Wallpaper Shops Near Me in Kolkata


Wallpaper adds depth and style to spaces while concealing damage on walls. It can help set a theme in any building you call home, such as homes, offices, or other structures.

Paint and wall covering contractors specialize in specifying, applying, and removing paint, wallpaper, and other wallcoverings, such as specialty materials. They also have the necessary skill set and equipment for handling specialty coverings.

1. Pvc Wallpaper

Wallpaper can add an instant splash of style to any space, be it at home or office. Available in various designs, colors, and textures – making it easy to find something that speaks to you – this durable decor option comes at different price points depending on its materials and design features; some options can be more costly, while others are more budget-friendly.

PVC wallpaper (more commonly known as vinyl) is an increasingly popular wallcovering option that comes in an array of styles and embossed textures for an opulent, textural look. Although PVC wallpaper can be durable and easy to maintain, installation requires professional expertise for optimal results.

Non-woven and PVC wallpapers have become an increasingly popular ecological choice for decorating homes, flats, and offices. These materials are visually comfortable and air-permeable, and they’re often considered the preferred choice when selecting high-end home decor wallpapers specifically for bedrooms.

When selecting nontoxic wallpaper, the manufacturer should be your top priority. Opt for smaller local companies over big box stores that do not prioritize customer health; make sure that any product contains no formaldehyde, phthalates, or PVC in its composition, as well as fire ratings that do not depend on brominated flame retardants and have no vinyl plasticizers.

An alternative method for choosing non-toxic wallpaper is peel-and-stick products made of organic or natural materials with low VOC emissions. They’re also made to order, which helps the environment while offering various finishes and patterns such as florals, geometrics, and wood grain designs.

2. Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers offer many designs, textures, and colors – they’re durable yet easy to keep looking their best! It is ideal for offices, hospitals, and restaurants due to being resistant to heavy foot traffic. Vinyl wallcoverings are also more accessible than traditional wallpapers to install – professional installers can tackle this task quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on more important tasks!

These wallpapers are constructed with paper or fiber backing coated in vinyl to make them moisture-resistant and easy to maintain. Their moisture-resistant qualities and ease of cleaning make them great for high-traffic areas like hallways, children’s bedrooms, and living rooms – ideal for hallways where frequent foot traffic occurs and available in various colors and styles to match any decor theme!

Fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper is one of the most durable types of vinyl wallpaper, as well as water-resistant. Constructed using a combination of vinyl and heavy-duty fabric, fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper stands up well to daily wear and tear and is easy to clean, making it suitable for kitchens or offices as it won’t stain easily. Its resistance against mold makes it ideal for dry and humid conditions!

Grasscloth is textured wallpaper made by weaving grass strands with natural materials like wool. This eco-friendly option adds texture and warmth to your walls and can even be recycled! Available in many patterns such as wood graining and floral designs – the grasscloth is durable enough for everyday use as it can easily be cleaned using damp cloths!

3. 3D Wallpaper

3D wallpaper is an innovative wall covering material that creates the impression of depth and volume on walls, giving the appearance of depth and volume. Available in various colors, patterns, and textures – making them suitable for use in any room in your home – these wall coverings have many advantages over traditional paint, such as being easy to install without peeling or flaking down the road, environmental-friendliness (no VOC emissions or odor release) and being eco-friendly (they do not emit VOC compounds or odors).

Photo wallpapers are made of durable fabric that is popular due to its ability to add visual interest and make any room more attractive. Plus, their care requirements are simple – all it takes is damp cloth washing or vacuuming with an air vac for cleanup!

When selecting wallpaper, consider both the size of your space and the design style you desire. If it will serve as an accent wall, be sure its pattern stands out enough to catch guests’ eyes and be chosen by the overall room decor. Selecting ones seamlessly blending in is also essential when picking out wallpaper colors.

Photo wallpapers come in many styles and designs, from landscapes to city lights to tiger’s heads. Used to decorate rooms of all sizes, from apartments to large homes. You can even get them printed according to sketches you create yourself or family photos you take – or get professional printing done. Personalized wallpaper can even be ordered for bathrooms and kitchens! Printed surfaces include stainless steel, wood, glass, or ceramic tiles!

4. Customized Wallpaper

Customized wallpaper is a fantastic way to make a statement, bring personality into your home decor, and be long-lasting and durable. They come in various patterns and styles to meet every taste and style; plus, they make great kids’ room wall treatments where your kids can express themselves creatively! Choose from various high-quality paper options when customizing their wall treatment so it remains resilient while its print remains vibrant.

Customizable wallpaper has become an increasingly popular home choice because of its durability and customization features. The process is straightforward, and the results can be genuinely flexible; choose one photo to stretch across an entire room, create collages, or use repeat pattern wallpaper – this type of wall covering can add personalization to any living area, dining space, or bedroom.

Make an impactful first impression in your office with customized wallpaper by selecting an eye-catching theme like galaxy wallpaper for a science lab. This type of decoration is an excellent way for businesses to capture customer attention and promote their brand.

Canvas, wood, textured, and printed wallpaper all offer distinct finishes and advantages for wall use. Flocked wallpaper provides three-dimensional patterns to an opulent feel in the room while being easy to maintain. Another option that stands out is vinyl woven wallpaper; its self-adhesive properties allow it to be installed quickly without using glue or water – perfect for traditional yet easy upkeep interior designs!

5. Textured Wallpaper

Textured Wallpaper is an excellent way to add texture and depth to a room, coming in various styles and materials. Popular choices include those designed to look like wood or brick for an authentic rustic vibe; others feature geometric patterns resembling tile or stone; some even allow painting for even greater customization options – these options may come in handy in high humidity environments like bathrooms and laundry rooms; make sure that any paste used says mold and mildew inhibiting!

Textures can help create the illusion of depth in a room, making smaller spaces with low ceilings feel larger by visually expanding and heightening them. Metallic stripe wallpaper will make an area appear bigger while adding visual interest and height, or try faux suede patterns that mimic hand-carved woodwork for instantaneous luxury and an elevated atmosphere in any space.

For durability and ease of cleaning, look for non-woven textured papers as the solution. This hybrid of traditional paper backing with vinyl allows it to outlive its standard counterpart while remaining easier to hang and resisting fading.

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