Wysetrade Review Reddit


This Wysetrade review has a few positive points and a few negative points. First, the site provides videos to help newbies learn day trading strategies and reading charts and even includes a secret entry tool. In addition, the company provides a Facebook group for members so you can ask questions and get help. The videos are decent quality, but they appear like a pharmaceutical company’s commercial. Lastly, the site does not have a trading room.


The Wysetrade website offers a range of courses, including day trading strategies, how to read charts, and a secret entry tool. The company also runs a Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with other traders. The videos are well produced, although the ads resemble pharmaceutical company commercials. Another disadvantage is the lack of a trading room.

Courses offered

Wysetrade offers several different Forex and trading courses. These courses are available at different prices. The Trading Masterclass course, for example, is a comprehensive training course that includes live trading sessions, mentoring, and Facebook groups. It’s not cheap, but the course is aimed at new traders. Several courses are also available on the company’s YouTube channel.

Courses offered by other YouTubers

If you want to start a YouTube channel, you must put in the time and money. It would help if you had at least four published videos and an idea for six months’ worth of content. Fortunately, courses like Fundamentals of YouTubing can provide you with the guidance and support you need to get started. In addition, these courses will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to create unlimited content and build a following on YouTube.

Some courses on Wysetrade will teach you day trading strategies and how to read charts to time trades. You can even get access to a Facebook group to ask questions. The videos are high quality, though the sales videos look more like pharmaceutical commercials than instructional videos. Whether you take a course or not, you’ll want to commit to the time and effort necessary to learn the techniques taught.