Next in Fashion Winner – Nigel Xavier


Nigel is an innovative designer who specializes in patchwork and textile manipulation. His style draws influence from the ’90s and early 2000s fashion and music industry culture.

Denim artist Paul Wong is widely celebrated for his nostalgic styles, including an enormous pair of patchwork jeans that can fit up to six people simultaneously. Additionally, he designed clothing for musical artists like 2 Chainz.

What is Nigel’s style?

Nigel Xavier, winner of Next in Fashion Season 6, describes himself as a self-described “wizard of denim,” known for his distinctive patchwork designs and textile manipulation techniques. Drawing his inspiration from the 90s and 2000s music culture and celebrities like rapper 2 Chainz, he often styles them himself! Based in Atlanta, he also creates custom pieces using upcycled materials in what he refers to as futuristic recycling projects while emphasizing natural fabrics and textures when creating these custom pieces.

Xavier had to design eight looks in three days for his final challenge of the show: creating and showing them on the runway. Impressing judges Tan France from Queer Eye and model Gigi Hadid with his Woodstock-inspired collection and spectacular showstopper look, he was declared the winner and received a cash prize of $200,000.

Netflix’s famous fashion show returns for season two with 12 talented aspiring designers competing for a big cash prize, judged by Tan France of Queer Eye fame and Gigi Hadid, alongside an expert panel. This series will surely please its discerning audience of fashion enthusiasts and followers.

At the show, finalists were challenged to create unique looks inspired by specific themes or inspirations. In one challenge, fabric samples with various textures and colors were distributed for use in their designs. Xavier stood out among his fellow contestants by using rhinestones on textured fabric and bold prints in bright color palettes in his designs.

Finalists were required to create a look representing their brand as part of the second challenge. Xavier presented his collection of fashionable gender-neutral garments incorporating feminine and masculine details; these included an exquisite floral print dress featuring bright red lining.

In the third challenge, finalists were tasked with creating pieces inspired by music. When creating his work, Xavier was particularly inspired by reggae music and reggae queen style. To incorporate its elements, such as bright colors and large floral prints, into his designs. Furthermore, he added a seduction piece by including lace cuffs and thigh-high slits in his plans.

Who is Nigel’s clientele?

Nigel Xavier, an emerging designer renowned for his patchwork and textile manipulation designs, boasts an impressive client list, including rapper 2 Chainz. Nigel has recently announced the winner of Next in Fashion Season 2, a reality competition on Netflix that pits emerging designers against experienced judges to create one-of-a-kind denim braid designs; Nigel was victorious in this competition and received a cash prize of $200,000. Nigel’s final episode premiered on March 3, 2023.

Nigel won the top spot, beating out fellow contestants Bao Tranchi and Deontre Hancock, with his Woodstock-inspired collection taking home top honors. Each contestant was required to create eight looks in three days using expert sewers as help, with Nigel being recognized as this year’s Next in Fashion winner with his winning face – Woodstock-themed this time!

Nigel has since worked hard to expand his clientele and promote his brand. Recently he released his collection with Rent the Runway and hosted events to showcase it to the public. Additionally, he collaborated with other artists and displayed his works at CultureCon in New York City – an international conference dedicated to creatives from diverse backgrounds.

Nigel has experienced rapid success since winning the show. His Instagram following has skyrocketed from 16k to over 133,000, and he has designed for several musical clients, most recently rapper 2 Chainz. Nigel credits his adaptability and openness due to experiences from different cultures for helping bring his unique style to the masses; every stitch of his exceptional pieces showcases his passion for fashion!

How did Nigel win Next in Fashion?

Nigel emerged victorious at the season finale after having eliminated 12 fierce contenders. Paired with fellow finalists Bao Tranchi and Deontre Hancock, he showcased eight looks on the final runway in three days using help from experienced sewers; all did incredible jobs, but it was Nigel’s Woodstock-inspired collection and a fantastic showstopper that ultimately took home this year’s Next in Fashion crown.

Nigel had long been recognized for his creative use of patchwork and textile manipulation, but during this challenge, he truly shined. Nigel wanted to commemorate Woodstock’s 50th anniversary while remaining true to himself as a designer; his designs featured elaborate capes and dresses with intricate detail, along with unique hand-sewing and braiding techniques that set him apart from his fellow finalists. The judges loved Nigel’s creation!

Nigel and his fellow finalists faced a more challenging task in Challenge 2 when they were given just several days and assistance from an army of sewers – more than in previous challenges – to design an entire clothing collection that reflected them all as an ensemble. Even under such time pressures, they produced something unique; their photo shoot included all three judges as a bonus feature!

Nigel’s work was exceptional, and his ability to manage multiple tasks under pressure stood out remarkably. Additionally, his take-on risks were one of the critical reasons why judges were impressed with his overall performance.

Since winning Next in Fashion, Nigel has been extremely busy with his fashion career. He’s worked with music industry clients such as Playboi Carti and 2 Chainz, sharing designs on Moonman. Additionally, he’s frequently appeared as a guest judge on various reality shows while maintaining an active social media presence.

What has Nigel been up to since winning Next in Fashion?

Nigel won Season 2 of Next in Fashion with an eye-catching denim outfit he created, complete with fringes and patchwork denim fabric that truly stood out amongst other contestants’ designs. Nigel donned his masterpiece during the final challenge, and viewers and judges alike were won over by it; judges particularly appreciated Nigel’s creative use of denim fabrics in his designs.

Nigel has been busy promoting his work and building up his clientele since winning Next in Fashion, including showing his designs at various events and creating clothing for some music stars. In an interview, he recently announced his plan to mass-market his clothing line.

Nigel, better known as the “Wizard of Denim,” draws his style inspiration from culture and personal experiences, particularly fashion from the 1990s and 2000s and music industry influences. Additionally, his creations involve patchwork techniques as well as textile manipulation.

Nigel was featured on Next in Fashion, where he collaborated with Bao Tranchi and Deontre Hancock to design a fun collection. They were each challenged to produce something that represented their brand or was distinctive for themselves; Nigel took part in creating stunning jeans with eye-catching design elements and comfort features, earning him the $200,000 grand prize from judges.

Nigel was drawn to Woodstock, where people sought acceptance and belonging for inspiration for his collection. This message resonated with him, prompting him to design clothing specifically with this in mind for this challenge. Since its completion, he has continued his patchwork techniques with textile manipulation at various events to display this new collection.

The designer has garnered an extensive following on Instagram and is working hard to get his clothing onto the mass market. He has created apparel for many clients, such as musicians like Playboi Carti and 2 Chainz; his creations have also been showcased in magazines.