How To Share Facebook Page On Instagram – Avoid These Mistakes


There is a simple way to share your Facebook page on Instagram and get your audience to like your profile. All you need to do is add your Instagram link to your bio and post pictures or videos you would like to share. However, there are some things you should avoid doing.

Create separate social media posts

Facebook and Instagram can enable you to create separate social media posts for different networks. The ability to do this allows marketers to create and manage content for multiple networks in one place and can be a very beneficial feature for many businesses. For example, some people may want to share their Facebook page on Instagram but not Twitter. This can alleviate the financial strain of running a business and make it easier to market to both platforms.

Creating a post for a business profile on both Facebook and Instagram requires only a few simple steps. First, you must set up a new stream in Hootsuite or other social media management software. You’ll then need to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook Page. Once this is done, you can publish your post to both versions. Depending on your chosen network, you can print an image or include text.

Avoid posting the same content on both platforms.

If you post content to both Facebook and Instagram, you may find that your audience isn’t interested in the same stuff. It takes a lot of time and effort to compose, publish and share content on both platforms. To attract attention to both social media accounts, creating fresh content is a good idea. But if you want to make the most of the experience, you must avoid posting the same content to both platforms.

This isn’t to say that you can’t cross-post between the two. Of course, you can, but you have to consider how your audience will react. For instance, Instagram skews younger than Facebook, which means that your target audience will be more interested in hashtags and other content that focuses on their interests. Also, Instagram doesn’t allow you to add clickable links in the captions of your posts. You may miss out on potential leads and sales by posting the same content to both Facebook and Instagram.

Add an Instagram link to your Facebook bio.

If you’re planning on starting a side career as an influencer or want to increase your audience, adding an Instagram link to your Facebook bio is a good idea. It will help you reach more people and improve your engagement.

You can add an Instagram link to your Facebook bio by using the Facebook app. However, you must first log into your Facebook account. Once you’re logged in, click on your profile image and then click on the “About” tab. Afterward, select the “Add Social Link” option.

Once you’ve selected the “Add Social Link” option, you’ll see the following three options. One of them will be the Facebook icon. This will take you to your profile’s photo album page.

Disable two-factor authentication on Instagram

Two-factor authentication on Instagram helps make your account safer from hackers and scams. However, it can be confusing for some users. If you have trouble signing in, you can bypass the two-factor process and simply type in your email and password.

When you sign in with two-factor authentication, you will be required to enter a code from an authenticator app. This can take a while if you use several browsers and devices. Fortunately, you can choose whether or not you want to use the method and remove the app if you prefer.

Some people prefer to set up their Instagram accounts with strong, secure passwords. If you have a password that is strong enough to withstand hacking, you can skip the 2FA process.

Automate your posts

If you want to maximize your Facebook presence, consider using some automation tools to post your content. By scheduling your posts ahead of time, you can free up your time to interact with your audience. This is especially important if you are a new business owner or have a busy schedule.

There are a few different types of automation tools you can use to automate your Facebook posts. While some of them are merely random postings, others are more sophisticated. For example, you can use a tool like Post Planner to automate content. You can also use Zapier to send Facebook posts to other social media platforms.