Who Reads Law360?


Law360 has introduced a new feature that lets readers listen to a story using Amazon Polly, which turns text into speech that closely approximates a human newscaster’s voice. The company says it’s the first legal news service to offer this capability.

Keep up with the latest law firm and industry news you need to stay on top of your practice and client matters.

Legal professionals

Law360 is a must-read for attorneys at the top of their field. The website covers the hottest news affecting the law business and provides insight on how to stay competitive. Subscribers can access practice- and industry-specific information and daily news alerts that deliver the latest legal headlines.

Attorneys can also listen to Law360’s Pro Say podcast, which features a quick recap of the biggest stories and the hidden gems that had everyone talking. Each episode is hosted by Law360 editors Amber McKinney, Alex Lawson, and Hailey Konnath, with expert guests.

The podcast is free to download on Apple and Android devices. Subscribers can also stream it online at a time that’s convenient for them. Law360 is available to subscribers of LexisNexis, and the publisher offers a variety of subscription plans for different needs and budgets.

In a survey, Law360 Pulse found that law firms have yet to make good on many of their pledges to improve diversity and inclusion. However, a few firms are making headway, and the survey shows progress at all firm levels.

Law360’s survey used data from the American Bar Association and past surveys to create a pipeline score for firms based on their representation of equity partners, nonequity partners, and associates. The survey also examined how much of a firm’s attorney workforce, including counsel and staff, is people of color.

To rank firms by their pipeline score, Law360 used a weighted formula that measured how far each firm was above or below its benchmark. The survey was sent to 277 U.S.-based large, mid, and small firms with over 100 attorneys or vereins with a U.S. component. Firms that did not submit a complete headcount survey were excluded from the rankings.

The top-ranked firm was Diaz Reus LLP, which exceeded its pipeline benchmarks by 34.9 points. Roig Lawyers ranked second, followed by Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP. The remaining top-ranked firms were repeated mainly from last year, with Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Latham & Watkins LLP, and Greenberg Traurig LLP completing the list.

Business leaders

Law360, the daily news source for attorneys and business leaders at top firms, reports on a broad range of lawsuits, government regulations, state and federal legislation, mergers, and more. The subscription-based service also provides legal industry trends, law firm issues, and practice tips. It also features high-profile interviews with judges and regulatory leaders and expert analysis from legal professionals. With more than 60 practice area, industry, and state sections, Law360 helps attorneys stay on the pulse of legal issues, protect their clients and stay competitive in law.

For 2022, Morrison Foerster earned several significant recognitions from Law360. The publication recognized MoFo partner Shane Kagan as one of its 2022 “Titans of the Plaintiff’s Bar.” He was selected based on his work with significant class action and mass tort cases. Additionally, MoFo partners Locke Bell and Ann Lilienthal were named Rising Stars. Both were recognized for their considerable wins in high-stakes litigation and complex global matters.

In addition to recognizing its lawyers, Law360 also highlighted the firm’s community involvement. Its Miami office has been involved in various high-profile projects, including the Brightline rail system and Starwood Capital Group’s new headquarters. The firm was also commended for its use of cross-disciplinary teams and its emphasis on collaboration.

The website also publishes podcasts that offer a quick recap of the biggest stories and the hidden gems from the world of law. The weekly Pro Say podcast is hosted by Amber McKinney, Alex Lawson, and Hailey Konnath and features guest appearances from leading law firm partners. The podcasts are available on iTunes and Law360’s mobile app.

Law360 has also introduced an audio version of its articles, using Amazon Polly technology to turn text into speech that closely approximates a human voice. The feature is accessible by clicking on the audio icon on each story. The site plans to expand this option to other places where its content is published, such as the LexisNexis Legal & Professional research platform and Law360 Pulse. The company believes the audio version will help readers stay abreast of breaking legal news and analysis without compromising their productivity.


Students studying to be lawyers are tasked with absorbing vast amounts of knowledge in the short time they have before graduating. They also need to stay current on legal news. For this reason, many law schools and a wide range of legal companies have started to offer their students subscriptions to Law360. Some even host a podcast where students talk about what they’re reading and what they think of the stories. This is one of the best ways to keep up on legal news, especially when finding the time to read it all is challenging.

Law360 offers several subscription options, including a monthly print magazine, mobile app, desktop website and podcasts. Each option provides a different mix of content and features. In addition to breaking legal news, Law360 also provides analysis and insight into emerging legal issues. This is important for students because it allows them to keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

For example, a recent podcast explored how lawyer Tom Girardi’s scandal exposed flaws in how the State Bar of California and other institutions hold attorneys accountable. In the episode, Brandon Lowrey interviewed former Law360 reporter Kevin Mitchell about the scandal. He discussed how outdated teaching methods like one final exam and cold calling can negatively impact students and how reforms could change the system.

In addition, a podcast called Pro Say hosts Amber McKinney and Alex Lawson with guest experts to discuss the biggest stories in the news. The podcast is free to listen to and gives you a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes in the legal world. This is a great way to keep up with the latest developments in the industry and get the scoop on the things that matter to you.

Another popular podcast from Law360 is its series on how to succeed in the legal profession. This podcast covers various topics that can help you in your legal career, from interviewing tips to networking strategies. It is an excellent resource for any legal professional.


A legal news service owned by LexisNexis, Law360 offers the latest updates on lawsuit filings, settlements, verdicts, and courts. In addition to Law360, Lexis provides access to other legal publications such as Mealey’s and MLex. To find these publications, sign in to Lexis and select the “Legal News Hub” option from the menu at the bottom of the webpage. This will allow you to view all publications in one place and select state and topic-specific coverage within each publication.

For those who prefer to listen to the news, Law360 recently introduced a feature that allows users to hear an audio version of each story on the website. The new feature uses Amazon Polly, technology that converts text into speech that closely approximates the sound of a human voice. Rachel Travers, vice president, and general manager of Law360, said the company chose Polly because it is highly trainable and can easily recognize legal jargon and newscaster speaking style. The company plans to expand the feature to other platforms that it owns, including LexisNexis Pulse and the site’s mobile app.

Stanford Law School students and faculty have full-time access to Lexis Advance, which includes the Legal News Hub. The hub offers a variety of legal, business, and financial news sources, including Law360, Mealey’s, MLex, and FTC Watch. Lexis also provides various research, training, support, and help resources.