How to Get Featured in Foundr


Nathan Chan shares his journey in founding Foundr, a subscription-based business magazine available on iOS & Android, with us. He reveals how he manages to secure high-quality interviews with notable entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Seth Godin, and Tim Ferriss.

Nathan shares his unique approach to building an audience and generating email leads. He shares his secrets for avoiding social media hype while creating an effective content strategy that delivers.

1. Write a compelling pitch

Nathan established Foundr Magazine in 2013 to produce content he would want to read himself. At that time, the education space had become oversaturated, with gurus more concerned with extracting revenue than providing entrepreneurs with advice that made an impactful difference in their businesses.

Nathan shares in his podcast how he expanded his startup into a multifaceted media company with a wide-reaching impact, using Instagram and podcasting to attract followers while building trust among hard-to-reach audiences.

As you prepare an elevator pitch, remember that people’s attention spans are short. Being succinct and having relevant materials such as financial projections and descriptions of team members are also crucial.

Finally, one person should usually make the pitch; otherwise, multiple speakers could become confusing and distracting over video calls.

2. Reach out on LinkedIn

If you want your business to be seen on Foundr, actively engage on the platform by liking and commenting on posts and promoting yourself to attract more customers.

Establishing a company page on LinkedIn is also vital, as prospective employees use it to research companies before applying by creating one and showing that you are active within your industry and an authoritative leader within it.

Nathan Chan is the creator of Foundr Magazine, an app-based subscription publication that features interviews with successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Seth Godin. Join Nathan as he discusses how and why he started the magazine and his tips for growing it into a successful enterprise!

In this episode, we cover how to get your articles noticed by LinkedIn News Editors (formerly Pulse). Being featured in one of these segments can significantly expand the reach of your content.

3. Send in a HARO submission

HARO is one of the best ways to build high-quality backlinks and position yourself as an authority in your field. Journalists send queries to this service seeking subject-matter experts for their stories; you can sign up free by visiting their website and creating an account, where they’ll need your name, email address, and essential details about your industry and expertise.

As soon as you receive the HARO newsletter, carefully examine each query to identify those most pertinent to your business and respond swiftly – journalists receive hundreds of responses daily, so if you wait too long, yours could easily get lost among them! Write engaging answers as journalists want to read about experiences and insights, not generic statistics; use short paragraphs and bullet points for concise responses that journalists can quickly skim over.

4. Be honest

Nathan Chan founded Foundr Magazine in March 2013 without prior knowledge of publishing, apps, or editorial. His goal was to create an app-based magazine that helps entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses; Foundr is filled with high-quality interviews from prominent businesspeople like Richard Branson, Seth Godin, and Tim Ferriss, among many others.

Foundr Magazine generates revenue through subscriptions, online courses, and affiliate marketing, as well as through blog traffic and podcast. Their team comprises full-time staff and freelancers worldwide with graphic design, editing, and audio/video editing expertise.

Their content strategy emphasizes substance over style. They strive to stand out from the crowd by using Instagram as a platform to attract an audience and drive leads, posting relevant hashtags as well as links back to their website or podcast in each post to capture readers and followers.