NC Business Search


If you’re planning to establish a business, it is vitally important that your proposed name is available and available for use. A quick way of doing this is by performing a search on the Secretary of State’s website using their search function, which allows searches by corporate name, registered agent, and official.

Business entity database

The Business Entity Database, or BED, allows users to quickly locate businesses and other entities registered with the Department of State. You can search by name or a word containing specific key terms; furthermore, filter results according to status (active/inactive/suspended). Access is free from any computer with internet connectivity; navigate over.

Searching for assumed names (DBAs) is another excellent way to avoid trademark infringement issues and ensure your desired name is available. Searching DBA filings can help ensure trademark infringement issues do not arise and provide the name you want remains available.

When searching for available business names in Minnesota, using the Department’s Name Availability Database is an invaluable asset. This tool will let you know whether another entity has already reserved a name. This database also gives you information about any documents filed to reserve names, as well as information regarding the entity’s location, status, and registered agent. Furthermore, new data updates every 10 minutes. This service is completely free. Information posted to this website is public, though all documents with social security numbers have been redacted to protect privacy and prevent identity theft. You may still view images of documents by requesting them from our office.

Business name search

Conducting a business name search is essential when creating legal entities. The Secretary of State website offers a tool that allows users to check whether their desired name is available and will comply with state regulations, as well as see registered entities using that name.

Visit your secretary of state’s official website to access a business name search that’s free and user-friendly, offering search options like all words or exact business name searching, SOS ID filtering, or searching by SOS number – click any business name to view its registered details!

Selecting a compelling business name is of utmost importance to achieve success. Not only must it comply with legal regulations and be memorable enough for your target audience, but searching for business names beforehand will save time and hassle later on.

Before filing an LLC in North Carolina, conducting a name search is an essential step. The Secretary of State’s office provides a business name database that allows you to search businesses by their names, the type of entity they operate, and those that have filed for DBAs. Once you find a suitable name, register it before commencing operations.

Before choosing a business name, it is wise to run a trademark search through the Trademark Electronic Search System to avoid running into issues with the USPTO in the future. This can save time and headaches.

Once you have selected an appropriate business name, it’s a wise step to check whether it is available as a domain (website address). Tools like Namechk and GoDaddy offer tools for this purpose; should your preferred choice already exist as one, be creative when coming up with alternative names that work better for your company.

Registered agent search

A registered agent serves as the representative who will receive service of process on behalf of a corporation, and one place you should begin your search is with your secretary of state’s business entity database. While many entities will be included, some may not. A search for registered agents of businesses also helps assess whether they remain viable – whether current with taxes and annual filings can provide important insight if considering working together or contracting with that business.

Some entity types, like sole proprietorships, don’t need to register with the secretary of state; they can utilize Business One Stop’s online tool instead.

Company official search

The Company Official Search Database, or BAD, is an information resource about North Carolina businesses. It provides details regarding an entity’s officers, directors, members, and registered agents, helpful when performing due diligence, Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, or other purposes. Before writing a new business in NC, it would be prudent to run this search first.

Searches through the Secretary of State website are free, including searching by name, address, or SOS ID. A list will appear on your screen, where you can click any name for more information.

Search by Name should take great care in spelling out the name correctly, as well as avoiding prohibited terms like Bank, University, Corporation, FBI, and Treasury, which could cause your business to be flagged as fraudulent by the government.

Search by SOS ID is another convenient method of quickly locating information about specific businesses; navigate to this webpage and enter their SOS ID into the empty field for this search option.

If you know the name of a business you wish to search, the Secretary of State’s Corporation Search Portal provides a great way. Though only limited information can be viewed, this resource still makes an excellent way of discovering the names of companies.

As well as conducting a business name search, the Secretary of State website also allows for business registration searches that allow you to see whether or not a particular business has been dissolved; this will enable you to determine if your proposed name is available before forming it yourself. Furthermore, search options exist by industry, region, and size, as well as by the registered agent’s contact details, allowing you to determine whether a company is legitimate.