WoW Trading Post


The Trading Post is a new feature offering cosmetic items like pets, mounts, and transmog. Available in both faction capital cities – Stormwind and Orgrimmar – rewards will rotate monthly, with some returning later.

Reward items range from brand-new products and store exclusives (such as Celestial Steed). Players earn Trader’s Tender through activities across various content each month, earning points towards rewards like this one.

Trader’s Tender

The Trader’s Tender is World of Warcraft’s new player reward system. This rewarding mechanism rewards players for performing various in-game activities, from cosmetic transmog sets and mounts to pets. Updates occur regularly with updated rewards that keep players engaged with WoW continuously.

Redeem your rewards at the Trading Post by speaking to an NPC there; each month offers different items, some exclusive to events while others remain permanent fixtures on its vendor.

To unlock rewards, players must log in at least once every month and meet the minimum requirements for the activity that earns the most Trader’s Tender. Activities could range from clearing dungeons or creating auctions to more intensive tasks such as resurrecting players; you will make a Tender based on how long it took you to do each activity, with rewards then becoming available for purchase on the Trading Post once that minimum threshold has been achieved.

Every month, an NPC at the Trading Post will display all available rewards, and players can select which ones they’d like to buy with their Trader’s Tender. If an item is unaffordable for that month’s purchases, dragging it into the bottom panel to freeze it may make it available again next month once more Trader’s Tender has been earned.

Trader’s Tender purchases may be returned for a full refund within 2 hours, and no Trader’s Tender will be returned to them; this refund includes shipping costs.

WoW Head provides a Trader’s Tender service for $500 per month. It allows players to purchase professional boosters who will farm a significant amount of Trader’s Tender on your behalf and exchange it for mounts, pets, and cosmetics from both United States and European servers.


As part of the new Trading Post feature, players can customize their characters with unique mounts and pets from Blizzard’s collection unrelated to existing in-game content. Blizzard has already added items such as this month’s Spirit of Competition pet for 650 Trader’s Tender to this roster.

The Spirit of Competition dragon pet from the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing has returned, available for all to purchase now. Additionally, two additional datamined pets – Crushhoof for 500 Trader’s Tender and Watcher of the Huntress for 1,000 Trader’s Tender can also be purchased via the in-game store; both items currently make up part of Children’s Week rewards; they will rotate out next month.


The Trader’s Post is an innovative new way for World of Warcraft players to earn cosmetic items. Redeem rewards for Trader’s Tender currency, then spend it on mounts, pets, or transmog items. Tips typically rotate every month; thus, staying abreast of new offerings is wise to maximize your Tender value.

Current rewards for players include several mounts and pets, along with new weapon appearances for every class. There are also small items, such as classic-looking shields for each faction and new cloaks/hoods, but perhaps the most significant prize available to players will likely be the Celestial Steed mount for 650 Tendies; it boasts large, fiery wings that look incredible when in battle – probably making this item one of the most sought-after by players.

The remaining rewards are all cosmetic; however, some class-specific weapons and armor sets, as well as new toy axes and rifles, could appear during one of the subsequent few Dragonflight PTR cycles.

As seen through datamining, other mounts have been unearthed but have yet to debut on the Trading Post. These include a blue version of the Snapback Scuttler mount awarded for Undersea Usurper Nazjatar meta achievement; Blizzard may also add Frightened Kodo and Reins of Amber Scorpion mounts with different coloring in future updates to the Trading Post.

The Trader’s Post is open to both Alliance and Horde players alike. It can be found outside Mage Distract in Stormwind or Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar, depending on which faction participates. To begin your adventure at Grommash Hold, filling out your progress bar will lead you directly there! This month’s bonus reward for Traveler Log users is Quawks parrot mount; to learn more, check out WoWHead!


Blizzard’s Trading Post offers players access to many new cosmetic items, from pet and mount rewards transmog sets and other tips. However, since its introduction in Patch 10.0.5, some glitches have occurred, with some bonus rewards not always available (this month, it was Tiercel’s Wing cosmetic sword). Both Stormwind and Orgrimmar, Trading Post locations, provide this feature of convenience to their players.