Pasquale’s Pizza & Pasta in Lexington, Kentucky


Near the Kentucky Folk Art Center, this restaurant makes a pleasant stop. Visitors have raved about its friendly staff and prompt service; visitors enjoy tasty stromboli and Indian pizza dishes here as well.

Think Charlie Bird with pizza. At this downtown Italian eatery, its wood-burning ovens create deceptively simple pleasures that you won’t find elsewhere.


Pasquale’s Pizza & Pasta is an ideal setting for family dining. Their signature pizza and fresh bread are must-try. Additionally, Pasquale’s provides other delicious Italian foods, including salads and meatballs; guests can also take advantage of the bar to sip cocktails or beer while they dine!

Near Kentucky Folk Art Center, this eatery is known for its delicious pepperoni pizza and calzones, as well as its friendly, attentive service staff. On Google reviews alone, this location earned 4.3 stars!

The new restaurant, while smaller than Charlie Bird, still features bar seating and an open kitchen equipped with wood-burning ovens for optimal cooking experience. Furthermore, there’s an upscale yet casual vibe that provides for an impressively varied menu that boasts some unique additions from Charlie Bird.

The restaurant offers a selection of pizza and pasta dishes, appetizers, and desserts – lunch specials include buffets with pizza for around $9 – and delivery via Grubhub.


Pizza here remains delicious, while pasta dishes truly shine here. Linguine with clams is exceptional, and cauliflower risotto stands out among many others; their kitchen’s ability to craft such creative dishes speaks for itself.

Charlie Bird offers an upscale menu, but this restaurant provides equally tasty cuisine and excellent service – so if you can’t get in, this could be a good alternative.

This restaurant is conveniently situated near the Kentucky Folk Art Center, and its staff has received rave reviews on Google Reviews for being very welcoming and helpful, not to mention offering tasty pizza, calzones, and meat sandwiches that will leave the whole family satisfied! With an overall Google rating of 4.3, this spot makes an excellent place to take children or family members to visit the Kentucky Folk Art Center as they offer food delivery service!


I had one of the best clam pizzas ever here! Not only was the crust delicious, but the clams themselves made it genuinely unique; their combination of saltiness and softness was sublime! No doubt one of their most popular menu items, this dish should not be missed! A must-try!

As another highlight, their meatballs are fantastic – juicy, flavorful, and perfectly seasoned, featuring plenty of cheese for filling effects and being an ideal group-sharing item. I would suggest getting at least one salad as well for optimal enjoyment!

Pasquale’s Pizza is an ideal spot for quick lunchtime bites near the Kentucky Folk Art Center. Though it may not suit every member of your family, Pasquale’s offers delicious pizzas, pasta, and Italian dishes from their menu – plus their friendly staff makes dining enjoyable! With fair prices based on reviews from real users (4.3 rating in Google reviews!), plus convenient food delivery services, too – Pasquale’s makes dining near the Kentucky Folk Art Center enjoyable and hassle-free!


Pasquales Pizza offers excellent stromboli and Indian pizza at highly rated customer ratings and offers tasty pasta, meatballs, and chicken with fries or salad for lunch or dinner with friendly service from their staff.

Our menu offers several tasty options, such as Caesar salad with grilled chicken, bruschetta, buffalo chicken salad, and burger with bacon & romaine. Additionally, there’s a feta cheese salad that features black and green olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled chicken, and your choice of dressing – these options are just some of the choices available to us!

The bruschetta features toasted bread topped with garlic butter and basil, along with your choice of pepperoni, sausage, or mozzarella fillings. The pizza sauce features special spices and pepperoni combined with nacho cheese in one cup. And lastly, there’s pizza bread: an 8″x 12″ loaf cut into 12 sticks before being baked crispily to perfection and featuring pizza sauce with pepperoni and shredded mozzarella cheese as fillings – served alongside pasta dishes and three garlic knots as sides! And, of course, this place offers free delivery via Grubhub users and offers low prices, while family dining can also make this experience memorable.