Add Some Oji Fashion to Your Wardrobe


Ouji is an innovative fashion trend that has quickly gained worldwide renown. It emphasizes androgyny by merging feminine and masculine characteristics. A complete fuji outfit typically comprises pants, a shirt, a jacket or vest, and shoes; additional items may include bow ties or top hats.

An Ouji cape can make an excellent finishing touch to any ensemble. While lace remains the go-to material, other materials may also work.

Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty specializes in Sweet Lolita fashion and is known for its beautiful prints and intricate designs. Established in 1979 under the name “Pretty,” since 2001, they have been known as Angelic Pretty and offer items including lolita dresses, skirts, blouses, jumpers, petticoats, wigs, shoes, accessories, and other clothing pieces featuring prints inspired by princess storybooks, food (particularly sweets) or flowers with beautiful imagery; plus darker themed elements to meet everyone’s preferences – there’s even something dark themed here too if they prefer.

They offer various outfits and feature a stamp card program to enable customers to earn discounts for future purchases. In addition, they host annual tea party events where customers can meet designers and have their clothing customized by them.

Lolita fashion brand, with an unparalleled presence within its community and an industry leader, Lolita Bible, recently saw increased international interest, prompting them to capitalize by creating an English-language website and featuring two of their top designers – Maki and Asuka for public appearances and community events.

One of the hallmarks of Kawaii-style clothing is its use of pastel colors like pink to create more feminine ensembles. This type of fashion often draws comparisons to Victorian Era fashion while still having elements from gothic and punk subcultures, producing an adorable yet high-quality clothing style.

Angelic Pretty dresses feature beautiful fabrics like lace, frills, and ribbons to make wearers feel they are princesses. Additionally, these outfits come in various color combinations for a more eclectic appearance and make beautiful feminine pieces suitable for anyone’s wardrobe.

Angelic Pretty is one of the leading Lolita clothing brands, known for its intricately detailed designs. Established in 1979 and headquartered out of Japan, their talented designers work hard to craft high-quality and unique pieces for customers worldwide. Angelic Pretty boasts an international following.


If you love fuji fashion, Japanese designer Naoto Hirooka’s latest line may be interesting. His clothing and accessories draw inspiration from the Seven Deadly Sins, a steampunk collection called “h.NAOTO STEAM.” These unique pieces can add flair to any ensemble, making you more fashionable.

A typical ouji outfit comprises pumpkin pants, a shirt, and a waistcoat or vest. The pumpkin pants can come with frills, lace, or other exciting details; while the sweater should have bow detailing on its front. Finally, an appropriate waistcoat or vest must be worn over both items – be it single- or double-breasted depending on how formal your ouji style is. Other accessories you could consider adding include neckties/cravats and some headwear; top hats also work nicely to complete this look.

Many individuals who wear ouji fashion also participate in Lolita online and offline communities. Sometimes they will combine both styles into what’s known as classic fuji, often considered the masculine counterpart to sweet lolita that exudes maturity and sophistication.

Ouji fashion has quickly become one of the hottest trends domestically and abroad, thanks to its stunning aesthetics and individualism. A great alternative to typical streetwear trends seen today, ouji allows anyone looking to express their inner prince or princess!

Angelic Pretty is one of the leading ouji brands, specializing in clothing and accessories designed with fairytale themes in mind. Their designs use ribbons, lace, pastel hues, and dreamlike ribbons and laces that evoke a romantic feeling that makes their plans playful and inviting. In addition, Angelic Pretty sells furniture, shoes, and purses featuring their distinctive aesthetic.

Bodyline offers high-quality lingerie and other sensuous apparel at great prices, frequently collaborating with designers and companies to produce exclusive items with style and sophistication. Their pieces feature quality materials with intricate details that make you feel like royalty!


Bodyline Ouji fashion company designs and sells various clothing, accessories, and furniture based on fairytale aesthetics. Their clothes feature lace, ribbons, pastel hues, and playful elements such as bows. There is also a line of shoes and purses in similar styles and their boots being manufactured to the same specs. However, not all Bodyline pieces are created equal, and it is best to consult reviews of the amount you intend on buying before making your final decision.

Ouji fashion style is a subculture of Lolita with its masculine aesthetic, often distinguished by intricate detailing, delicate lace, and fun bows. The fashion trend has quickly gained widespread acceptance throughout Western countries, and communities and events dedicated to it have arisen globally. Additionally, small businesses design and market Ouji clothing and accessories.

This fashion style draws inspiration from various cultures and comes in multiple variations. At first, this trend was heavily influenced by Victorian-inspired clothing, but later, it evolved into more androgynous looks with punk and gothic fashion elements. Additionally, Chinese culture is represented through Qipao and Hanfu silhouettes which also lend a hint of Chinese tradition.

Ouji style includes several key components, including lace chokers and blazers in different colors and patterns that can add an elegant touch to any ensemble and draw attention to facial features such as eye makeup. These items come in various sizes and colors for easy wearing with different looks – an essential component when drawing attention away from makeup and focusing on facial features like your jawline and lips!

Waistcoats or vests are essential pieces in the Ouji fashion style. Crafted from silk or satin and often featuring delicate embroidery or lace designs, waistcoats add a sense of royalty. They can be worn over blouses or dresses to give any ensemble exclusivity.

Ouji clothing’s most beloved hues include black, white, and neutral tones – popularly accented by vibrant shades of blue, red, and green; additional options such as hats and eyeshadow are often added for an eye-catching finish.

Old School Ouji

Ouji is a fantastic fashion trend for everyday wear and special events; whether it’s something to spice up daily outfits or make you stand out at special events, Ouji can add flair to both. Combining youthful exuberance with Victorian sophistication, this unique style can add flair and texture to both male and female wardrobes. This trend gets its name from the Japanese word for the prince; its powerful androgynous aesthetic creates both masculine and feminine looks in one look!

Ouji is closely related to Dandy and EGA fashion, yet it differs in that it doesn’t feature skirts or dresses; rather it utilizes shorts or trousers to achieve more of a boyish aesthetic. Accessories such as ribbon ties and hats add extra flair, and it is essential to have suitable footwear when walking around in this style.

Clothing-wise, the basics for an ouji outfit include a black or white shirt with collar and waistcoat (or waistcoat and bow tie), gloves, and belt. You may also add gloves and belts. A bowler hat or tricorn cap are popular additions; even a sombrero might do!

Sweet Ouji, Classic Ouji, and Gothic Ouji are three substyles of Ouji that differ significantly in appearance: Sweet has an adorable, frilly appearance, while Classic Ouji is more refined and elegant; Gothic Ouji features darker and edgier influences. Other forms of Ouji combine different genres, such as Steampunk or Gothic Lolita styles.

Please keep it simple when dressing in this style: Avoid too many colors or accessories, ensure your clothing fits well, and wear knee-high socks or stockings to protect your legs from showing. Add an elegant finishing touch by wearing either a ribbon tie or bow tie – some even prefer canes or pocket watches for additional flair!