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Birddogs Pants Review – Incontinence is often thought of as the woman’s issue, and the simple too, women experience it over men simply because women are classified as the ones who go through labor. It doesn’t seem fair, could it? However, that’s the way it can be. Pregnancy and giving birth can certainly wreak havoc on the cheaper pelvic floor, and as a result, women have a higher risk of becoming incontinent.

Fortunately, there have been some great advances in incontinence underclothing for women. Now women can certainly manage the condition with underclothing that is not only functional although comfortable and stylish.

Birddogs Pants Review – Before, there were typically two possibilities when it came to protection for incontinence, pads, and pants. These pads are still around, and they also have seen advances in their absorbency capabilities. And they are still a great solution if you have light and sporadic episodes of incontinence, but they are generally less comfortable versus the pants. However, in the past, the pants more resembled diapers than they did underwear and were bulky and likely for being visible under clothing.

These days are gone. Today, not only include there been advances with technology that allows for the pee to be wicked away from the epidermis reducing the risk of rashes but are also have a slim profile and so are almost identical to regular underwear. On top of that, women have a choice in style. Gone is a bulky diaper and consuming its place are slender lacy numbers that give the woman a little trend and improved protection. Trend and style in incontinence undergarments for women. What a concept!

Birddogs Pants Review – Easily cleaned incontinence pants are probably one of the most comfortable options to embellish. However, if you do any overnight traveling, you may find that non-reusable incontinence pants may be the far better choice. These pants are generally a more expensive route to move but give you the ability to produce a quick change and eliminate the pants in any rubbish container.

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