What Part of Italy is Cheapest to Get Married?


Italy is famous for its art, culture, and breathtaking scenery – but what if all of this could be enjoyed without breaking the bank? The actual Interesting Info about Italy wedding packages.

In Italy’s Latium region, Lazio boasts one of Europe’s most stunning natural areas – Lake Como. Lazio’s private villas and castles make this setting ideal for hosting luxurious weddings.


Contrary to what many believe, Italy is not expensive for couples looking to marry abroad. Most couples spend around the same amount they would on their wedding in Italy as back home.

Money-saving measures include holding your ceremony on a weekday instead of the weekend and opting for DIY decorations. Also, trying to avoid peak season is often more cost-effective.

Tuscany is an ideal location for those on a tight budget looking for a destination wedding. Home to numerous charming castles, villas, and wineries as well as the city of Siena, which sits surrounded by vineyards and olive groves – April and May offer ideal temperatures without becoming overheated; plus, when spring blooms fully, you will experience breathtaking landscapes transformed into lush green paradise!

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, situated between Florence and Tuscany, makes an exquisite destination wedding location. Photographers have an easier time taking picturesque couple shots in Cinque Terre because they’re less crowded than in Riomaggiore.

Travel between the five villages may be challenging as cars are prohibited in heritage zones. Elisa advises choosing one village as your base and exploring all others by train or foot – this option could save money on Town Hall fees as well as officiant costs; symbolic ceremonies have become increasingly popular with couples from North America as they can create an emotional moving and memorable ceremony, with friends and family present to provide support.

Lake Como

Lake Como is an idyllic lake tucked between mountains and hilltop towns, with famous villas, including George Clooney’s home at Villa Balbianello, being some of its hallmarks. Easy and attractive access via flights from Europe into Pisa allows travelers to visit this breathtaking destination quickly.

Ravello is an idyllic hilltop town offering stunning panoramic views from every direction. Here, every turn brings with its breathtaking landscapes.

Italian weddings provide many opportunities for saving. Opting for a symbolic ceremony instead of the more costly civil marriage certificate option could save up to EUR5000 in expenses, and booking your ceremony on a weekday rather than a weekend can significantly lower expenses, as can avoiding peak seasons and saving on venue rentals and catering services; moreover, DIY decorations could offer additional savings than hiring professional decorators services.

Umbria & Abruzzo

Divorcing abroad tends to be less costly than having your wedding at home due to no fees associated with marriage-related legal proceedings. Still, you must understand all costs of hosting an Italian destination wedding and work with an experienced provider who will guide your decisions towards making wise ones.

Venue costs will be an expensive element of planning your event, so consider smaller rural venues with lower rental fees as your starting point. Add to that expenses like music and decor to stay within your budget; catering costs also add significantly – choose a menu appropriate to both season and venue when creating your budget plan. Finally, hiring a celebrant specializing in symbolic ceremonies rather than civil weddings may help keep expenses under control.


Rome, known as “the Eternal City,” offers incredible iconic landmarks to make the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. Choose between iconic landmarks like Uffizi Gallery, Piazza della Signoria, and Palazzo Vecchio or more contemporary art treasures at Pitti Palace or Trevi Fountain to ensure Rome impresses your guests!

As with any marriage process abroad, getting married requires many layers of bureaucracy; if neither you nor your partner speaks Italian fluently, you will require an interpreter. Peak season should also be avoided to reduce costs and ensure venues remain available.

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