app.

To install mSpy, you need access to the device:

  1. Make sure the phone is charged and connected to the Internet. Afterward, go to the mSpy website and select the Android device.
  2. You can choose the age range you want to monitor your children.
  3. Choose the age range that applies to the child, from 1 to 17.

In addition, you must specify the brand of the phone the child is using.


Its sophisticated technology makes Cocospy a powerful tool for monitoring smartphone activities. You can view the location of your target smartphone. You can also view the time stamp for any recent location. You can even view bookmarks and time stamps. In addition, you can monitor internet activity on any smartphone with this app. You can see what your child is browsing at all times, if necessary. It’s even possible to block websites and app usage based on location.

Despite its extensive features, Cocospy is a good choice for mobile phone monitoring. It can monitor all mobile and tablet devices, including iOS and Android. You can even track a phone without touching it. It works great for non-jailbroken Android phones and offers many features even if you don’t have root access. Here’s a closer look at this phone monitoring app.

Cocospy’s interface is user-friendly. Using it is as simple as tapping a button. The app’s dashboard shows you the top 5 callers and their numbers. You can also view the call log, which includes the caller’s name and duration. Cocospy automatically saves all call logs into your account. So if you need to know who your target phone is talking to, Cocospy is the right choice.


While most mobile device monitoring apps will be visible in the Google Play store, LogsKit is completely undetectable once installed on the target phone. This parental tracking application is based on a log kit, a code used to collect various system information. Developers and OEMs typically use log kits to troubleshoot problems and refine code. Therefore, the developers should disclose their log kit usage to protect consumers.

The best spy phone app for Android devices is CellTracker. This application records the target phone’s activities and automatically backs up all recorded data. It is free and supports Android phones. Its simple installation and dashboard make monitoring and controlling the target’s phone easy. It can be used by parents, employers, and others to monitor employee activity and confirm their suspicions. This is an effective monitoring tool for almost every Android-based phone, so download and install it onto the target phone.

LogsKit is a powerful monitoring tool for iOS and Android devices. It allows you to spy on incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, IM logs, and Instagram feeds. It can even bug the camera! In addition, it can record surround sound, monitor photos, and bug the phone’s camera. Spyzie can also be installed remotely and operates in hidden mode.


The Mobisafer spy phone application allows you to monitor the mobile activity of another person. The app tracks SMS and calls, phone locations, and social media messages. This app allows you to download all the information on the target phone and view it anytime. You can track the phone’s location from a remote location without ever having to touch it. It uses end-to-end encryption to prevent malware and adware from spreading on the phone.

Spyzie is another parental control mobile app that helps you spy on your kid’s phone activity. It lets you see deleted files, messages, contacts, and apps. The app also identifies malware on the target phone and allows you to delete it. If you want to use a spy phone app, you should check whether the application is free. This way, you will know whether the phone is being used without your knowledge.

Apart from being a mobile spy phone application, this program includes a voice-activated sound recorder and options to monitor older users. The app is available for iPhones and Android devices. The app is also available for BlackBerry devices. The features of Spyzie include keystroke logging and web-filtering. Using Spyzie, you can track your employee or spouse. It is easy to install and requires only two minutes of your time.


If you’re looking for a spy phone app, you’ve probably heard of iKeyMonitor. This app lets you track keystrokes on various mobile devices like iPhones and Androids. There are many reasons to use iKeyMonitor, including its wide array of useful features. However, before you buy this app, ensure you know what you’re getting into.

The most basic and affordable option for monitoring cell phone activity is FlexiSPY. It allows you to monitor both computers and mobile phones. It comes with mobile viewer applications for Android and iPhone. FlexiSPY tracks audio files, application activity, calendars, photos, videos, and more. It’s safe, affordable, and works without the phone owner’s knowledge. Spyera is another free Android spy phone app that allows you to monitor the phone remotely.

If you’re suspicious about your children’s online behavior, you can use the iKeyMonitor app. It can monitor SMS text messages, phone calls, keystrokes, website visits, and social media communications. You can even send monitoring logs to an email account. The app is easy to use and can be installed on a target smartphone. In addition, it works with Android and iPhone devices without rooting them.

iKeyMonitor is a great spy phone app for iOS users. It can track calls, texts, web activities, and other activities if the subject is compliant. However, it can’t be completely hidden, so you should use this app cautiously. And, as with any spy phone app, ensure you read the user’s manual before installing it on a device.


Unlike most other spy phone apps, pcTattletale does not need to be installed on the target’s device. Instead, it runs silently in the background and is undetectable to the phone’s owner. Once installed, pcTattletale turns your Android phone into a personal GPS tracker, enabling you to watch everything they do. You can even view their activity in live mode, which lets you monitor them anytime.

Another important feature of pcTattletale is its ability to track your spouse’s location. It can do this even when they are hundreds of miles away. In addition to tracking the phone’s location, pcTattletale can monitor text messages and activities on the device. It also gives you live video viewing, so you can check up on what your partner is doing while they’re away.

A pcTattletale review reveals that it works much better than most other spy phone apps. This software is much more secure, with all recorded information stored on a secure cloud server. This means that competent threat actors can access screenshots without requiring prior authorization. As a result, pcTattletale is a far better choice than its competitors. The app has much more to offer than just tracking employee activity, so review all aspects before making a final decision.

Although pcTattletale doesn’t have the same features as other spy phone apps, it’s an excellent choice for business users and parents who need to monitor their kids’ activities. This app lets you view recordings in video form and is easy to install on the target device. However, it’s important to note that it’s not compatible with iOS devices. Before using any spy phone apps, you should also check local laws and regulations.