Dr Bimal Chhajer Review


Having read many of the Dr Bimal Chhajer review, I can say that he is an excellent doctor. However, he has had his share of trouble. For instance, he was caught by the CBI, and he had to face several legal problems. But overall, he has achieved quite a lot. So, I recommend reading his review to anyone interested in a physician’s career.


Among the most famous personalities in the medical world, Dr. Bimal Chhajer is a pioneer in non-invasive cardiology in India. He has been credited with treating over eighty thousand patients without having to perform any heart surgery. He has also authored more than seventy books on cardiology.

The Bhagwan Mahavir Seva Sansthan awarded him the Manav Sewa Ratna Samman in 2016. He is the founder of SAAOL Heart Care. This group of over 90 centers in India and abroad offers non-surgical treatment. It also offers a multipronged approach to treatment.

As a doctor, Dr. Chhajer has been associated with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for six years. He opened a Mumbai clinic and then expanded to Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. He has also been involved in many research studies on cardiac patients.

He has also received awards for his work in reversing heart disease. In addition, he has been recognized as the “Doctor of the Year” by the Indian Books of Records.


Known as the pioneer of non-invasive cardiology in India, Dr. Bimal Chhajer is a highly regarded medical scientist and health expert. He is a consultant cardiologist and has authored over 100 books and given more than 5000 public lectures. He has also launched a nationwide program to prevent heart attacks. He aims to make India’s heart-attack accessible.

Dr. Chhajer was born in 1961 in a Jain family in a small village in West Bengal. He completed his MBBS from the R.G. Kar medical college in Kolkata and moved to Delhi at age 25. He then worked at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi for six years. After that, he started his medical practice. He opened a second clinic in Bangalore and established 48 centers across India. His SAAOL Heart Program is one of India’s most popular non-invasive treatment options. He has published more than 70 books for the general public on the topic.

Caught by the CBI

Known as the ‘godfather of non-invasive cardiology,’ Dr. Bimal Chhajer is a well-known personality in the medical community. His Saaol Heart Program is widely accepted as a treatment method for heart disease. This multipronged approach involves exercise, yoga, meditation, and a strict diet.

He has received many awards and accolades for his contribution to medicine. He has authored 70 books and has treated over 4.5 lac heart patients. Besides his clinic in Delhi, he has opened centers in Mumbai, Kathmandu, and Dhaka, Bangladesh. His most recent book is based on his experience with over 5000 patients over seven years.

He has also made several technological advances in the field of non-invasive cardiology. For example, he has developed a new treatment called “SAAOL,” which is now used at more than 100 centers across the subcontinent. He has also published two monthly magazines on the subject.

He has been vocal about the misuse of medical devices. He has also taken up a research study to discover if lifestyle changes can prevent heart disease.


Known for his non-invasive cardiology, Dr. Bimal Chhajer has helped over 80000 people in India without having to undergo heart surgery. His research and studies have shown that by making lifestyle changes, the patient can reverse their heart disease and prevent Coronary Heart Disease. He is a pioneer in this field in India.

He is an MBBS graduate from R.G. Kar Medical College, Kolkata. He also has an MD from King George’s Medical College, Lucknow. After his postgraduate, he worked for six years at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. He then opened a clinic in Mumbai and another in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Later, he expanded his practice and created the largest chain of non-invasive cardiology centers worldwide. His clinics are in over 100 cities across the subcontinent. He is also the founder of the Science and Art of Living in New Delhi.

His lecture was well-received. He spoke about the causes of diseases, the limitations of traditional medicine, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. He also shared his experiences with obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. He emphasized the importance of exercise, diet, and stress management.