SkillsFuture Courses


SkillsFuture courses cover the latest in technology and business, as well as emerging industries and fields. The SkillsFuture Series includes modules for advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, data analytics, digital media, entrepreneurship, finance, tech-enabled services, and urban solutions. Using cutting-edge training, finding the right course for your career path is easy. What’s more, they are affordable.

SkillsFuture has more than 20 “queen bee” companies.

SkillsFuture has partnered with HP Singapore to launch the Queen Bee programme, which supports local manufacturing companies’ skills development in sustainable production. In addition to developing a curriculum of 15 courses, HP is providing mentoring for 100 proof-of-concept projects involving 180 local SMEs. The Queen Bee programme aims to benefit 4,000 local SMEs by 2025.

SkillsFuture’s Queen Bee companies have been a catalyst for growth for other companies and have acted as an inspiration for others. These companies can scale the SkillsFuture movement by leveraging their expertise and best practice. With their knowledge and experience, these companies can help over 400 companies implement training programmes.

It provides grants to Singaporeans for upskilling.

SkillsFuture Singapore offers a variety of funding options to help Singaporeans improve their skills and gain better jobs. For instance, the government has created a SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) scheme, which enables employers to pay a portion of the course fees of their employees. This credit can be used to fund training costs and is available to businesses that pay a minimum of $750 on the Skills Development Levy and have employed at least three Singaporeans.

To qualify for the SkillsFuture grant, individuals must be 40 and above. Furthermore, they must not be a permanent resident of Singapore nor be a pass holder. These grants can cover up to 90% of the course fees and are available for many courses. Currently, the SkillsFuture programme offers over 8,000-course options, covering every level from Nitec to postgraduate levels and Polytechnics.

It is a national movement.

Skillsfuture is a national movement that promotes a lifelong learning approach that empowers people to achieve their full potential in every setting. It believes learning is never-ending and must be made accessible to everyone, from secondary school students to working professionals. Consequently, it has launched several courses to help people improve their skills and become more employable.

One of the most popular Skillsfuture courses is language study. Singaporeans are very interested in learning new languages, and many take these courses as supplementary learning or a career choice. These courses are available at all levels and can be taken by working adults and Singaporeans.

It is affordable

The SkillsFuture course catalogue is packed with affordable, informative courses, and the best part is that you can claim as many as $500 worth of credits when you complete the course. Regardless of your level of expertise, there are several options for you to choose from. If you are unsure of the course you want to take; you can always search for similar classes to determine which one is right for you.

For example, Butter & Bake offers affordable classes in baking western-style cakes, bread, and macarons. For less than $80 per 3-hour session, you can learn the basics of macarons and save a bundle on these delicious treats! Other courses the organisation offers include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free cooking.

It is practical

Skillsfuture is a website that lists a wide range of courses. They are designed to be practical, so they are suitable for those who want to learn something practical. In addition, most of these courses are conducted at the National University of Singapore, which has extensive expertise in the subjects studied.

SkillsFuture courses can be used to earn credits towards a variety of courses. Some of the courses are aimed at specific industries or job roles. For example, you can learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Office or take courses geared towards coding.

It improves employability

Whether you’re looking for a new job or just looking for a change, SkillsFuture courses are designed to boost your employability. The SkillsFuture Series of short modular courses focus on emerging skills. They’re designed for working professionals of all backgrounds and are applicable across all sectors.

Among the benefits of taking SkillsFuture courses is that the courses are free. It also means you’ll have to work once your training is complete. This includes developing a portfolio of your work. Employers will look for a diverse range of skills, not just a SkillsFuture certificate.