How to Make Money From YouTube Views


If you want to monetize your videos, ensure they are free from copyrighted material; otherwise, they could be demonetized and may result in lost revenues.

Revenue generated from YouTube views depends on multiple factors, including audience size and types of advertisements shown; it also depends on whether viewers have installed ad blockers.


YouTube’s official ad platform enables creators to sell ads on their videos and earn money. Ad rates vary based on topics, audience demographics, and more; advertisers will pay more for videos about investing in real estate or software engineering than videos about pranks.

Ads displayed in YouTube videos may range from unskippable six-second bumper ads to full-screen video advertisements that play for longer. Video length may also impact ad revenue as viewers prefer watching longer videos to shorter ones.

Google maintains strict content guidelines that must be abided by for YouTube creators to monetize their videos. Google reserves the right to demonetize any video which violates these policies, contains offensive language or attacks others, or discusses controversial issues – including some of YouTube’s biggest stars such as Casey Neistat who had his videos demonetized due to breaking them.


YouTube allows individuals and companies to make money through sponsored videos, but you will need a strong audience connection for this strategy to succeed. A real estate agent could potentially sponsor your channel because they believe it will help grow their business.

Another way to monetize YouTube views is by selling digital goods online. Photographer Kaiwan Shaban sells sky, sun flare, bokeh, and other overlays in his store – these digital products are highly sought-after as people search for ways to relax.

Finally, another effective method for monetizing YouTube views is affiliate marketing. Sign up with brands/companies whose products align with your content and share the product link in your video descriptions; when viewers purchase those products through those links, they will earn a commission – making this an effortless way of monetizing your channel!

Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest and most lucrative ways to monetize YouTube views is affiliate marketing. By recommending specific products to your viewers, affiliate marketing provides you with commissions every time someone clicks through and purchases one – making this an excellent way to monetize content without worrying about inventory or shipping logistics.

To maximize earnings potential, it is wise to incorporate relevant keywords into both video titles and descriptions, keeping their duration under 15 minutes and avoiding copyrighted material that could cause your account to be demonetized.

Some YouTubers can make millions through sponsorships and merchandise sales, but even professional YouTubers rely on multiple streams of income from views to make money from them. Staying open with your audience while adhering to advertising laws will ensure a better long-term experience and could lead to even more success!


Creatives who create videos can make money online from YouTube views through channel memberships, merchandise sales, and live streams with donations.

Affiliate marketing can also help monetize YouTube videos, as it involves adding custom links in your video’s description field, earning a commission when someone clicks them, and then sharing revenue when someone clicks. Affiliate programs available include Amazon Associates, ShareASale, and ClickBank.

Your videos can also help you sell merchandise such as T-shirts and coffee mugs, increasing revenue and raising brand awareness. People will feel closer to what you are doing as they can “buy into it.” Printify offers an affordable merch store service; freelancers can design the merch you sell with quotes, logos, or channel names imprinted onto t-shirts for sale – perfect for deepening relationships and increasing audience loyalty!