Review of the Pizza Como Menu in Lehighton, Pennsylvania


Pizza Como’s Detroit-style pies meet most standards, though its crust is less dense than Buddy and Louie’s. Additionally, this restaurant provides authentic Italian dinners as well as an award-winning muffaletta sandwich.

Signature pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, smoked ham, pepperoni, and ground beef are all combined with MVP Seasoning to form the ultimate pizza experience!


Pizza Como is a beloved institution in Lehighton. Their freshly baked crust and inventive toppings keep customers coming back time after time, not to mention their selection of specialty diet pizzas that can even make substitutions tailored to special dietary requirements. Plus they serve traditional Italian dinners, subs and sandwiches, salads and platters at unbeatably reasonable prices! These guys know fast service with quality food at fantastic prices – make Pizza Como part of your weekly rotation today.

Their pizza is thin and crispy with plenty of brown spots and an irresistibly chewy crust, using only high-quality cheese and sauce for an authentic Italian flavor experience. Their staff are friendly and helpful – an ideal place for families, with an extensive kid’s menu!

At Cafe Rio they offer cozy seating areas and online ordering for added convenience. Their extensive menu features Ultimate Nachos, Southwest Cool Ranch Fries, Antipasto Salad, Turkey Club with Crispy Chicken Club Wrap (Platters), Antipasto Salad with Turkey Club Sandwich (Cholov Yisroel/ Pas Yisroel/ Kemach Yashan certified products) plus delivery via Postmates where you can select a time slot at checkout – bring a credit or debit card and place your order!

Subs & Sandwiches

Pizza Como offers more than just pizza; their extensive menu also includes subs and sandwiches as well as appetizers such as wings, mozzarella sticks, pierogis, and onion rings. In addition, they have a selection of beverages, including soft drinks and beers.

Lake Como’s Kosher Pizza Joint offers fast and friendly service with delectable food that provides plenty of topping options including gluten free crust. Don’t hesitate to visit them soon for lunch or dinner; you won’t be disappointed.

Their chicken parmes and signature sauce are unmissable! Unfortunately, their pizza slices could use some warming up, and their crust could use less sugar – overall, they may be too expensive for what you get in return.

All their subs are toasted and include onions, tomatoes, lettuce, salt, oregano, and oil and vinegar for maximum flavor! Choose between ham, salami, turkey, or grilled beef with classic cheese; there’s even a fantastic vegetarian option that won’t break the bank! They offer delivery and pickup services. Seasonally open from mid June till late August they offer delivery services close to local camps and catering to families alike with Kosher food Cholov Yisroel Pas Yisroel Kemach Yashan Kosher certification ensuring you eat delicious food that’s sure to please every time!


Pizza Como, located in Lake Como, is a local favorite serving traditional Italian dinners, subs and sandwiches, pizza, pasta dishes, innovative toppings, and home-baked crusts that keep crowds coming back again and again. Additionally, Pizza Como provides salads and appetizers to complement your meal experience.

Their menu boasts all your classic pizza favorites, such as Chicken Parm and the Nino Special with ham, cheese and tomato – as well as specialty options like Sicilian Bruschetta pie or Red Velvet cake for dessert! Order slices to enjoy solo, or share a whole pie among family and friends.

If you’re looking for something healthy on the pizza como menu, one of their fresh salads could be precisely what’s needed. Choose from options like the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza Salad featuring Chip Steak, Mozzarella & American Cheeses, Sauteed Onions & Marinara Sauce. Or opt for either their Chicken Caesar Salad or Garden Salad featuring Romaine lettuce Tomatoes Onions Hard Boiled Eggs Crumbled Blue Cheese all served up with Garlic Breadsticks as sides!

Pizza Como offers an impressive selection of beers on tap for dining in or ordering for delivery. Their staff is also highly helpful with recommendations.


Pizza Como offers an exquisite menu featuring homemade pizza shells topped with innovative toppings, traditional Italian dinners, subs & sandwiches, as well as salads – plus their excellent beer selection is the perfect way to top it all off!

The Voodoo BBQ Pizza is an exquisite combination of smoked Gouda cheese topped with spicy roasted chicken thighs, shaved green pepper, red onion, mozzarella, bacon, a and the restaurant’s proprietary Voodoo Barbecue Sauce – baked to perfection in their pizza oven before being garnished with fresh chives and thyme for added color and aroma.

Pizza Como in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, is a beloved local landmark, serving dine-in and takeout services and accepting all major credit cards. Their cozy seating area provides ample comfort during mealtime! Their menu boasts delicious meals sure to please!