The Army-Navy Game


The Army-Navy rivalry is one of the cornerstones of college football. Both teams spend 364 days every year preparing for this matchup, which often determines the success or failure of one team’s season.

Military aircraft, helicopters, and tanks are expected at sporting events. Still, at the Army-Navy game each year, they take their show one step further by flying over stadiums during flyovers of military planes, helicopters, and tanks.


This marks the 122nd Army-Navy game since 1890, except during World War II when World War II interrupted play. It is held each year since, usually at one of the service academies nationwide, and popularly known as America’s Game due to featuring future military officers dueling it out on a football field.

An annual match-up at service academies is an integral component of their curriculum, and those who emerge victorious receive the Commander in Chief’s Trophy as their reward. Cadets should demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities and honor and respect towards opponents; alongside upholding military ethos, they should learn teamwork and disciplined hard work.

Cadets can look forward to an extra special pre-game parade and visit from the President of the United States as an added treat. This event allows cadets to unite and celebrate their accomplishments as a team.

After two grueling quarters, the game went into overtime knotted at 10-10. Army scored first when Markel Johnson ran 25 yards for a touchdown run, and Navy responded with an interception from Xavier Arline to Maquel Haywood on a wheel route pass of 30 yards; later, Army kicker Quinn Maretzki kicked a 39-yard field goal to secure their victory.

Both teams wear uniforms that represent their respective academies, and both sides have distinctive traditions around the game. Before kickoff, cadets from both academies are marched out for Prisoner Exchange at midfield before watching with family during gameplay – an unforgettable ceremony that many fans find thrilling.

Both teams are known for intense competition, which shows in all matches between their academies. It even shows in the names of football teams; the Navy is known as Team Nimble and is often used during ceremonies to renew vows or declare love to someone.


The Army-Navy game is an annual American college football rivalry contested annually between the Black Knights of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, and the United States Naval Academy Midshipmen in Annapolis, Maryland. These schools represent officer commissioning sources for their respective services and have used this game to symbolize their interservice rivalry. As well as its rich tradition, its rivalry thrives due to its lasting intangibles, such as players being stretched beyond what is typically possible to perform well on game day.

This game serves as an uplifting display of patriotism, with Army Cadets and Navy Midshipmen marching onto the field before the contest began, U.S. Presidents strolling pregame warmups, and both teams standing side-by-side after the final whistle to sing alma maters together afterward – no surprise it has one of the highest ratings among college sports events!

Predicting who will win an NFL game can be difficult when both teams are strong, making the outcome all the more uncertain. This happened last in 1983 at the Rose Bowl for the first and only time west of the Mississippi River (Chicago held it first in 1926, then Pasadena in 2023).

Both teams will wear unique uniforms that pay tribute to the most notable unit from each service academy; for instance, the Army’s uniforms will display the patch of the 25th Infantry Division, which fought gallantly during World War II and Korea. Meanwhile, the Navy will honor HMS “Warrior,” which was lost at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

As part of their preparations for a game, both schools host spirit rallies on their respective campuses to commemorate it with music, cheering, a 20-foot boat representing the Navy being burned as part of the celebrations, corps of cadets and Midshipmen singing their school song while passing over game ball to runners who will transport it to Philadelphia for the contest.


The Army-Navy Game is one of the greatest college football rivalries in American history, taking place annually on December’s first Saturday and defining a cultural tradition at military academies across America. Both sides vie for the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy, which has been won six times by the Army and eleven times by the Navy; also, this national event showcases interservice rivalry at its finest!

This game allows students to demonstrate their physical prowess, leading them to dub the contest “The Iron Bowl.” Various events and challenges are designed to test a team’s strength and endurance during competition – it is open to anyone interested in participating, and it is not uncommon for competitors to experience some injury during it!

Army-Navy Week includes more than just contests on the field; activities designed to build team spirit include pep rallies, Patriot Games, and visiting the Pentagon. Furthermore, both schools organize visits to local businesses and attractions, which helps strengthen local economies while creating positive impressions of both academies.

This weekend will mark the 123rd Army-Navy game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Broadcast on CBS and streamable through Paramount+ with code ALLYEAR, giving a 50% discount off the initial subscription, the event is expected to draw in thousands of spectators for what promises to be an exhilarating spectacle.

Before the game begins, both teams hold a spirit rally centered around a bonfire. This fire is dedicated to the Corps of Cadets and Midshipmen competing in this year’s competition and features music, cheering, and flag parades as part of this annual tradition.

This annual football competition dates back to 1890 and is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious college games ever held. Due to World War I, however, no games were held from 1909-1918; since then, it has only ever been canceled twice! Both cadets and midshipmen enjoy this tradition each year, offering them an opportunity to bond with classmates and friends through athletic competition.


The Army-Navy football game is more than a football matchup; it’s also a test of strength, determination, and intelligence for the future leaders of our military forces to show they can work as a cohesive unit towards a common goal. It is one of the most intense and memorable college sports rivalries.

Played across the United States, the game can be found at various venues across America. Philadelphia has hosted it the most often, hosting 21 times since 1926; other notable locations for hosting include Polo Grounds (where nine games were hosted from 1926-1927); Yankee Stadium hosted six tournaments between 1989-2002; Chicago; Baltimore and East Rutherford have all hosted events as well.

However, this longstanding rivalry isn’t without controversy. Recently, players have experienced various practical jokes. For instance, a USNA officer once moved his entire office to Tecumseh Court during Army-Navy week, while another officer had to return a rental car after Army-Navy week because he forgot his keys inside it!

Both teams take great pride in their military heritage and tradition, wanting to show that they can compete on an equal playing field against any opponent in the United States. Hosting this event also serves as a tremendous economic boon to host cities; both teams will go head to head in bowl games to determine who will reach the national championship game at the end of 2019.

Army Navy will make its inaugural New England appearance at Gillette Stadium near Boston in 2023 and 2025 before moving on to Baltimore and East Rutherford, New Jersey, before making a triumphant return to Philadelphia for 2026. Fans may experience America’s Game through live radio broadcast on Westwood One – making for an excellent way of sharing its atmosphere without traveling far – or watching CBS Sports coverage on television.