What Does Crush’s Name Mean?


Finding Nemo introduced audiences to charming characters like Crush the Sea Turtle. Crush quickly became a fan favorite and delighted audiences of all ages.

Crush is a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), one of the world’s largest species in tropical waters and renowned for her herbivorous diet and ability to migrate long distances.

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Crush, an endearing sea turtle who loves surfing the ocean’s currents, is one of the most beloved characters from Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo. He has become a worldwide symbol of adventure and wisdom; his laid-back personality inspires many. However, many are left wondering what type of turtle Crush truly is; what does his name signify?

Crush, also known as Chelonia mydas, can be found throughout tropical waters worldwide and is known for its vibrant shells that come in all colors and sizes. Crush featured in the film version is Chelonia mydas agassizii, with narrower and higher-shaped shots compared to an Atlantic variety of the same species.

Crush may appear carefree and silly initially, but he’s brilliant and wise. He knows everything there is to know about the ocean. He offers invaluable help to Marlin and Dory during their quest to find Nemo, teaching them how to ride waves while also helping them avoid danger from giant whalefishes. In addition, Crush often gives his charges nicknames such as “The Jellyman” and “Little Blue.”

Finding Nemo has become one of the most beloved movies ever made and an international phenomenon, captivating audiences of all ages with its charming portrayal of clown fish, anemones, and other sea life. Additionally, Finding Dory and Finding Nimo were created from this movie franchise as sequels that helped keep it at the top of box office profits.

People often wonder about the characters from Finding Nemo, especially Crush and his son Squirt — two turtles featured as main protagonists who love riding the East Australian Current together in Crush and Squirt’s movie Crush; this photo inspired movie scriptwriters to write this scene of Crush riding EAC as Crush enjoys eating algae and seagrasses as they journey across it.

Crush may appear friendly to many people, yet some have their suspicions as to his true nature. Some speculate he could be high on jellyfish venom, which he may consume when in distress – yet research shows this venom has no adverse impact on turtles as they have natural resistances against it; furthermore, they do not consume jellyfish as nutrition but as an emergency source.


Crush from Finding Nemo remains one of the most beloved characters from Pixar films, becoming a fan favorite through his wise yet carefree character and life lessons that resonated with audiences of all ages. Additionally, Crush stars in 2016’s Finding Dory sequel; even though his name wasn’t explicitly used within that film, audiences came to associate it with this beloved sea turtle character.

Finding Nemo features Crush as a pleasant, daring turtle who enjoys surfing the East Australian Current. He makes fast friends with other ocean life, including Nemo. Furthermore, Crush shows compassion towards his friends, making him immensely popular with fans of Finding Nemo.

Squirt, Crush’s baby turtle, is eager to explore his world and often can be seen chasing after the sun or diving for food. Additionally, Squirt loves swimming with his father.

Though many find sea turtle babies adorable, we must remember they can be extremely dangerous. Being fragile creatures, sea turtles must be protected from predators such as crabs and birds, or they will be crushed underfoot in the ocean and die a painful death.

Finding Nemo has long been beloved by fans, making the film a trendy family movie option. Receiving critical acclaim and even being listed by the American Film Institute as the 10th most excellent American movie. Plus, its sequel, Finding Dory, has proven equally successful!

Finding Nemo was cast with an array of actors and actresses. Vicki Lewis played Deb and Flo, two aquarium striped damselfish; Joe Ranft portrayed Jacques (an aquarium cleaner shrimp); Elizabeth Perkins was cast as Coral (Marlin’s wife/Nemo’s mother); Nicholas Bird took on the role of Squirt (Crush’s son).

Finding Nemo depicts the characters from a tank swimming around Sydney Harbour to locate Nemo, a lost fish. Crush and Squirt, the Turtles, help the search effort by riding the East Australian Current between Australia and Antarctica; their migration occurs annually as part of a natural process and is part of an ecosystem in over 80 countries worldwide.


Finding Nemo is one of Pixar’s best-loved animated movies ever, beloved by audiences of all ages. Its unforgettable characters – particularly Crush the Wise Turtle – have captured millions of hearts worldwide. At the same time, its inspiring story and stunning animation have won over marine life fans of all ages. In it, Nemo is taken from his Great Barrier Reef home to an office aquarium for treatment by Marlin and Dory (an adorable but forgetful blue tang fish). They must return him home – encountering vegetarian sharks, surfer dude turtles, and even hypnotic jellyfish.

This film also introduces us to other sea creatures we’ve come to love: Bruce, Anchor, and Chum are some of my favorites in this regard. Bruce is a great white shark who pledges not to consume fish and is joined by his shark pals – including hammerheads, mako sharks, and an alarm-stricken greenfish named Blenny.

Crush, the relaxed sea turtle, has quickly become one of the show’s beloved characters. His easygoing spirit has won over fans everywhere; his carefree mannerisms have inspired them all. Crush encourages Nemo and Dory to drop their worries and enjoy life, encouraging them to explore the ocean and discover their unique talents.

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Finding Nemo was an animated classic that introduced audiences to an ensemble cast of endearing characters. The story follows overprotective clownfish father Marlin on his mission to rescue Nemo after diver Dory abducts him; during their search, Marlin is joined by a laid-back sea turtle named Crush, who quickly becomes one of their favorites among viewers of all ages.

The film featured many sea creatures, such as a puffer fish named Bloat, an ochre sea star called Peach, a royal gramma shark called Regalia, a Pacific shrimp named Gurgle and a Humbug Moorish Squid (Flo). Each character adds depth to the narrative by having a distinct personality – giving each a more significant role in shaping its storyline.

Not only does Finding Nemo provide hours of fun entertainment but it is also filled with educational benefits for children. It encourages them to explore the ocean and its inhabitants while developing problem-solving and confidence skills. Marlin, Dory, and Squirt work together in the film to save Nemo from an ocean monster, teaching kids perseverance and teamwork.

Squirt is Crush’s son and an East Australian Current-dwelling young sea turtle. Like his father, Squirt enjoys fun-loving and adventurous activities such as surfing the ocean currents or making new friends – each day is another exciting journey for him!

Nicholas Bird voices Squirt; his character exudes joy and excitement and boasts an energetic presence that makes him easy to get along with.

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