Patriot Survival Food Review


Patriot Survival Food is well known for its long shelf life and balanced nutrition, offering gluten-free and vegetarian varieties with stellar customer reviews online. Learn the best info about readywise.

The company provides additional equipment with its survival food products, including emergency power banks and water filtration systems. In addition, they offer free sample kits.


Patriot survival food is American-made with a 25-year shelf life and nutritious ingredients, packaged in Mylar pouches to be stored for decades. Prep is easy – no colander or stove required – gluten-free, delicious foods included (beef stew, breakfast skillet & and scrambled eggs with bacon are just a few examples), all efficiently rehydrated in hot water with no cleanup necessary; available in easily transportable bucket designed as both storage container and bowl!

Your pantry should contain an assortment of shelf-stable foods for balanced nutrition and comfort in stressful times. Be sure to stock basic staples, canned goods, dried beans, and allergy-friendly and diabetic-friendly options so that everyone in your family is taken care of.

The company that manufactures this food is notorious for running high-volume infomercial-style advertisements and upselling tactics on their website, though they have recently passed tests by the National Advertising Division to prove their food to be legitimate. They recommended changing the language on their site to disclose that some of their products contain imported ingredients.


Preparing for a disaster requires having an emergency food supply that will keep your family nourished during periods when stores or utilities are closed or an outage occurs, helping keep everyone healthy and safe during an emergency. When looking for survival food to stock your emergency pantry with, look for foods with long shelf lives and simple preparation techniques; an adequate emergency supply should sustain you for weeks or even months at a time.

Patriot Food Supply offers survival food kits labeled for different periods. Contents may differ but typically consist of prepackaged meals that only require water for preparation, giving this food a long shelf life and easy transportability if evacuation becomes necessary. Furthermore, detailed storage instructions, preparation guidance, and expiration guidelines are included with each survival food kit purchased by Patriot.

The Patriot Food Supply has quickly become a beloved survival food brand among preparedness enthusiasts thanks to its high-quality products and attractive marketing campaigns. However, it is essential to note that they do not exist within US borders – their website is registered in Panama while customer service operations are outsourced to Jamaica; nevertheless, some food production occurs on their own and offers competitive pricing.


Patriot survival foods come in an assortment of sizes and flavors to meet the needs of every family during an emergency. Made in America from high-quality ingredients and packaged to maximize shelf life, Patriot meals are easy to prepare thanks to cooking instructions that accompany each package – they even cater to people with dietary restrictions!

This company offers an assortment of survival kit-related supplies that can be combined into a kit, including food, water, and medical items. In addition, 4Patriots sells solar-powered generators and power banks similar to name-brand models and also sells water filtration systems identical to Berkey models.

When selecting a survival food supplier, it’s essential to keep shelf life, calories per day, taste, and comparison between kits in mind when making your decision. For instance, 4Patriots offers a four-week food kit designed specifically for families of four, with a total of 192 servings providing 1,200 calories daily. There are even gluten-free and vegetarian meals to choose from! For long-term storage purposes, the meals come packed in Mylar pouches, which can be sealed shut.


As disaster strikes, access to food may become limited. That is why it is vitally important to have a survival food supply on hand in the form of Patriot Survival Food kits that provide balanced nutrition with long shelf lives – easy meals that can be prepared quickly with a variety of options – plus most are freeze-dried to retain nutritional value over decades! Additionally, Patriot also offers emergency preparedness products like power generators, solar cookers, and water filter systems to make disaster preparation easier.

Utah-based Blue Apron produces food kits entirely within the US, which allows for tight quality control and faster shipping to customers. Furthermore, manufacturing all ingredients domestically reduces shipping time significantly.

Survival food by Grain Belt Foods may be costly, but it’s certainly not overpriced either. Their products have become immensely popular within preparedness circles due to their extensive advertising campaigns that resemble infomercial ads – often using upsell tactics that entice viewers into purchasing more items than initially intended.

Some individuals purchase multiple 1-week survival food kits at once to supplement their calorie and nutrition intake and boost variety in their diet, particularly in areas with extreme climates. This practice is widespread among those living in areas with particularly harsh climate conditions.

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