From Scratch – A Memoir of Love and Loss


Tembi Locke’s literary debut is an engaging memoir From Scratch about love, loss, and recovery. Combining food writing, grief exploration, and cross-cultural relationships in an intriguing love story format.

“Love at first sight” happened when actress Tembi met professional chef Saro on a street corner in Florence. However, his traditional Sicilian family disapproved, so they embarked on their journey towards creating a meaningful life in Los Angeles together–with deep friendships, exciting careers, and eventually adopting their daughter.

A Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick

Tembi Locke is an engaging storyteller with a generous spirit who writes with honesty. If you’re searching for a fascinating memoir, a delectable recipe to try, or an insight into another culture – this book has something for you.

From Scratch is an inspiring tale of one woman finding hope through family, food, and travel. A New York Times bestseller and Reese Witherspoon Book Club selection, Tembi’s memoir chronicles three summers spent in Sicily with Zoela as she attempts to rebuild a life without her husband in their tiny hometown. She finds comfort, healing, and a path forward through the comforting kitchens of both mothers-in-law, tight communities, timeless traditions, and warm traditions. Despite even the most trying of circumstances, there always remains hope.

“Publishers Weekly says of this delicious memoir…”

This memoir takes readers on an epic crosscultural romance, tragedy, and journey of self-discovery while also demonstrating the healing powers of good food. Tembi Locke’s voice is clear and engaging, her writing style is easy and inviting, and her vivid descriptions of Sicily’s sensory experiences will delight and move readers alike.

Readers follow this couple from their initial meeting on the streets of Florence, Italy, until their move to Los Angeles, where they work hard at building a life together with deep friendships, great careers, and Zoela as their daughter. Although initially disapproved by Saro’s traditional Sicilian family, they eventually reconcile and continue forging a powerful and beautiful bond until cancer strikes and leaves both struggling.

From Scratch is an intimate account of one family’s journey to find themselves again following grief and loss, finding their place in life while remaining together as they try their hardest. Written honestly and sincerely, From Scratch provides readers with an honest yet heartbreaking yet upbeat narrative, perfect for anyone daring to reach for big love or fighting for what matters most, reminding us all that life remains deliciously sweet even with all its imperfections!

Starting From Scratch by Tembi Locke is an enjoyable read and an essential addition to any book collection. She illuminates life through food and family to give us all a greater appreciation of these crucial things in our lives – it truly makes the reader’s heart fuller! A must-read story!

A New York Times Bestseller

Undoubtedly, the New York Times bestseller list is among the highest honors an author or book can receive. This esteemed ranking measures sales across various markets and venues such as bookstores, online retailers, music and video game stores, mass merchandisers, college libraries, supermarkets, and gift shops – to name but a few! Making this list represents excellence and can often help boost an author’s career or profile and profile. But what constitutes a New York Times bestseller book?

Tembi Locke fell instantly in love when she met Saro, a professional chef from Florence, during her study abroad program. They married and moved back to Los Angeles, where they built fulfilling careers while raising their daughter together despite opposition from Saro’s traditional Sicilian family who disapproved of him marrying an American–let alone an African American! However, their relationship was further hindered when Saro decided not to marry Locke since this would endanger his traditional Sicilian family’s approval of such a union.

Locke and Saro overcame many hurdles to create their own home in Los Angeles and spent summers visiting Saro’s family in Sicily – until a rare cancer diagnosis dramatically altered everything. Locke shares this inspiring memoir about chasing dreams, discovering food as healing medicine, and forgiving oneself and others.

Tembi’s story exemplifies the power of love and family ties that extend beyond bloodlines. She shares her grief and loss as she attempts to cope while forging her path with her daughter while remaining close to the parents of her late husband’s side of the family. Additionally, she details her journey to Sicily to reconnect with food and culture as unifying forces.

It is an elegant memoir that seamlessly weaves food writing, exploration of grief, cross-cultural relationships, and romance into one incredible narrative. It is an absolute must-read for anyone who has enjoyed swooning over delicious meals or dreamed of moving abroad!

New York Times bestseller from scratch is for anyone who has had to make difficult choices about what matters in their life or who has experienced the loss of a loved one. Packed with delicious recipes, it serves as an intimate yet transformative memoir.

Now, a limited Netflix series starring Zoe Saldana

Tembi Locke, an award-winning New York Times best-selling author and thought leader on creativity and resilience, adapted her memoir about love and loss into this stunning series in Sicily and Los Angeles. Starring Zoe Saldana as Amy, an American law student falls for a Sicilian chef she meets while studying abroad in Florence before they return home as partners; when he dies suddenly from an incurable condition she must find strength within herself to move on with life so her daughter may benefit from joy, family bonds and gratitude towards life’s simple pleasures – with Zoe Saldana as Amy leading the charge through grief to make her journey truly worthwhile and delicious gifts of life’s simple delights!

Zoe Saldana, best known for her roles in blockbusters like Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy, makes an exceptional choice as Amy in this romantic drama. Her natural beauty and expressive body language will draw viewers in as she experiences self-discovery; her onscreen romance with Eugenio Mastrandrea as Lino is palpable; while Danielle Deadwyler, Keith David, Judith Scott Kellita Smith Paride Benassai Lucia Sardo Roberta Rigano round out an impressive cast that includes Danielle Deadwyler Keith David Kellita Smith Paride Benassi Lucia Sardo Roberta Rigano completes its model. Roberta Rigano assembles its cast, and Robero Rigano rounds off its form. Roberto Rigano also joined for its shoot Judith Scott Kellita Smith Paride Benassi Scott Kellita Smith Kellita Scott Kellita Smith Paride Benasss Scott Kellita Smith Kellita Scott Keith David Keith David Keith David Kellita Scott Paride Bena Sardo Lucia Sardo joined onstage Rigano was Roberta Rigano Rigano cast to perfection! Roberta Rigano.

Zoe Witherspoon of Hello Sunshine Production Company and 3 Arts Entertainment served as co-creators on this show. At the same time, Emmy-nominated director Nzingha Stewart (Little Fires Everywhere, Tall Girl) will direct several episodes. Production will commence later this spring.

Starting From Scratch will premiere on Netflix on October 21, 2018.

From Scratch is an unforgettable narrative about finding one’s way home and the power of human resilience, touching upon themes like homecoming and loss. A beautiful memoir to give hope during difficult times; family, food, and love remain essential sources of healing.” –Publishers Weekly