Top 5 Watch Apps For Tracking Your Workouts


Look no further if you’re looking for a watch app to keep track of your workouts. There are plenty of options out there, and some of them are even free. You have to find the one that’s right for you.


WorkOutDoors is an Apple Watch app that helps you track your workouts and find new routes to run, bike, or hike. It is also easy to synchronize your activities with your Apple Health.

This workout app for Apple Watch is available for free. You can even download GPX routes to your Watch. However, you may have to unlink your iPhone from your Watch before you can upload workouts. If you have any trouble, you can visit the official website.


AutoSleep is an excellent sleep-tracking app for your Apple Watch. It will show you live updates of how much time you spend in bed and how much sleep you get each night. The app also uses advanced heuristics to analyze your sleep.

AutoSleep will also monitor your heart rate while you are asleep. You can adjust your privacy settings for the data it sends to Apple Health.

The AutoSleep Watch app has been enhanced with a new look and some platform-specific upgrades. For instance, it will now use traffic light colors to indicate good, poor, and restless sleep. This makes it easier to understand and interpret the data.


It is possible to sync the Drafts app to your Apple Watch. This feature allows you to add, delete, mark, scribble, and flag drafts. You can also access the most recent drafts from the widget. In addition, you can dictate notes without having to take your hands off the screen.

The new Apple Watch has an updated text input interface. Using the iOS share sheet, you can quickly insert text from other apps into your Drafts. Text input is a great way to quickly generate a few notes and transfer them to your iPhone.

Dice by PCalc

Dice by PCalc is a game for iOS, macOS, and Apple Watch that lets you throw virtual dice across a virtual table. The app was designed by TLA Systems, which also makes the popular PCalc calculator.

This app is targeted at role-playing gamers who enjoy the thrill of rolling multiple dice simultaneously. It is a physics-based simulation of polyhedral dies. You can select different dice types for other tasks.

Dice by PCalc features a physics engine that replicates the physics of rolling dice. Using a tap-based interface, you can drop and reroll multi-sided dice. The app displays the values when you throw dice and keeps track of your score.


For Apple Watch users, the Strava watch app is a boon. It allows you to record workouts and activity data without the hassle of pulling out your iPhone. The app also provides real-time feedback, including heart rate and average speed. And with Strava’s mobile app, you can get free audio-guided runs.

A recent report from Strava reveals that more athletes are training alone than ever. This includes outdoor activities. That’s an impressive statistic, and one that’s backed up by an increased 28% year-over-year increase in the number of marathons run solo.


ViewRanger is a free app designed to help active people plan their outdoor experiences. It allows users to record their routes, share their journeys with friends, and learn more about nearby trails.

Using GPS technology, ViewRanger can pinpoint a user’s location. The app also offers detailed maps of the watch’s face. This means the device can still be used even when you’re out of cell service. You can also export trails for offline viewing.


If you love to listen to audiobooks on your phone, you may be interested in the new Audible Watch App. This app will allow you to play your audiobooks on your Watch and pause, fast-forward, and skip while on the go. It will also give you a glance at the time.

The Audible Watch App will work with any Apple Watch. However, you will need to have a supported account to use it. Those accounts include personal, school, or business accounts. Once you sync your account with your Watch, you’ll be ready to go.