What Do You Get With Xfinity Home?


Securing your home is extremely important no matter where you live. Often, robberies and break-ins happen when you least expect them. There is no way to know who might target your home and when. Even the prospect of being the victim of a home attack is scary. So, while break-ins are not so common, and chances are pretty slim, it doesn’t hurt to be careful. And one of the ways to secure your home is an innovative home security system.

Xfinity is one of the biggest U.S. providers andt offers internet, TV, phone, and home security services. Today, we plan to be looking at the home security section of Xfinity and see everything it includes. That way, if you get one, you will know exactly what to expect.

What Will You Get?

Just like when it comes to internet speed, Xfinity home comes with different options and plans, so whichever plan you get will determine what equipment you will get. For your understanding and ease, we will let you know about the entire list of equipment and features. Still, for details regarding the different plans, you can refer to Xfinity’s official page or their customer service department.

Equipment choices include:

  • Touchscreen
  • Wireless keypad
  • Motion detector
  • Cameras
  • Door and window sensors

What Features Do You Get with This Equipment?

Each piece of equipment is meant to add another layer of protection to your home. Thus, each one serves a different purpose and carries various features. Let’s take a look at all the elements in detail.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

You won’t have to worry about something suspicious or not responding quickly. With 24/7 surveillance, the specialists are trained to react immediately to ensure your safety. Then, in an emergency, the authorities will be alerted and dispatched to your location. This works even if there is a smoke alarm.

If you are wondering who will do the surveillance, rest assured that it is done by COPS Monitoring (Central Office Processing Services). This five-diamond-rated company has been providing monitoring services since 1978.

Manage Your System and Monitor Activity

If you were wondering about managing your system, Xfinity has covered you. You can manage your home network and security system with the Xfinity Home app. And just so you know, this app is also available in Spanish, just as other Xfinity services are. So if you have any questions about finding or using the app in Spanish, click here and connect with their Spanish customer service.

Getting back to the app’s features, you can use the Xfinity Home app to set notifications or alerts tailored to you. For example, you can set it to alert you every time a door or window opens. Moreover, you can arm or disarm your system using the app, no matter where you are. Finally, if you want to access old recordings, you can do that from the cloud storage, where you will find a week’s video recordings.

Live Video Monitoring

You can access the live video from your smartphone at any time. We mentioned before that you can check the recording as well. However, if you have received an alert about an activity, like a door opening, etc., you can open the live feed.

Better Together with Xfinity

Xfinity services pair well with other Xfinity services, and this way, you can even enhance their functionality. For example, you can view recorded footage or live footage on the Xfinity Home app on your TV, thanks to the Xfinity X1 box. Moreover, you can also use the Xfinity Voice Remote to arm or disarm the security cameras. You can also view the recording or camera feed. Use the commands “Arm/Disarm my system” or “View Xfinity Home cameras.”

Smart Home

You can make your home smart, not only with Xfinity devices but with other intelligent devices. For example, smart TVs, thermostats, door locks, and more. Additionally, you can control these with the help of the Xfinity Home app and make things a lot easier for yourself.

Upgrade Your Existing Home Security System

If you already have a smart home with an intelligent security system, you can use the existing security equipment to your advantage. As long as there is no compatibility issue, the existing equipment can also be controlled with the Xfinity Home app and work well with other equipment. Adding more equipment will be like an added security measure for your home.

To Sum It All Up

Xfinity Home is an excellent service and protection option for your place, especially if you are looking for a security system like that. And the fact that you can control it with your smartphone gives you another sense of ease since you are unaware of who’s coming or going. Thus, if you are wondering whether Xfinity Home is worth the buy, then yes! Yes, it is!

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