Motion picture Making and the Academy Accolades – Top 4 Main reasons why We Even Bother

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Are you one of the millions who also ask themselves every time a television advertisement pops on the screen great “Awards” show, “Does any person even watch these things anymore?? ”

Admittedly, even individuals in the Entertainment world still cannot keep up with the plethora connected with self-aggrandizing ceremonies that little out of L. A. in addition to New York.

Let’s see, you have got the Academy Awards, a new. k. a. the Oscars, Tony awards, SAG prizes, Golden Globe awards, Emmy awards (Daytime and Primetime), Grammies, Country Music prizes, Independent Spirit Awards, the Awards, MTV movie prizes, People’s Choice awards, Young Choice Awards, Kids Decision Awards, BAFTA Awards, Eu Film Awards, Internet Dvd awards, Genie Awards, North American Music Awards, Billboard New music awards, the Razzies (my favorite) and well over 3 x as many that aren’t perhaps televised.
Hollywood reporter. com claimed that the Academy Awards connected with 2008 “hit all-time ratings low” and the Emmy’s had its lowest customer ship in 18 several years. Most in the Entertainment Give circles blamed the writer’s strike. Sorry, the public just isn’t buying it. The only main strike the public cared relation to was the fact that the final year of Scrubs was disastrously cut short.

Many people discontinued watching Award shows if obvious losers won through obvious winners, or a successor was chosen more beyond political correctness than brilliant performance, or perhaps some of us ended up just tired of being preached to from the Hollywood pulpit by the usual cast connected with characters holding onto their gold-colored “calves”. (Ooooo, that stings. Oh, well. )
Next time the ratings are in freefall, and the general public doesn’t health care anymore…

… then why often do the H. E. double dance shoes sticks do we still have to give shows??

Why do the important and minor studios commit boo-coo bucks on selling certain films to a variety of Academies just to win a new nomination the public, in general, isn’t going to care about?

Don’t get me drastically wrong, I may come off a little hard, but growing up in the business my very own dream was to win the Oscar, a Tony as well as a Grammy all in the same calendar year! It wasn’t until My partner and I grew up and became more mixed up in reality and business connected with Hollywood and filmmaking this my feelings changed. Profitable one of these awards is important if you ask me, but for a completely different motive. And this reason, in my opinion, is a purpose for which award indicates were created in the first place.
Many will say the reasons we even now air this award indicates are:
# 4. Traditions. Sorry, this reason merely doesn’t hold up for me. To get a reason to continue to do a thing that appears to be failing, “tradition” will be weak.
When traditions set out to fade out because of ethnical shifts, corruption of it its intended purpose, or the simple fact the public becomes a lot more educated and realizes “Hey, this is stupid” or “Hey, this is dangerous, ” the particular tradition becomes more of a hassle or just flat out illegal.

(Human sacrifice was a tradition among ancient Americans. We see just how well that worked out. )

# 3. Satisfying the particular Ego. This one, I affect agree with, but not as the major reason.

Look, if you’re not an artist, you may not understand this one particular. Artists, especially entertainers, a lot more especially actors, are the many neurotic groups of people you will never before meet. We need constant peace of mind that we’re doing our best wishes and that we’re important or perhaps we become nervous, a bit unstable, and unsure regarding ourselves.

The only way we know wish doing a good job, is if wish told we’re doing a good job and if no one tells us wish doing a good job then most of us begin to wonder if we’re performing a good job and spiral directly into an abyss of low self-esteem.

I know, it’s a mental condition. Why do you think it requires numerous takes to shoot one particular scene? Technical issues besides, it’s not because Ben Stiller is making everyone chuckle, it’s because both the director and also actors (generally speaking of course) don’t trust their artsy instincts and keep trying to get the particular “perfect shot. ”

Whilst it’s the producer banging his or her head against the wall enjoying money going down the empty with each take.

(More on this in future content. )

# 2. Knowing accomplishments in one’s build. Okay, that’s fair, yet how many ceremonies do you need for this? You don’t see a slew of massive guys in tuxes coming to class on a red carpet for any Steel Workers Union prizes, do you?

Recognizing achievement is perfect for any Industry, but it isn’t going to answer the question that explains why the Entertainment Industry has a tendency to go overboard.

So… the #1 reason why we have grandiose give ceremonies, regardless of whether or not everyone cares, is…


Ponder over it, doesn’t it add support to your decision to see a DVD if you hear the deeply voiced announcer say, “Starring Academy Award Winner So-and-so, Academy Award winner such-and-such, by Oscar-winning home What’s-his-butt, with music by means of Grammy award-winning composer What’s-her-face. ” Don’t you feel self-confident that it will be a better DVD?

Even if the plot seems a little bit silly, you’ll still assume, “Hmmmm, I bet that is pretty good. ”

If the DVD employs Nominated performers, you will see that plastered all over the promotion in Gold letters!

The reason?

Because it makes you feel “safe” about seeing that movie. Is it doesn’t the film industry’s version of a product guarantee.

If you ended up presented with two dramas you may have never heard of before, A new and B, each together with the same budget, same screenplay, same title, Movie A new features Award-winning and selected actors, directors, and composers and Movie B is definitely cast with a fair combination B-listers and nobody’s, which will do you open your billfold or purse for? Hmmm?


Studios and sellers want your money and they are aware that when it comes to spending money on a movie, you actually, the customer, are going to put your personal green down on “Award-winning” artists to deliver a better picture almost every time, even though pragmatically you understand that Movie F could be just as good, or it could be better.

Even the pre-ceremony bazaar we know as the “Red Carpet” is marketing because from studios to the producers to help even the actors (the sensible ones) understand that to stay specific, you have to keep your face before the public as much as possible, even if this would mean putting on a ridiculous morning gown while Ryan Seacrest tells you you look stunning.

Even now don’t get it? Let me said this way

Why does McDonald’s, often the #1 fast-food chain worldwide, still spend millions on news commercials and billboards?

For the reason that gets it!

They understand that to stay atop, they have to stay in front of the public’s mind, and to accomplish that, they have to keep sending out the particular message “We are in this article! We are here! We are here! ” That is the role prize ceremonies play for the Enjoyment Industry.

Just like a movie’s theatrical release is just an ad for the DVD. (Topic to get a future article. )

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