Highlander Pizza – A Great Place For Students to Have Lunch


Students looking for lunch options near campus will love this pizza restaurant’s convenient location across from campus and delicious menu items – they even provide delivery!

Coletti excels at crafting tasty doughs – whether for his single-crust Chef’s Creation pie featuring arugula and cherry tomato or his double-crusted Volcano Shape pie featuring double crust. His doughs are airy yet chewy – perfectly speckled!

The dough

As is often the case in the mountains, takeout pizza can often be disappointing due to poor-quality ingredients being used. Crusts tend to be dry and cardboardy, while genuinely excellent pizza restaurants boast amazing pizza dough that is light, airy, and flavorful – this recipe attempts to replicate that delicious dough at home, and the results have proven very pleasing!

This dough is simple to make yet requires time and patience. Allow for 24-hour bulk fermentation at room temperature followed by 48-hour cold fermentation in the fridge (that totals 72 hours total). In addition, olive oil should be added for both tenderness and flavor purposes – garlic-infused macadamia nut oil works nicely here, but you could choose any other flavored oil you desire!

A pizza dough is rolled out onto a lightly floured surface before being transferred into a Detroit-style pizza pan that has been coated with olive oil to help prevent sticking and ensure even cooking in the oven. Finally, after brushing with flavoring oil and being pin-pricked several times with a fork, the finished pizza should be ready.

The toppings

Pizza toppings are at the core of its appeal, and there are various ways to make them shine. Start by pairing different colors (such as red tomatoes with green basil) so each component stands out. Combine textures and flavors for variety and add fresh herbs or greens for an aromatic crunch; finally, cook until your pizza turns golden brown as a visual indicator that it is ready.

Since 2008, Highlander Point Dr Domino’s Pizza has expanded its menu beyond pizza to offer non-pizza items like chicken wings, oven-baked sandwiches, handcrafted pasta, and delicious desserts like Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake – creating a restaurant that’s as delectable as it is unique! So next time you’re craving pizza or pasta, give Domino’s on Highlander Point Dr a try; we guarantee it won’t disappoint. Visit our website or Grubhub to place online orders and for ordering information, as we also offer online ordering through Grubhub!

The cooking

Food at Highlander is cooked at high temperatures, creating pizzas with crisp edges and light textures, along with delectable flavor profiles. Service at Highlander is fast and friendly; students also receive free delivery. Located across from campus near Jumbo’s Squeeze-In, Highlander makes for an ideal stop for pizza or sandwiches!

Use Grubhub on your phone to order online or reorder past favorites with ease! It uses location services to display restaurants near you, menus, and reorder options. Plus, there’s the added privacy factor. For more info, see the developer’s privacy policy!

The decoration

Highlander Pizza’s decorations are stunning, boasting multiple vibrant hues and shapes in terms of colors and materials such as paper or real flowers – creating an exquisite ambiance and making you feel special on any special occasion. Their staff is friendly and will treat you well while answering any inquiries that arise about the service or dishes available on the menu.