Lola Travel Reviews – A Review of a New Corporate Travel Management Software


If you are looking for business travel software that will simplify the corporate travel process, you may want to check out Lola. This platform is easy to use and comes with a number of business travel features that are essential to a growing business. It also costs much less than other legacy business travel systems, so it’s an ideal choice for smaller businesses.

Lola is easier to use than legacy business travel systems

Lola is a new travel booking app that pairs deep-learning artificial intelligence technology with live travel agents. Lola communicates with the customer through mobile chat and supports voice input. Lola also analyzes traveler data and natural language to suggest intelligent travel options. Lola does not work on desktop computers but will be available for Android and iOS devices before the end of the year.

The team behind the Lola software includes five “real” travel agents and 10 customer service experts. These experts provide feedback to the company’s engineers and developers. Lola has raised $20 million in a Series A round of funding. Last month, the company received an additional $12 million from Blade Travel, one of its investors.

Lola’s mission is to improve the user experience in corporate travel. It is a mobile app that makes business travel easier. The interface is simple and straightforward, and all travel details can be seen in one place. The software aims to help small to mid-size companies that don’t have an integrated expense system or managed travel.

Lola also helps travel agents stay organized. The user interface allows agents to see the client’s phone in real-time and provide curated travel options. It also works with Amadeus, one of the leading global distribution systems.

It has all the corporate travel features a growth stage business needs

Lola Travel Reviews is a new corporate travel management software that has all the features a growth-stage business needs. While it is not a traditional business travel management software, Lola is simpler than legacy business travel systems. Its key features include corporate policy management and credit card preference management.

Lola allows companies to easily control their travel spending by setting corporate travel policies in five minutes or less. It also consolidates travel data into a single platform. Lola’s flat-fee pricing model makes it affordable for even the smallest companies to implement.

While Lola initially targeted the B2B market, it has now expanded its customer base to include SMBs. This meant that they didn’t have to spend time hiring people to build the traveler side of the business. This allowed them to focus on building a superior traveler experience. By doing this, Lola has differentiated itself from other B2B travel platforms.

Lola’s founders are passionate about providing great experiences for their users. Co-founder Paul English co-founded Kayak, which is known for providing lightning-fast meta-search services. While Lola started out competing in the consumer space, they quickly realized that they were better suited to the B2B market. Consequently, they recruited Michael Volpe, who has experience in building B2B SaaS businesses.