Different Types of Framed Wall Art


Framed wall art is a great way to transform a plain wall into a stylish one. You can choose from many different frames to complement different art pieces. It is also an effective way to show your unique style. There are many different types of framed wall art, so you can choose whichever one best suits your taste and budget.

Unframed canvas wall art

Unframed canvas wall art is a popular choice for modern and contemporary homes. Its unique look is easy to achieve with a large variety of layouts. In addition, unframed canvas prints look more natural than framed versions, as they do not contain glass or extra decorations. On the other hand, framed canvases have glass frames and look more traditional.

Unframed canvas has no frame, and the image is visible on both sides of the canvas. Therefore, it is perfect for minimalist and modern art, as well as night cityscapes, different maps, and thematic sports pictures. It also fits well with hi-tech, contemporary homes. Besides, unframed canvas can be easily customized to fit your taste and style.

Canvas wall art

When choosing canvas wall art, consider how you want it framed. Having a framed piece makes it seem more finished than an unframed piece. It also creates a more open look and makes it look lighter. A framed piece also gives a room a more organized look. However, if you want a more modern look for your walls, you might want to consider going for an unframed canvas. This style of art is versatile and works well with contemporary decor.

Another option is to use prints. You can choose framed or unframed pieces in various sizes and artistic styles. For example, there are traditional prints of landscapes and birds, or you can find more exotic pieces inspired by bohemian art. Canvas art is a stylish option for those who want to add something elegant to their walls. Many pieces are framed to make them look like hand-painted original.

If you are unsure which format you want, you can purchase unframed canvas prints from Pottery Barn. These are generally inexpensive and make a great choice for DIY-ers. The frames are made from wood that blends with the art and won’t detract from it. These types of canvases are also great if you have a large wall. Some of these designs feature complementary colors and designs, while others are more neutral in tone.

Framed canvas prints look classy and elegant in any room. They can also be the perfect gift. They are easy to hang and can be personalized. Whether purchasing a framed canvas print or a canvas print without a frame, you’ll find the perfect piece for your home.


Prints for framed wall art are a great way to enhance a room or office decor with a stylish, modern look. They come in various sizes, and you can choose the color and mat that suits your decor and style. They are professionally assembled by expert framing staff and delivered ready to hang.

The first step in selecting prints for framed wall art is to consider the size of your wall. Choose a size that will be the most suitable for the space available. You can also try out different frame types for your chosen art. Following these tips, you can find the right art for your home’s walls.

Another option for framed wall art is to opt for metal prints. Metal prints give an added depth to the art. They are made of 1/16-inch-thick aluminum, which is both lightweight and water-resistant. Additionally, they are produced with vibrant archival inks for a longer-lasting finish.

When choosing prints for framed wall art, you should also consider the price. A high-quality print can be expensive, but you can get a great piece at a reasonable price. Generally, you can find framed prints for around $50. You can also choose to buy canvas prints for more affordable prices.


Framed world maps offer a wide array of options. Choose from single posters and wallpaper to massive installations or single pieces with 3-D features and LED lighting. There is a wide range of prices for these maps as well. So whether you are looking for a unique, inexpensive wall art piece or a decorative accent piece for a large room, these pieces will surely be a good fit.

World maps can be an excellent choice for a modern space, especially if you want to create a dramatic statement. For example, you can hang an antiqued world map above your living room sofa, which will inspire conversations about your jet-set adventures. The map can easily match the accent pillows or the sofa to give the room a cohesive look.

Prints on paper

There are many different styles of prints on paper framed wall art. They usually come in small, affordable frames and are not meant to cover the entire wall. Printed images can vary in texture and quality, and you can choose from cotton-based matted paper or high-gloss photo paper. Each type of paper absorbs different amounts of ink, which creates a dramatic effect.

Prints on paper are a traditional way to display photographs. They are recognized for their aesthetics, and the medium has a certain appeal. As a result, many traditional-medium artists have had great success with paper prints. Traditionally, paper prints have only been available as pre-framed prints and posters, but they have since been able to find a place in framed wall art. For a dramatic effect, consider framing a paper print with a mat.