GameStop Near Me


GameStop is one of the world’s premier retailers of new video games, console systems, and used games and accessories. Unfortunately, however, they have been losing money over recent years but appear to have seen an improvement recently.

Investors have taken to the internet to boost the stock price, leading them into a noisy frenzy that has even caught Wall Street and significant hedge funds’ attention.


GameStop in Bath is one of the world’s leading video game and consumer electronics retailers. Offering cutting-edge software, hardware, and accessories for Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and PC gaming systems as well as pre-owned offerings; providing discounts in-store and increased trade values on games traded in. Furthermore, they also offer their PowerUp Rewards Card, which gives gamers in-store deals, increased in-game trade values, and redeemable points towards merchandise purchases.

If you’re applying to GameStop, you might be curious about how many hours per week you would receive. This data comes directly from employees at the company who self-reported their schedules to Zippia; however, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and you should contact GameStop directly before relying on them as the source.


GameStop is the leading reseller of new software, hardware, and video gaming consoles. Additionally, it trades pre-owned titles, offers technology products like phones, tablets, and headphones, and sells collectible merchandise such as apparel, gadgets, and electronics that appeal to gamers and other pop culture enthusiasts. Through physical stores and ecommerce websites, it trades trade-in and recycle pre-owned titles – plus provides access to an unparalleled selection of collectible merchandise, apparel gadgets, and electronics!

GameStop also offers pre-orders of upcoming products. Customers can order them online and set a delivery or pickup date. Should the price of any requested product drop between the time of ordering and when it arrives at GameStop stores, GameStop will notify their customers and charge a lower amount accordingly.

GameStop generally only price matches with larger retailers like Amazon and Walmart; they do not match local or third-party sellers or digital copies of games with physical versions.


Most people consider working at GameStop an idyllic job where they discuss video games all day. Although working there has its perks–buying new and pre-owned titles at discounted prices and being the first to preorder new releases–, there are also some significant disadvantages. First of all, GameStop does not provide an adequate pay package; also there are rules associated with being employed here that limit leave requests during holidays like Black Friday; employees work ten hours with minimal breaks.

GameStop managers are held to high quotas and expected to sell more games than the average store, creating a pushy environment and discouraging customers who want to browse, often leading them to leave without buying anything. It should also be noted that employees may only use their employee discount on themselves; friends or family cannot take advantage of it by entering with separate IDs, as this would violate company policy.

Employees who fail to meet their quotas may be disciplined or fired, leading to high management turnover at GameStop. Retail is an arduous job that demands commitment and patience – no surprise then that employees at the company are discontent, leading to its high turnover rate.