What is a Dab Reclaim Catcher?


Dab reclaim catchers are devices designed to sit atop your dab rig’s joint and collect any globs of concentrate that come off during each hit. They come in glass and silicone varieties to match any style of dab rig you may use. We have the Best information about dab reclaim.

Saves You Money

Losing even a small amount of concentrate can quickly add up. That’s why having a reclaim catcher on their dab rig can be so valuable, preventing concentrate from leaking through airflow channels and saving all those hard-earned dollars!

Reclaim catchers are easy and intuitive devices to use once you find one that meets your rig’s size and attachment style requirements. After securing it onto a nail or banger, just dab like you usually would, and the reclaim catcher will collect any leftover material that remains after the dabbing session so it can be reused later or stored away safely for later use.

Reclaim can be reused by adding it back into your rig for dabbing, applying it topically, or intaking it. Remember that decarboxylated concentrate may contain fewer active terpenes than fresher material—use sparingly!

Your reclaim catcher should also be regularly cleaned by filling it with a non-toxic cleaner, isopropyl alcohol, or grain alcohol. Depending on its intended use, this will determine which cleaning product best meets your requirements.

Keeps Your Rig Clean

Reclaim catchers are pieces of hardware designed to do a straightforward thing: collect any excess goop that comes off of dab nails during use. This reclaim, which contains both terpenes and cannabinoids that you can still smoke, is known as reclaim.

Reclaim can quickly accumulate in the joint, perks, and neck of your rig, leaving it looking dirty, smelling bad, and tasting foul. Cleaning it away is often an unpleasant, time-consuming task; using a dab reclaim catcher can dramatically decrease the buildup in your system.

Reclaim catchers come in various forms—whether an attachment for your banger’s bottom or one built directly into its glass design—making them both easy to use: drop one in your bowl before taking your dab, then remove it after dabbing is complete! Reclaim catchers work like dust collectors; just put some in before dabbing away as usual!

Two options exist for cleaning a dab reclaim catcher: pour hot water into it and let it sit for approximately one minute, or use high-proof alcohol such as ISO to quickly dissolve any remaining residue. Both methods leave behind an attractive and fresh-tasting surface that can either be reused or simply discarded.

Keeps Your Rig Looking Great

Reclaim catchers are becoming an increasingly popular addition for dab enthusiasts. They serve as mini versions of an ashtray, helping keep rigs clean by collecting any residue that would otherwise drip down into the neck or onto the floor. They help ensure your dabbing experience remains spotless!

The vapor that passes through a rig leaves behind residual oil that accumulates on its bowls, stems, and joints. This residue is known as “reclaim” and can either be reused for dabbing purposes or discarded. Reclaim is often sticky with dark hues like concentrate and may be challenging to clear away from inside your rig.

Reclaim catchers are an easy and efficient way to collect reclaim from your banger and make dabbing easier. Available in an array of sizes and bends, they provide plenty of choices that fit seamlessly with your setup. They typically attach at the base of the banger with a dish at their tip, where the collected material accumulates.

To use a reclaim catcher, heat your nail or banger until it reaches the desired temperature, then place the reclaim catcher over it. When finished, detach the catcher and transfer any collected reclaim to an appropriate container—taking extra caution as handling hot reclaim can cause burns!

Keeps Your Rig Safe

Those familiar with smoking weed will know the buildup of black, sticky gunk in their pipe after each hit is known as resin; similar residue can form inside dab rigs when using concentrates and is collected using reclaim catchers for collection purposes.

Reclaim catchers work similarly to ash catchers but collect any residue left from concentrate spillover. They’re an effective way to protect your rig from becoming overloaded with waxy buildup and keep precious concentrate from going to waste. They come in various styles, some attaching directly to nails or bangers and others offering more complex inner tubing systems to allow accessible reclaim collection.

If you’re interested in making your edible reclaim, dissolve oil in high-percentage ISO or grain alcohol before using it in your rig. Please make sure not to allow water into the reclaim catcher; keeping it filled with alcohol will yield optimal results. This process may take more time than simply running hot water through your rig, but in the long run, it could save time from having to clean it regularly.

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