Terp Slurper Quartz Banger


A Terp Slurper quartz banger has quickly become the go-to in the dabbing community. It features an innovative lower stem with an attached tray built into the bucket. Vortex technology draws vapor from the bottom of a quartz dish and funnels it back up through the stem. Read the Best info about the terp slurper set.

To clean, submerge or soak your nails and pearls/capsules in isopropyl alcohol for at least 5-10 minutes after each use. This will help ensure they remain intact.

Product Description

A Terp Slurper is an innovative banger that reduces concentrate wastage while improving flavor in every hit. Resembling a bucket banger in appearance, but with an additional tube leading to a dish with small slits at its base to create an ongoing vacuum that “percolates” shatter, wax, or resin while you inhale, giving terp slurper nails such notable flavorful hits.

When you’re ready to dab, simply place a marble carb cap atop your slurper and apply your concentrates to the dish. Watch as they melt and drip down into a slitted dish, where airflow guides them back up through the tube to be vaporized again—this process keeps temperatures low while protecting terpene flavors!

Once your dabbing session is over, carefully disassemble your marble carb cap and slurper and soak them in isopropyl alcohol or cleaning solution before reassembly. Regularly cleaning your slurper banger to maintain peak performance is vital to avoid wasting any of your hard-earned dab. Be sure to add this one-of-a-kind banger to your rig today – available with both 14mm male joints with either 45- or 90-degree angles to fit into any setup or setup perfectly!

Product Specifications

The Terp Slurper Quartz Banger is an innovative dabbing accessory designed to minimize concentrate waste while adding new levels of flavor to legal concentrates. Featuring an insulated dish equipped with airflow slits that optimize airflow and enhance flavor, this device comes in its protective case for easy transport.

The Slurper is designed for effortless operation and maintenance; simply clean it after each use with ISO alcohol to maintain its pristine condition. Its 14mm polished joint connects easily with any rig you use, and its incredible heat retention allows for delicious hits every time!

When you’re ready to dab, apply a large glob of the concentrate you wish to dab to the insulated dish portion of a slurper nail insulated dish portion. As it melts into its slitted bottom portion and flows toward its marble cap at the top, the dabbing process will quickly unfold itself.

Due to its unique design, none of your wax or oil goes to waste. Any that does not pass up through the slits and tube will return down into the dish, where it can be remelted for reuse – making the slurper an efficient and fun way to vaporize concentrates.

Product Images

Honeybee Herb’s Terp Slurper Quartz Banger features an unassuming yet efficient design to enhance air circulation and heat distribution. Featuring an extra tall design with a flat top and dish for applying your dab concentrates at the bottom, as well as a small tube equipped with slits capped off by marble for improved flavor, airflow, and heat distribution, this banger comes with both 10mm male joints at 45 and 90 degrees angles to meet any rig’s specifications.

This groundbreaking slurper-style banger represents the future of dabbing. Featuring a lower stem and tray built into its bucket, this device works best when loaded with shatter or wax. Utilizing vortex technology for optimal flavor delivery, its spiral of air creates an airflow vortex that vaporizes concentrates.

Slurpers can help minimize waste while improving taste and increasing efficiency. A great alternative to the classic bubble nail, slurpers offer much greater versatility for use with various concentrates than their counterparts – make sure that when heating it without its cap, you insert your terp pearls or pills to ensure even heat distribution and prevent burning! Once heated, apply a dab and inhale. Please keep in mind that they require higher temperatures, so be wary of burning anything!

Product Reviews

The Terp Slurper Quartz Bangers are among the most sought-after on the market, thanks to their three-part design that optimizes vaporization. Their upper standard quartz banger section fits most rigs, while their lower dish features a heat-distributing disc nail with slits at its base that acts like an inverted funnel for dispensing wax, shatter, and BHO without waste or drippage. Furthermore, this banger can heat at lower temperatures, thus decreasing the risk of carcinogen emissions when dabbing.

This banger’s design makes it simple to keep clean and maintain, with cotton swabs or wipes being sufficient for cleaning out the slits on top of its cylinder; isopropyl alcohol can then be used to wipe down after each use to ensure the nail doesn’t become cloudy, thus shortening its lifespan.

The Terp Slurper can be used with different kinds of concentrate and comes complete with Terp Marbles that help maximize flavor. These smaller-than-quartz nail marbles can be dropped into the slurper prior to heating to allow it to heat evenly; once inhaled, terpene flavors can flood up through its center for full terpene flavor!