How to Succeed on the College Entrance Exam


The college entrance exam is a measure of the aptitude of a student. It tests verbal, analytical, math, and writing skills to determine the student’s ability to do well in college. In addition, it determines whether the student will perform well on future tests. However, it is not the only important factor to consider when deciding whether to apply to a particular institution.

HCHS requires students to take a pre-entrance exam

To be considered for admission to HCHS, students must take a pre-entrance exam. This exam consists of a multiple-choice and an essay section. The multiple-choice section is computer-scored and hand-checked for accuracy. The cut-off score for this test varies from year to year. This cut-off score determines the number of students who advance to the essay reading round.

HCHS has a three-hour exam that includes several different sections. Each section contains an essay, math problems, and multiple-choice questions. Unlike most college entrance exams, there are no time-budgeted sections, so you must dedicate the proper amount of time to each section. Experts recommend that you allot 70 minutes to the essay and 40 minutes to the math section.

Students applying to HCHS must have attained a score above a certain threshold on state tests. The cutoff score varies by year, but it is typically in the 90th percentile on tests given at school. For more information about this cutoff, contact your school’s admissions office.


One of the best ways to succeed on the ACT entrance exam is to prepare yourself thoroughly. It is essential to study the right materials and learn from a qualified teacher. Then, take practice tests regularly to make sure you are improving your skills. This will also help you manage your time.

To register for the ACT, visit the official website. You can get information about the date, test centre, and start time. You will also have to pay the registration fee, which varies from $30 to $50. The registration fee includes sending your score to four colleges. Make your payment well before the test date to allow enough time to complete the registration.

A higher ACT score will increase your college options. While your high school GPA is necessary, you can also include your ACT score in your application. However, you must understand that your ACT score will be scrutinized closely and used in multiple ways.


The SAT is a standardized test used to determine college admissions. It has had several names since its inception in 1926. Initially, it was called the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Colleges and universities use the SAT to determine whether applicants are academically qualified and have the required amount of math and reading skills.

The SAT is divided into two parts. The first one is the general test, and the second one is a subject-specific examination. Both measure the student’s verbal, mathematical, and writing skills. The SAT General Test is the most widely taken of the two tests and is generally taken by students applying for undergraduate programs.

You can register for the SAT entrance exam by visiting the College Board’s website. You must complete an online application form and pay the exam fee. Make sure you submit it on time, as the deadline for applying for the test is fast approaching. Once registered, you will receive your admission ticket containing the test date and centre. The SAT is best taken in the spring of Year 12, but you can also take it any year after completing your A-Levels.


GRE is an entrance examination that tests a candidate’s quantitative reasoning and analytical writing skills. The quantitative section of the exam consists of questions on various mathematical subjects, such as algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The analytical writing portion tests students’ analytical writing and critical thinking skills.

You can take the GRE more than once and choose which scores you want to send to graduate schools. This differs from other standardized tests, which report your scores without input. To register for the GRE entrance exam, go to the ETS website and create a free account. You will need to register at least two days before the test date. Then, pay for the GRE entrance exam by credit card, debit card, e-check, paper check, or PayPal.

To take the GRE to graduate school, you’ll need a strong foundation in math. The Quant section tests basic quantitative skills and your problem-solving ability using quantitative methods. The questions in this section are usually quite basic and don’t cover high-level math. The GRE will have several Quantitative Comparison (QC) questions, which will ask you to compare two quantities and answer questions about their relationship. You can expect to see QC questions in every Quant section, so familiarizing yourself with the different answer choices is vital.