Parker’s Heritage 2022 Bourbon Review


Parker’s Heritage’s 2018 release is a heavy-charred bourbon made using their standard mash bill but aged in Level 5 barrels for extra flavor enhancement. This year’s special edition adds an extra kick with its heavy char, giving this limited-edition release an extra dose of depth and complexity.

This year marks the 16th release in this annual series that commemorates Heaven Hill Master Distiller Emeritus Parker Beam, and all proceeds go toward ALS research.

Aged in charred oak barrels

Parker’s Heritage by Heaven Hill is a limited edition whiskey series produced in memory of Master Distiller Parker Beam, who died in early 2017 of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The first release was a bourbon made from an exclusive mashbill and aged in heavy char barrels; for its 13th installment, a rye whiskey aged in level 5 char barrels was created; a similar mashbill is used with other Heaven Hill rye whiskies such as Pikesville or Elijah Craig Barrel Proof releases.

Heavy char levels on these barrels allow the whiskey to soften and take on more flavors from the wood, producing a smoother whiskey with an extended finish. Bottled at 122 proof without chill filtration for maximum character and depth notes, including cherries, toasted oak, and chocolate, as well as subtle smoke and charcoal elements that give this high-end bourbon its distinct character and depth. Available for around $120 a bottle.

No other rye whiskey comes close to competing with this release from MGP/Ross & Squibb’s Rye Collection, with its higher ABV and proof, more herbal notes, pastry notes and higher ABV than standard MGP/Ross & Squibb releases, and extra herbal and pastry notes than any other release by them. A perfect option for those seeking something different and looking to explore something different from bourbon drinkers alike!

Heaven Hill’s Parker’s Heritage Collection offers an opportunity to explore and appreciate their diverse collection of whiskey. Each year, Heaven Hill selects several barrels from their warehouses and gives each edition an individual treatment, all commemorating Parker Beam and his legacy. Furthermore, with each bottle sold since 2013’s ‘Promise of Hope release (every bottle has raised $10 for the ALS Association), Heaven Hill makes charitable donations per bottle sold and will continue this tradition.

Finished in charred oak barrels

Parker’s Heritage Collection (PHC) is an annual release that explores Heaven Hill’s top-end whiskies. Conceived by Parker Beam before he passed, it serves as an incubator of experimentation and charitable giving – some PHC releases are among the most highly sought-after whiskeys of each year, and part of proceeds go directly toward fighting ALS research.

This year’s Parker’s Heritage is an extraordinary double-barreled blend of two bourbons aged in Level 5 charred oak barrels as opposed to its standard Level 3 counterparts and contains 67% 13-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon from Rickhouse Q’s fifth through seventh floors and 33% 15-year old from Rickhouse Q warehouse, all blended and finished by tasters including Bernie Lubbers and Master Distiller Connor O’ Driscoll himself.

The resultant bourbon is unchill filtered and bottled at 110 proof, giving it a dark profile with more concentrated flavors than ECBP Barrel Proof. Furthermore, its woody notes and subtle spice combine beautifully for an exquisite and complex profile.

Parker’s Heritage Bourbon offers an extraordinary experience when it comes to distinctively finished Bourbons. This particular Bourbon was given an exotic touch by being given an Orange Curacao finish – something bold and strange that’s sure to impress guests. Orange Curacao contains natural flavor compounds that complement the bourbon perfectly, creating an exceptional tasting experience for you to savor!

Heaven Hill releases its Parker’s Heritage bottling each year as part of its extensive whiskey inventory. Initially created as a tribute to master distiller Parker Beam, since his death from ALS in 2017, the brand has also become an opportunity to raise funds for research – part of each sale donated goes directly to the ALS Association’s Promise of Hope Fund in his name. Over time, this collection has proven both popular and profitable, sometimes with hits and sometimes with misses.

Bottled at 122 proof

Heaven Hill Distillery’s Parker’s Heritage Collection is an annual highlight. Each year, its team strives to release an innovative and captivating whiskey in honor of master distiller Parker Beam. The 2022 edition is no different – its distinctive mash bill and barrel char are sure to set it apart from competitors. Although Parker’s Heritage releases may have had some hits and misses over time – these include 24-year-old bottled-in-bond and Orange Curacao finished versions.

This year’s Parker’s Heritage Whiskey is a wheat bourbon and the first in the series to feature heavy char barrels. While its mash bill mirrors that of Bernheim wheat bourbon, its barrels were charred for 90 seconds instead of the standard 40, producing a rich and flavorful whisky worthy of being included among Parker’s Heritage offerings.

Parker’s Heritage releases may be pricey, but they are well worth their cost. Not only are they an incredible way to remember Parker Beam, but many also support worthy causes – in this year’s case, part of its proceeds will benefit the ALS Association.

Parker’s Heritage Bourbon is an ideal bourbon to enjoy both at home and at the bar. Enjoy it neat for warming spice and vanilla notes; add an ice cube for increased smoke and port wine flavors!

Parker’s Heritage Bourbon was released as a limited edition this year and can still be purchased at many retailers. This unfiltered, high-proof bourbon features an irresistibly smooth texture made up of rye, corn, and malted barley for a memorable taste experience. Available for purchase in both the United States and Canada at select liquor stores online or offline – make this your whiskey destination today.

Priced at $120

Parker’s Heritage is one of Heaven Hill’s signature brands and is always an exciting and experimental range of whiskey. Created to honor their former Master Distiller Parker Beam (deceased from Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 2017), Parker’s Heritage has seen mixed results over its four years but remains an excellent way to highlight Heaven Hill Distillery at its best while supporting research for ALS research through donations from each sale.

This year’s Parker’s Heritage release is a special treat – combining 2/3 13-year-old Rickhouse Q bourbon with 1/3 15-year-old Rickhouse II bourbon to produce an extraordinary flavor profile sure to excite fans of Parker’s Heritage. Additionally, this release stands out by being aged in Level 5 heavy char barrels, higher than usual for Parker’s Heritage releases.

Uneven, well-balanced bourbon can be complex to come by, though many producers strive for it and end up falling short with overeagerness or focus on flashy marketing gimmicks instead of consistently producing balanced whiskey like Parker’s Heritage has done year after year – a fantastic testament to their quality!

While other large distilleries might have unique annual releases, no other can match Parker’s Heritage Collection for the depth and breadth of its offerings. Their latest release should appeal to fans of high-proof rye-forward bourbon.

Parker’s Heritage Collection uses a traditional bourbon mash bill (78% corn, 12% malted barley, and 10% rye), aged in “Level 5” barrels that are heavier than their usual Level 3 barrels to bring out extra flavors and enhance sweetness in this limited release. You won’t want to wait! Stores will begin selling it starting May 1st. Kentucky residents should visit the HH visitor center in Bardstown for tasting sessions! You won’t regret it: fights have broken out over this limited release!