What Do You Mean by That in Hindi?


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What do you mean?

Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language, and it is India’s official national language. It is also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is often regarded as being very difficult to learn, but it is also considered to be an excellent language.

What does ‘paune’ mean?

Paune is an Indian number word that can be used to represent a certain amount of time. It can be used to indicate 45 minutes, for example. For example, if someone says “save do,” this means that it is half past two. The word can also be used to refer to a particular location. For example, if someone says “paune ds sau,” this means that they are near the school.

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What do you mean by?

‘Chooth’ is one of the most used words in Hindi. It has many meanings, and it is difficult to explain it in English. It is usually used in place of the word ‘what.’ It means, ‘What do you mean by that?’. It can also be used to ask someone if they understand something you have said. It is a very common phrase, and it is commonly used in movies and shows.

In some contexts it can be used to mean ‘quite a bit’ or ‘fairly a lot’. For example, ‘Musi sab se cheeni dhoona hai’ can mean ‘he/she is quite a bit/a lot good’. This is used in the same way that ‘paki aadha’ or’shama aadha’ are used to mean ‘quite a lot/fairly a lot’.

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What do you mean by this?

If you want to be able to communicate more effectively, you must learn the art of understanding what people really mean by their words. This means understanding the underlying meaning of what others say, as well as understanding how they feel. This is the only way to understand what it is that they truly desire.

When someone says, “What do you mean by this?” it is usually a way of asking for clarification. The question may be directed at you or someone else. It could be a question about the meaning of something that you said, or it may be a question about something that someone has done.

The word kuru is often used in Hindi to express a good smell or perfume. It is similar to the phrase khushboo in Urdu, which means ‘good fragrance.’ It is also used in some contexts to refer to a beautiful woman. The term kusu is often associated with the popular movie SATYAMEV JAYATE 2, starring Nora Fatehi.

Another important aspect of communication is knowing how to use emoticons. Emojis can be a great way to convey your feelings in a text message or online chat. However, not all emojis have the same meaning. The U emoji is commonly used to depict a blushing face, although it can also be used as an abbreviation for the word “you” or a contraction of your or yours.

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What do you mean by that?

What do you mean by that? It is a question asked of someone when they don’t understand something that they have said. The question can be a severe one asking what they mean by their statement, or it can be a playful one asking them to clarify their meaning.

Generally, the word “that” is added to the end of a sentence when you want to ask about something specific. “That” can be used to refer to a person, place, or thing. The phrase is a common part of conversation in English, but it can also be a part of many jokes and memes.

The phrase is often used in slang, and it isn’t easy to translate into other languages. It is also a standard part of many memes and can be used to reference popular culture. The phrase is often used as an insult or to challenge someone.

The term has become a slang word and can be found in many online forums and social media sites. It is also a common phrase used in rap music and other genres of music. The term was made famous by the internet comedian Druski in a reaction video that went viral in 2020. The video was used to critique a rapper’s performance, and the use of the phrase became widely known.

It is important to remember that the meaning of a word can be changed by its tone. The question can be interpreted in a number of ways depending on how it is asked and the tone of voice used. It can be a question of clarification, or it can be an aggressive question challenging the other person to stop hiding their honest thoughts behind clever words.

In addition to the grammatical and idiomatic meaning of “What do you mean by that?”, there is also an unidiomatic version of the question that has no semantic relation to the original phrase. This phrase is sometimes seen as a regional dialect or as an error by speakers who are not native to the language. A Google N-gram comparison of “Do you mean with that” versus “What do you mean with that?” reveals that the latter is quite rare.