Where Can I Watch YouTube on My TV?


YouTube offers something for everyone – from beauty tutorials to gaming channels – and with high-speed internet access, it can be watched on virtually every device imaginable.

Search the app list or store of your TV or gaming console to locate YouTube, and sign in using your account details to use the service.

Google Chromecast

You can stream videos wirelessly to your TV from modern Google Chromecast devices or YouTube TV accounts, provided they’re both on the same Wi-Fi network and have installed the latest version of Google Home — available for both Android and iPhone platforms — on mobile devices.

Once the Google Home app is open, tapping the cast icon lets you choose your device as the source and play, pause, search, and change volume using your phone or tablet. HDMI-CEC support enables TV remotes if connected via TV cable to use with this application; however, YouTube recently discontinued sign-in support for older Chromecast devices.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon and Google have come back together, with YouTube apps now officially available on Fire TV. These new YouTube apps feature expanded Alexa voice control features to help users easily search, launch and control content using voice alone (play/pause/rewind/fast forward).

YouTube also integrates seamlessly with smart home devices and gaming consoles. Still, its internet speed requirements don’t compare to Chromecast – for HD streaming; it suggests at least five megabits per second of data transfer speed.

ExpressVPN can help those outside the US bypass geo-blocking on YouTube and other media streaming services, such as our guide for further guidance.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a set-top box designed to turn a television screen into an information display screen for digital data from various sources – streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, utilities, and games can all be displayed through Apple TV.

Even though older Apple TV models no longer support YouTube apps, AirPlay provides an easy and cost-effective solution to continue watching videos on large screens. This option offers quick streaming without the need to upgrade or purchase newer Apple devices or models.

Use YouTube on your iPad or iPhone as the optimal method for streaming video content to your Apple TV. The app features support for the VP9 codec for superior video quality.


Roku devices support an official YouTube app that can be easily downloaded to all their devices. It provides access to YouTube Premium content such as Law & Order Special Victims Unit episodes, movies, music videos, and more. Furthermore, a two-day free trial is provided by Roku.

The YouTube app for Roku allows you to stream video from a smartphone or tablet using streaming channels and searches, accessible by pressing the Home button on your remote and choosing either “Streaming Channels or Search.” Furthermore, this service features guest account capability so viewers can watch videos without creating an official Google Account account first.

Smart TVs

Your TV may allow you to use voice search or app launch capabilities, depending on its model. At the same time, virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant could help provide more sophisticated searches and access to accounts connected with them.

Intelligent TVs are flexible devices that deliver content directly without needing a set-top box or streaming stick. If your television comes equipped with modern operating systems like LG’s WebOS or Samsung’s Tizen, popular streaming services can be accessed directly through it – plus modern gaming consoles like the Microsoft Xbox or Sony PlayStation 5 have their app stores that support multiple services!

Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles are great for playing video games, but they can also be used to watch YouTube videos in HD quality streaming on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X consoles.

YouTube TV gives you access to over 85 broadcast and cable channels plus YouTube original content at an affordable monthly subscription fee, giving you even more entertainment options.

If you have children, YouTube’s parental controls allow for maximum safety by restricting what they can see – this prevents accessing inappropriate material while keeping their attention focused on games they love!