What is JD Supra?


Unlike paid services like Westlaw and Lexis Nexis, JD Supra connects legal content with the professionals who created it. Founded by litigator Aviva Cuyler, the site allows lawyers and law firms to publish memos, court filings, and agreements online. It then shares those documents with the rest of the legal world.

It’s a platform.

There are many ways to distribute your thought leadership. Some firms have large mailing lists, others send alerts to thousands of followers on social media, and some lawyers personally send signals to VIP clients. However, those tools are limited and don’t reach a wide enough audience. Using JD Supra allows you to amplify your content to a broader audience and provides rich analytics on who is reading your work so that you can learn what resonates with readers.

JD Supra is a new service that aims to merge legal content with the legal community. Founded by attorney Aviva Cuyler, the website offers free access to documents from law firms and attorneys. It also includes a search engine to find related documents in a single search. The service is a valuable alternative to paid services like Westlaw and LexisNexis.

Moreover, the service has an application for LinkedIn that enables non-members to search and view JD Supra documents within the platform. This application is an excellent benefit for the venue, as it increases visibility for its authors and draws more people to its content. It is a tool that is likely to become an essential part of the legal information landscape.

Lawyers who use JD Supra can “tether” their accounts to LinkedIn profiles. Any document posted to JD Supra will be displayed on the lawyer’s LinkedIn profile. This is a significant development in the way that lawyers share their content. It also enables lawyers to target specific groups of people with their content, such as those who work in the telecom industry.

McGuireWoods was honored as a top firm in the category of healthcare in JD Supra’s 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards, which recognize the most visible attorneys and law firms in 31 critical areas of business and legal expertise. Richmond partner and department chair Diane Flannery was recognized as a top author in class action, while associate Andrew Gann earned recognition for his work on mass tort litigation, high-stakes litigation, and class action countermeasures.

The company’s software is based on a database of legal memos, court filings, and agreements. Its platform is accessed by the legal community, lawyers, consumers, and the media. The database is compiled from public sources, including the PACER electronic court filing system.

It’s a marketplace

JD Supra is a platform that connects lawyers and law firms to potential clients. It allows users to upload legal documents and is searchable by jurisdiction and subject matter. Founded by attorney Aviva Cuyler, the site is gaining popularity among the legal community. The site also provides lawyers and law firms with tools to increase their visibility.

The site combines news, commentary, and other content with the ability to share documents. This makes it easier for businesses to find the information they need. Its readership includes in-house counsel, business leaders, and journalists. Its contributors include attorneys from some of the world’s leading law firms.

JD Supra also offers its members rich analytics, from the number of views to who reads their content. The statistics are helpful for marketing purposes and can be compared to Google Analytics or other social media data. These insights can help attorneys target prospective clients and bring in more work.

Many law firms have taken advantage of JD Supra to share thought leadership. The platform’s new integration with LinkedIn provides even more opportunities for legal firms to reach potential clients. The integration enables lawyers to tether their JD Supra accounts to their LinkedIn profiles, making it easier for people in their network to view their publications.

Richmond partner Brian Conneely was recognized by JD Supra as a top employer liability writer for 2021. He has written extensively on employment litigation issues, including topics related to wage and hour claims and workplace investigations. JD Supra also recognizes top authors in each of the practice areas represented by the firm.

In the construction industry, Richmond associate Rich Reizen was named one of the top 10 construction writers by the website. The recognition is based on the number of views and engagement of Reizen’s articles in the construction space.

McGuireWoods was named the top law firm for healthcare in the 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards by JD Supra, a distributor of legal and business intelligence. The award honors firms and authors for the visibility and engagement they have earned across 31 key, cross-industry topics.

It’s a community

To level up their content game, many law firms are turning to JD Supra. The site provides rich statistics on readership and engagement and can help lawyers target their audience more effectively. The site also offers a variety of other tools to assist attorneys with their marketing efforts.

The site’s legal intelligence platform focuses on the most significant business and personal legal issues that affect every industry, field or practice. The site distributes news, commentary, and analysis. Currently, it has more than 300 contributors, including many major law firms and organizations. Its content covers a broad spectrum of topics, from employment to international law.

As part of a partnership with LinkedIn, the leading professional-networking website, JD Supra is now integrating its content into the network. Using the new feature, LinkedIn members can now directly highlight their JD Supra content on their profiles. They can also view a portfolio of their documents on the LinkedIn home page. The integration is an excellent opportunity for lawyers to market their firms and cultivate a broad audience of potential clients.

To access the new LinkedIn feature, lawyers need to tether their JD Supra accounts with their LinkedIn profile. Once tethered, a lawyer’s JD Supra content will appear on their LinkedIn profile. This includes documents, briefs, and articles. In addition, any LinkedIn user can add an application called “Legal Updates,” which will deliver targeted JD Supra content to the user’s LinkedIn feed. The user can customize the feed to select the specific subjects or attorneys they want to receive updates on.

Several attorneys and firms from McGuireWoods were honored in this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards for thought leadership. For example, McGuireWoods’ Stephanie Kennan was named the top healthcare author. She is a member of the firm’s Government Affairs team and helps clients navigate complex federal policy and legislative matters. In addition, McGuireWoods’ Farnaz Farkish Thompson was recognized as a top education author. She represents employers and educational institutions in litigation involving constitutional, discrimination and tort claims.

The JD Supra platform provides a powerful way to showcase a law firm’s expertise in a niche market. By creating an online portfolio of articles, newsletters, alerts, and court filings, a firm can establish itself as the go-to resource for its clients.

It’s a place to share

Just like my two year old son, who is sometimes hesitant to let someone else enjoy one of his toys, many lawyers have a hard time sharing their work. However, a new service from JD Supra called Legal Updates has made it easier than ever for lawyers to distribute their content through LinkedIn.

The service allows lawyers to share news and updates about their practices through blog posts, articles, podcasts, and videos. It also allows them to track their content’s performance and metrics. The results can help attorneys identify trends in their practice and improve their overall marketing strategy.

Using the service, lawyers can create an online portfolio of their articles, newsletters, alerts, and court filings and share them with their clients, colleagues, and other legal professionals. The site has a search page that lets users find materials by jurisdiction, subject matter and document type. It can also be used to find legal briefs and decisions and is an excellent resource for law students.

This week, JD Supra partnered with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional-networking site. The integration will enable lawyers to publish their JD Supra content directly on LinkedIn’s 70 million members. The new feature is available to all LinkedIn users, including lawyers and non-lawyers. The partnership will bring in more visibility for lawyers and provide a valuable tool for promoting their content.

A lawyer’s JD Supra content can be displayed on his or her LinkedIn profile, and can also be accessed through the site’s search engine. The service also allows lawyers to share documents with their LinkedIn networks. This will enable their clients to find relevant information quickly. Lawyers can even use the service to promote their own blogs, articles and briefs.

In the 2023 JD Supra Readers’ Choice Awards, McGuireWoods Consulting was recognized as the top firm in the healthcare category. Partner and federal public affairs team leader Stephanie Kennan was named the leading healthcare author. Richmond associate Andrew Gann was also recognized as a top author in class action, focusing on products liability and catastrophic litigation.