What’s Up in Hindi – Beginner Friendly Phrases to Get You Started


Getting started with Hindi can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of beginner-friendly phrases that will give you an excellent foundation on which to build.

For starters, mastering courtesy greetings is essential. This includes namaste, which is the typical greeting among friends and family.

What’s up?

The phrase “What’s up?” is often used in informal settings to greet someone or inquire about their well-being. In Hindi, a similar expression is “Kya haal hai?” or simply “kya?”

It’s important to remember that the meaning of a colloquial phrase may change in different languages. For example, the English word “asshole” may be considered an insult in some cultures. Similarly, the Hindi word chutiya can be used to refer to friends and acquaintances in a derogatory manner. It is derived from the word shoot, which means “vagina.”

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How’s up?

A common question that you might get asked in casual conversations is, “How are you?” In Hindi, this is typically expressed as “Kya haal hai?” The phrase is very informal and essentially means the same thing as the English expression.

You can also use the expression naya hai, which is more formal and often used to ask how someone’s health or well-being is. It’s a great way to show that you care about how they are feeling, and it’s an excellent icebreaker for any conversation!

Another famous phrase to use is chutiya, which means little one. This is a cute way to greet someone, and it’s usually used in informal settings.

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What’s up with you?

What’s up is a casual way to greet someone and ask about their well-being. In Hindi, this is a common expression that can be used as a replacement for “How are you?” or “Kya haal hai?”.

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Another similar phrase is? Which is also commonly used to ask about a person’s well-being. However, this can be considered a slightly more formal response than ‘What’s up?’.

The most direct translation of this expression would be ‘hey dude’ or ‘hey bro’. However, this is a bit too casual for some contexts, so it might be better to use something more formal like “Hey, how are you?” or “How’s life treating you?” instead. This is especially true when talking to an older person or a colleague whom you may not know very well.

What’s up with me?

Depending on the context, “What’s up” can be used as a casual greeting or an inquiry about someone’s well-being. For example, if a friend calls you and asks how you are, you might respond with, “I’m fine. You?” In some cases, it’s best to use more formal greetings, such as the Hindi phrase (kya haal hai). This expression is typically used in face-to-face conversations and phone calls.

If you’re chatting with your friends online, you can also say, “What’s up?” as a way to greet them. This is especially popular on social media sites like Facebook and WhatsApp. In addition, you can use this phrase on your phone to text or call people.

Another standard informal greeting in Hindi is chutiya, which means “vagina” or “private area.” This word can be offensive to some people, so it’s essential to consider your tone and the relationship between you and the person you’re addressing when using this phrase. The word has evolved from a vulgar term to an insult, much like the English asshole or Spanish puta. However, if you’re joking around with your friends, it’s unlikely that anyone will take offense to your usage of the phrase.