Which Video Editor Is Free For YouTubers?


Videos typically drive higher engagement than any other form of social media content; however, producing quality videos takes time and money. The best guide to finding youtube thumbnail downloader.

Which editing software should YouTubers select? Although specific editing applications cost money for features or watermark removal, others are free of charge. Which program offers the best options for YouTubers?


Apple’s iMovie is free for YouTubers and is an ideal way to get started editing videos. iMovie was designed with beginners in mind, and its minimalist interface makes it intuitive; you can even use its wide array of visual and audio effects to enhance your videos!

Video Editor offers an impressive array of YouTube video templates, such as intros and outros. Furthermore, it can help you design custom logos for your YouTube channel and edit videos with voiceover narration, music tracks or templates, or add text.

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-standard choice for professional editors, making it popular with YouTubers who create 4K videos. It boasts an easy timeline and is fully compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud tools such as Sensei and graphics programs such as After Effects.


Movavi is a widely popular video editing software with various features for both Windows and Mac computers, featuring an easy-to-use interface suitable for beginners and tutorial videos and support services.

Movavi provides one of the most valuable tools available: its Chroma Key function. This feature enables users to recreate effects typically seen in professional videos and create slideshows with slides.

The software offers other valuable features, including a text editor that lets users add captions and titles to videos and a library of transitions and effects for videos.

Movavi offers another helpful feature for vloggers producing high-quality videos with clear audio: its ability to eliminate background noise from audio files. This functionality allows editing unwanted background noise from audio tracks and videos.


Filmora9, from Wondershare Technology, is an intuitive video editing program tailored explicitly for YouTubers. Featuring a dark theme to help keep the focus on your creation and an intuitive layout with easily-located tools and settings, Filmora9 makes video editing simple!

Effects included can help create different styles of videos, from quick vlogs and gaming-focused clips to those intended to showcase lifestyle or travel scenes. You can even download additional effects through its partner platform Filmstock.

There is also the option of using various other tools, including masks, transformations, and filters, to obtain the look you desire for your video. Primary color correction can also be performed, as well as working with an unlimited number of video and audio tracks.


YouTubers looking for free video editing software should consider this one as it offers features such as chroma keying, color adjustment, pan/zooming, and crop/rotating – plus it adds effects such as blur, vignetting, and slow-mo!

Easy Video Maker has an intuitive user interface and premade templates to speed up video production, all while being lightweight enough not to use too much memory or run unnecessary processes on your computer.

Lightworks doesn’t support all formats; however, it does support social media formats such as YouTube. Lightworks features advanced compositing tools to help create unique and professional videos, including controls for tone, shade balance, and brightness and monochrome options that add an artistic or classic feel.


The simple, user-friendly program offers access to a comprehensive library of royalty-free music, sound effects, photos, video clips, and fun video effects such as voice changers and slow-motion capabilities.

Canva is a fantastic tool for YouTubers looking to quickly produce high-quality videos without spending hours learning new software. It provides numerous pre-designed intro and outro templates as well as backgrounds and logos to get started soon with creating engaging videos for their channel. Plus, its vast library of design assets makes customizing a video perfectly for its easy for their brander is an excellent program for beginners. Yet, it lacks some advanced features found elsewhere on this list. For instance, its color correction and audio editing capabilities don’t match those found in Shotcut (our runner-up choice), nor does it support essential functions like import/export of separate clips from larger video files.


FlexClip provides access to a comprehensive selection of ready-made templates and video creation features to save you time, along with privacy and security guarantees on their servers for any files you upload.

The interface is clean and user-friendly. A comprehensive library of free music, clips, images, overlays, text animations, and more is available here.

Text editing is intuitive and versatile, enabling you to change the font, color, style (bold or italic), size, and alignment as needed. You can even easily alter the content.

FlexClip provides another outstanding feature by automatically allowing royalty-free music tracks, helping prevent YouTube from showing copyright claims against your videos. Plus, its voiceover recording tool makes creating engaging videos in less time easier!

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