Hanna Is Not A Boys Name


Tess Stone’s Hanna Is Not A Boy Name was unexpected. Many anticipated an introspective webcomic about gender stereotyping; instead, they saw something far different.

Hanna is a feminine name that translates to “favor or grace.” Hanna made its way onto America’s top 1,000 baby names until 1913 before slipping down until its reappearance in 1983.


Hanna is an English variation of Hebrew Hannah and has become one of America’s top two girl names since 1998. Hanna has long been used in literature, such as the Bible, where it is associated with Hannah, who prayed for a son; in turn, God granted Hannah her wish, and she promised that once Samuel (after whom two books in the Bible are named) was weaned, she would return him to Him, later becoming one of Israel’s great leaders and ushering in its monarchy.

Tess Stone created and published Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name in 2009. Due to its tremendous success, 4th Dimension Entertainment decided to publish it in art book form; however, due to rights issues, the publisher dropped the project later, so Tess agreed to continue posting Hanna regularly on DeviantArt instead.

Hanna is an extremely physically fit five-foot-two-inch girl with blonde dyed hair and an athletic build. At 5ft 2in, she stands with slim features that help her keep in shape, including wearing leather jackets to cover her face while covering it up when necessary. Hanna often dyes her locks blonde for added cover and features tattoos on both the back of her neck and upper arm; these tattoos also enhance Hanna’s resourceful nature, given by the UTRAX program of the CIA, which grants her superhuman strength and stamina.

Hanna may possess many strengths, yet her weaknesses should not be underestimated or taken for granted. She can sometimes be stubborn; however, her determination and tenacity make up for these faults as Hanna strives to fulfill the mission she was created for.

Hanna’s relationships and her connection with Erik are deeply examined throughout the series. While she longs to lead an everyday life with Sophie again, Erik and the CIA dictate otherwise. After being captured by Marissa Wiegler of the CIA Operations Division, Marissa Wiegler forces Hanna back together with Erik in Berlin, where Marissa Wiegler hunts her down as others learn of Hanna’s hidden origins and abnormal abilities.


Hanna is an ancient Biblical name meaning favor or grace, popular among Christians. Some parents choose Hanna for their daughters as a sign from God that she will grow up healthy and happy, while others like its elegant simplicity that pairs well with classic and contemporary middle names.

Hanna may work for the CIA, yet she and her father, Erik, are pursued by other agents who view them as threats to American security. One such agent is Marissa Wiegler (Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett). Why does Marissa dislike Hanna and Erik so much – is it due to their secret missions, or is there another more personal motivation behind this dislike?

We gain more insight into Hanna and her family as we progress through the series. She had an extremely close relationship with her parents; however, Hanna was less sure of what her mother thought. Hanna discovers who she is as she learns more about who has tried to oust her from her current lifestyle.

Hanna and Leo travel to London on their final mission, with Hanna trying to kill off a journalist who might expose Utrax. It proves a difficult challenge but ultimately succeeds. However, Marissa and her team still pursue them relentlessly.

Hanna has long been one of America’s top 1,000 baby names and remains so today. Additionally, this timeless name has proven popular worldwide; recent data reveals it to be among the fourth-most-favored girl’s characters in Hungary and sixth-most-preferred girl’s names in Germany, also appearing among Poland and Scandinavia’s top 50 picks as an excellent option suitable for either gender. It truly stands as an invaluable name.


Hannah (also Channah or Hana) is an attractive feminine name with roots in Hebrew and the Bible, meaning favor or grace. Hannah was one of Samuel’s mothers in the Old Testament, making this name popular with Christian and Jewish parents – making for an elegant choice suitable for little girls.

Hannah can take many forms, such as Hana, Hanneke, and Johanna, each stemming from its Hebrew source and with unique meanings. These names are popular among girls worldwide and will bring joy whenever your daughter hears herself pronounced.

Notably, Hannahs or Hannah-ny can also be written. These variations reflect how Hannah is pronounced across various languages and regions; North Americans particularly appreciate this variation as a great way to add an individual flair to your child’s name.

Hannah is a biblical name with deep meaning for girls of any age, making it the ideal selection. Hannah will help build solid characters and foster religious conviction, making her an excellent choice for readers or writers. Hannah can even serve as an inspirational leader among other young women!

Hannah is a popular name among girls in Hollywood and show business. This name has been used by several actresses, singers, dancers, and TV characters like Hanna from Utrax, who don’t display much emotion but often appear as unfeeling goons in shows and movies such as these.

Various nicknames, such as Hanky, Hana, and Hanni, can know Hannah. Hanky is an affectionate slang nickname used by friends and family; Hanni stands for Hannah but also means favor or grace in Arabic. Hawaiians refer to someone as happy and carefree.


Hannah is a widely beloved name across the United States. This typical female moniker boasts biblical roots and beautiful aesthetic qualities. Many parents select Hannah for their daughters because of its meaning and aesthetic appeal; Hannah will surely bring lots of joy and happiness into their lives!

Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name is a comic series that follows Hanna Falk Cross, 24, as she investigates supernatural happenings. Hanna Falk Cross lives in an awkward apartment complex where she operates her paranormal investigation business from home using more of an “impulse than planning” approach to investigation, often leading to unexpected outcomes that often prove humorous!

Hanna boasts an impressive list of accomplishments despite her uncertain business model. She excels at tracking supernatural creatures and has even served as a field medic from time to time. Additionally, she’s an expert sniper who has taken out several high-ranking members of Utrax.

Hanna and Sophie share an intricate relationship; as investigators, they spend much of their time working closely together – often having some quirky quirks of their own! Hanna can also be very competitive and will do anything necessary to win any case she works on.

Hannah is an exquisite name with multiple meanings and origins that will bring happiness and joy into any girl’s life. Hannah embodies elegance and charm and will create lasting memories for those lucky to bear it. Hannah stands as an exceptional choice if looking for the ideal name – Hannah will surely do just that!

Hanna has an incredibly complicated past. She has experienced much in her short lifetime but continues to learn and mature. Hanna is both beautiful and gifted – her future looks promising indeed!